Yiyanbuge chat block chain: the future that “my mother is my mother” is easy

Yiyanbuge chat block chain: the future that “my mother is my mother” is easy

For all occupy the bitcoin circle (referred to as the “coin circle”) who block chain technology is not difficult to understand. But for the outside people, this concept is obscure, must make a considerable part of li.

In the “coin circle”, a “old village” (the story of a lawyer for many years idea). After hearing the story, you can have a preliminary understanding of “blockchain.

The story is like this……

There was a mountain, a mountain village, a German village (Yi) (Shou) at high (zhe) weight (Tian) of the old village. The villagers are usually carrying a bag of gold bullion exchange goods (out of the village, but the nouveau riche) this way especially inconvenient.

Then one day, the old village suddenly announced that all bars are put into the village in a vault, and then by his help to facilitate the bookkeeping, to exchange goods. In return, you can extract from the transaction transaction fees and daily management fees.

For example, if a three to 4 gold bars for Li Si a cow, the old village will be the first to see if Zhang San had 4 gold bars, gold bullion to confirm anything, to Li Si’s name on the books, and then let the ox to Zhang San Lee four.

At first, we all feel very convenient, but the problems slowly began to be exposed.

With the increase in trading volume, the old village is a busy man, sometimes Laoyanhunhua, also put the wrong; those gold bars every day at the library of the old village, my heart also itch, occasionally the villagers accounts upon his own name, the first two villagers will endure, but is not the convergence of the old village, finally the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked.

One day, the son of naughty with fire, a part of the books were burned, the villagers all messed up the accounts.

The above is the “nouveau riche village” internal problems, while there is a problem: Although the “nouveau riche villagers wanted and the next” grass root villagers put down in a trading account, but next to the grass root village people said, “we can remember the grass root in the village of money to your books but, if we believe that what your mayor does not have a problem?

In all of these problems have a headache, a person called Nakamoto comes across a called “books chain” approach from the time tunnel (Note: Nakamoto is a sign of bitcoin technology figure).

Gold or put there will in the village, the initial accounts or into account records, but we all know that every record the books.

In the first transaction, Zhang San will use 4 gold bars for Li Si cattle, so we began to turn the books rushing afterwards. Wang Wu was the first to calculate the general ledger “Zhang San does have 4 gold bars and deal with four Li” (the public treasury
will come up with a little money and gave the first account of the people, Wang Wu calculates) be rewarded by this, but he also need to tell the people of the village for the transaction through the radio, and then everyone with the “001” books page records the deal
, on the books;

When Lee six to use 3 gold bars for Chen seven pigs, we began to turn the 001 pages of books and books afterwards, Zhang Ba first worked out “Chen six does have 3 gold bars and exchange of pigs” and Chen seven, eight won awards and also
radio told the village people of this transaction then, a large family with “002” books page record deal, and write in a transaction, and then look at the 001 “with the” 001 “books page in the books;

The whole process is a record of transactions and transaction accounts, broadcasting. And so on, books constitute a chain of books.

It also solves the problems above: according to the books on the chain order, we can determine any one of the villagers assets and transactions, even burned books also never mind, because everyone has one, and
and is due to books and as like as two peas; algorithm is public broadcasting and the order, which put an end to any fraud, repeated transactions; also, because it is public accounts, the next village can come to the transaction; finally,
also can eliminate the “village overcharging” phenomenon.

Since then the villagers lived a happy life.

This story, some people may ask what is the blockchain?

Textbook definition: blockchain (English: Blockchain or Blockchain) is a distributed database, a data block is associated with the use of cryptographic methods, each data block contains a bitcoin network trading information is used to verify the validity of the information (Security) and the next generation block.

According to the story above, it is easy to understand. “001”, “002”, “003”…… Each number is a “ledger page”, a “block” in the concept of the blockchain, together will form a “book”, this kind of book is obscure “blockchain”.

Since the block is a chain of books, the books and our traditional books again? This requires from the characteristics of the chain block.

1, to the center

The villagers can no longer rely on the “center” of the old village trust, no longer worried about risk may arise in the village afterwards, in the process of management. The old village can be freed to do other things.

2, open

The system is open, the data for all people (whether nouveau riche village or grass root Village) public ledger page data anyone can query any encoding in the books. In this way, can be realized between the village and the village of trading.

3, autonomy

How to record books in the middle of villagers have reached an agreement, and the agreement is open and transparent. Among the villagers can achieve full trust, further realize the autonomy of each transaction can be completely transparent in the books.

4, the information can not be tampered with

Once the transaction information through the verification of all the villagers were added to the books will be permanently stored. Alone a villager on the books of account to modify is invalid, so high reliability data books.

On the current situation, as banks, insurance and other traditional or “old village” role, they need to be backed by the state or credit users for their trust, as a guarantee to ensure the transaction.

Block chain application that my mother is my mother “is easy

We introduced the advantages of block chain technology, so it can be used in what place? ?

How to prove that my mother is my mother?!” The seemingly absurd feeling is full of frustration, the news was released it caused a lot of sympathy. A lot of people in the course of work have encountered crazy – that prove your mother is your mother, that you are not married and so on. A similar proof to spend a lot of time and cost, it is a broken heart.

But if the use of block chain technology, the situation will be much better. Block chain is an important application of distributed intelligent authentication system, all the information is correct and complete record (recorded in the block chain), and can not be tampered with. This can not only ensure that the information will not be illegal to steal, and to help you to prove that you need in a pinch.

Now a reference block chain, will convey about bitcoin, what is the relationship between the two?

Block chain is the underlying technology of bitcoin, bitcoin is perhaps the most famous application block chain, future block chain technology will have more application.

We mentioned above the identity authentication system is one of the applications, in addition, smart contracts, securities trading, e-commerce, social networking, communication, file storage, the equity raise public areas are block chain technology applications.

Block chain technology to allow banks, exchange, audit companies, technology companies, etc.. According to Sina Technology Statistics, by the end of 2015, financial institutions, has more than 20 of the world’s top venture fund announced to participate in a variety of block chain application development projects.

Since 2016, more and more domestic entrepreneurs and investors started to pay attention to the block chain, set up multiple wildly beating gongs and drums block chain alliance. But in view of a variety of factors to consider, in the future the smooth development also can make nothing of it.

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