You can use bitcoin recharge calls either mobile or Unicom can China Telecom!

You can use bitcoin recharge calls either mobile or Unicom can China Telecom!


Have already provided support for users of bitcoin trading service application Sobit bitcoin recharge prepaid mobile phone SIM card. The service will support 136 countries worldwide with more than 600 operators.

About Sobit

Sobit is Japan’s leading awards website operators CeresInc and Tokyo bitcoin blockchain company JanomLLC joint development.

Ceres has been in bitcoin and other major companies, such as Bitflyer, Bitbank, Coincheck and Breadwallet, other encryption currency cooperation projects.

Janom early in November 2016 launched a bitcoin payment server Cointip, the company also has worked with KeepkeyLLC Keepkey, obtained the exclusive distribution rights in japan.

Recently, Ceres announced the launch of Sobit services:

With Sobit, you can use bitcoin recharge their prepaid SIM card. Without a credit card account, etc.. Only one of the available bitcoin wallet. Sobit supports 136 countries worldwide with more than 600 operators.

The use of Sobit

The user will need to enter their phone number to start Sobit, although most of the time the system should be correctly detected each telephone number of operators. In choosing the right operators, the user can check the rate, select the desired amount of recharge, enter the email address, and QR through the two-dimensional code provided, or his bitcoin wallet to send bitcoins.

The company said:

“We will get a confirmation on your bitcoin transaction, your mobile phone recharge as soon as possible, it takes about 10 minutes (bitcoin wallet and fee setting depending on the speed of your).”

The user will receive an e-mail confirmation, which describe the order information. The Sobit warned, “although you should complete the recharge immediately, but because of the state or the different operators,” there may be a large delay, and even spent 24 hours.”

The company also added, “due to technical reasons, currently only accept a maximum of $100 a day trading.

The official website of Sobit presented in support of the 136 countries of the service. Among them, the operators are Verizon, T-mobile, AT&T, H2O and Net10; the British operator Orange, T-mobile, VirginMobile and Vodafone; Chinese are ChinaMobile (China Mobile), ChinaTelecom (China Telecom) and ChinaUnicom (Chinese Unicom).

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