You can’t kill bitcoin

You can’t kill bitcoin

Bitcoin Has” die “?

Originated in 2009, bitcoin, has now become a popular digital currency in the world, and has accumulated nearly $20 billion in market value. In this process, it is first climax, met down, let the public accepted it can be said is not easy. So far, “Bitcoin is dead” speech has appeared 89 times In fact, bitcoin never decline, but the development of increasingly powerful, this time is no exception, Any person, any agency in an attempt to destroy the bitcoin plot only lost. Because, You can’t kill bitcoin!

1, bitcoin detached from the traditional system, in charge of state

Bitcoin represents a potential third currency system, completely controlled by the state, not because of individual countries to ban the decline. Because it does not exist in a physical form, but in cryptographic operations environment. Moreover, the number of issued coins with strict limits. This kind of system is not required to trust the government of any country, but those verify bitcoin transactions in order to the center of the participants.

With the continuous development of the bitcoin ecosystem, without the traditional constraint order can help it step by step ascend the steady progress, and this phenomenon is the people to fight against inflation and other factors of instability caused by the. Without this bitcoin monetary law order can promote other order form, the traditional constraints in which the role will become more and more small, just like the Internet, bitcoin is cross regional, so the country cannot decide whether it survived.

2, even if the individual countries to combat, bitcoin will not disappear.

First of all, bitcoin future certainly will exist for a long time, and it is very difficult because of one country’s policies disappeared. At present, although governments bitcoin different attitudes, but the overall trend is gradually liberalized, and very few government bitcoin News Express attitude. Japan, Philippines, Sweden and other countries have admitted that bitcoin belongs to the legal means of payment The United States, will also be included in the NASDAQ index bitcoin index. The government of Chinese has been adopt an open attitude towards this new thing, The State Information Office held a press conference on 2013 financial statistics about the situation Make the following clarification of bitcoin policy issues:

“We are not the people’s Bank of bitcoin or other discrimination against, No. We just said his essence is not money. The fundamental significance is not the standard currency. Bitcoin trading or investment or pay attention to the risk of it.”


And now China central bank to actively guide and regulate its development. Japan, Britain, etc. Chinese government even consider publishing their digital currency.

3, If it is not money, what is bitcoin?

It is not the standard currency, bitcoin demand where? Xiao Bian believes that bitcoin future will be a cash flow can international “gold”, compared with the traditional gold, which has the characteristics of portability, convenient circulation. Bitcoin has become a wealth of value like gold, exchange circulation properties of financial products. Especially in some political and economic instability, bitcoin easier sought after. In 2016, India and Venezuela have government waste money, causing bitcoin by wealthy sought. Recently, bitcoin also appeared in Nigeria before the boom, the transaction price of $1600, higher than the market price.

In the political and economic stability of the developed country (such as China), the government generally tend to develop their own digital currency, While bitcoin trading market take standardize attitude, make it become a standard value, investment products.

4, Kill bitcoin!

Bitcoin bitcoin development in eight years, the network is more and more strong, the work force has reached 1000p, mathematics is the most powerful weapon, there is no any bitcoin system can break machine. Bitcoin code level after several updates from Nakamoto bitcoin-qt to now bitcoin-core, Bitcoin has been in self perfection and evolution.

Although the bitcoin journey is very rough, but bitcoin still is an unshakable fact, this means that despite so many setbacks, people still choose to believe that bitcoin.

Finally, let me end this article with Nietzsche’s poet:

But can’t kill you, will eventually make you stronger.
That which does not kill us makes us stronger.


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