Youku million account information is sold in a dark net, 2000 yuan can be packaged in titanium morning

Youku million account information is sold in a dark net, 2000 yuan can be packaged in titanium morning



Shandong prosecutors “Xu Yuyu was telecommunications fraud prosecution; in that” Mobile MMS promotion “virus, tens of thousands of mobile phone users have been caught; Baidu has a car to open his own speed, can be independently controlled speed; Zhang Rui died half, the rain Doctor Zhang Kun will assume his new CEO……

Today’s headlines: Youku billion account information is sold in the dark net, 2000 yuan package

According to foreign media reported hackread, a supplier of CosmicDark in the dark net sale Youku database, the database includes 100759591 Youku user account information.

According to hackread reports, the database leaked in 2016 this year, exposed on the Internet, it is not clear how this database is stolen, CosmicDark the database is the sale price of $300, Equivalent to bitcoin 0.2559, 2065.56 yuan.

[CosmicDark in the dark net selling Youku database screenshot photograph: hackread]

These data contain Youku user’s email address and password, and these information are MD5 and SHA1 hash encryption.

The full name of MD5 is Message-DigestAlgorithm5 (message digest algorithm), at the beginning of 90s by MITLaboratoryforComputerScience and RSADataSecurityInc RonaldL. Rivest developed by MD2, MD3 and MD4 to the development of. Is that the large capacity information in digital signature sign private key software before being compressed into a confidential format (is a byte string of arbitrary length integer transform into a certain length).

SHA1 hash algorithm is used for a digital signature algorithm, for the message length is less than 2^64, the SHA1 will generate a 160 bit message digest, the message digest can be used to verify the integrity of the data.

Who looks very powerful encryption right? However, what is not X.

According to the CosmicDark database to provide the sample, the sample contains 552 accounts, most e-mail suffix for the, and (editor’s note: is the school network mailbox, after 90 and 00 baby readers may not experience the campus network, the year is a much popular existence). According to hackread analysis, the sample of the encryption password has been declassified and published on the internet.

Do you want to know whether they have been caught?

Reminder, you can login the platform “HaveIbeenpwned” query whether account has been stolen. Edit try, open URL:, you can query in the search box (without the wall).

In the lower part of the site, also can see a “top ten large leak”.

Like IBM, Apple will also exist for a long time. Look at Apple’s cash reserves (as of the last fiscal quarter, Apple has $246 billion 100 million in cash), it can invest in any field. If Apple does not live until 2075, it was ridiculous. The same is true, Google and Facebook.

Apple Corp co-founder Steve Wozniak

Everyone said that entrepreneurs need what we need now is down to earth, down to earth and emphasize the so-called, not only are you touched ground, but to reach the full nutrient ground down, now if you are still C side contact is not enough, this is a helpless, is also a reality, I think now what to do. Can’t stop in connection, especially can not stay connected on the C side, you have to really understand the industry aspects, in this aspect, to connect, to promote education.

The United States Mission — CEO Wang Xing comments




Shandong prosecutors of “Xu Yuyu telecommunications fraud prosecution

The Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of Public Security jointly supervise the handling of Xu Yuyu is a telecommunications fraud, Linyi Municipal People’s Procuratorate of Shandong province by the end of the review, in April 2017 17, Linyi City Intermediate People’s court in accordance with the law to prosecute. After reviewing the prosecution identified, from November 2015 to August 2016, the defendant Chen Wenhui, Zheng Jinfeng, et al. Cross Gang, buy student information and purchase information of citizens through the network, as the Education Bureau, Finance Bureau, real estate bureau staff, issued to poor students grants, purchase housing subsidies in the name of the college entrance examination to students as the main object of fraud, call. To cheat others money, a total amount of RMB 56 yuan, a total of more than 2.3 times the number of calls, and caused the Shandong city of Linyi province college entrance examination admission freshmen Xu Yuyu died.

Zhang Rui died in half, the rain Doctor Zhang Kun will assume his new CEO

April 17th evening news, since the death of founder Zhang Rui, rain doctor CEO has been in a vacant state. Today the rain doctor announced that the former general manager of Huarun healthcare information management department Zhang Kun will assume the CEO. The evening of October 5, 2016, rain doctors published an obituary that its founder, CEO Zhang Rui died of myocardial infarction, had died in Beijing at the age of 44. The news had aroused widespread concern, because Zhang Rui in the media industry and the Internet in the field of medical experience, causing many people to cherish the memory of. After Zhang Rui’s death, the relevant duties have been temporarily by co-founder Li Guanghui perform on behalf of. Today the rain doctor announced that the former general manager of Huarun healthcare information management department Zhang Kun will assume the CEO.

Netflix first quarter net profit of $178 million, an increase of 536%

Beijing time on April 18th morning news, the U.S. video streaming service provider Netflix released today reported fiscal revenue for the first quarter of the 2017 fiscal year was $2 billion 637 million, up 34.7% over the same period last year, $1 billion 958 million; net profit of $178 million, an increase of 536% over last year’s $28 million. Netflix quarter earnings exceeded Wall Street analysts’ expectations, but did not reach the expected number of new users, the first after hours stock price fell nearly 4%, then rose slightly.



Baidu has a car to open his own speed, can independently control speed

Last year Baidu in Wuzhen officially opened the road at midnight ride, today, another car to achieve unmanned car function developed by Baidu, but also on the highway, but with the Wuzhen trial by the unmanned vehicle, automatic driving vehicle today open test ride by Baidu L3 smart car R & D division. This is Baidu’s L3, L4 and car networking business combination for intelligent driving business group (IDG) after one and a half months, the latest big IDG announced.


May be concerned

China Mobile said that “MMS promotion” virus, tens of thousands of mobile phone users have been caught

China Mobile announced that Android recently found tens of thousands of mobile phone customers with a “MMS promotion” mobile phone malware, resulting in the loss of calls. According to reports, the mobile phone system upgrade software disguised as a link, to induce customers to download and install, users download, will increase the “Google level” or other similar documents in the application of mobile phone application list. China Mobile said that once the user accidentally install the software, mobile phone will be criminals malicious control, connection control terminal address access to undesirable content and target number, and the use of customer calls to send to Taobao on behalf of the brush, bad gambling mms.

After cutting out the staff did not have enough money, foreign media said LETV it sold the U.S. headquarters

The operation is less than a year, is located in California as the headquarters of the United States will find the disk access. Beijing time on April 17th evening news, according to “the Silicon Valley Business Journal” (SVBJ) website reported, LETV has located in the California San Jose (San Jose) of the United States headquarters sold to a Shenzhen New Energy Company Han ‘s Group pv. Industry observers believe that as the sale of the headquarters of the United States should be with the company recently suffered financial crisis.

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