Young man read a lot of bitcoin popular science articles, or confused, so how to understand bitcoin?

By accident, I found that many of my friends read a lot of bitcoin popular science articles, but they were still confused. They didn’t know what BTC was. Some even asked whether bitcoin was a TXT file? Can I copy it? So let me talk with you about this knowledge. Each miner has a TXT. Each line records how much it costs to transfer a transaction record from address a to address B, plus the hash value of the record. Everyone’s TXT is the same. When a new transfer occurs, all miners start hashing the transfer. When the hash result meets that the top 10 bits are 0 (it takes many attempts to get the result), the record is broadcast to all miners. Miners have an agreement, found that 10 of the hash leading zeros of this transfer record are recorded in their own TXT. So all the miners have this transfer. In this way, you can find out how much money a certain account has by checking the historical transfer records. This is the case with the simplified version. If you have any questions, you can think about the solution based on this foundation, and then you can complete the blockchain. So the problem comes, who knows how to ensure that everyone remembers the same txt and how to ensure the synchronization of transaction information?

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