Zhejiang police arrested the hacker illegal profits of more than 6000 yuan coins

Zhejiang police arrested the hacker illegal profits of more than 6000 yuan coins


In 2017 the outbreak of several “bitcoin virus” in the global scope, is to get bitcoin blackmail by the virus. One of the most famous is the eternal blue, which is based on the Windows network worms malicious code sharing protocol attack propagation. This is the transformation of criminals through the previously leaked NSA hacker arsenal “eternal blue” attack program of network attacks. Within five hours, including the UK, Russia, Europe and Chinese many domestic university campus network, enterprise network and large government agencies network caught, extortion pay ransom to decrypt the recovery file, causing serious damage to the important data.

Learned from the Zhejiang provincial police in Jinhua City, Jinhua City Public Security Bureau Jindong branch recently arrested a use of computer system vulnerabilities implanted virus suspects illegal profits. The man used earlier in the global network attacks lead to a large number of “eternal blue” attack program, computer control others to profit.

In May 12, 2017 the “eternal blue” blackmail when the virus attacks worldwide, technology Indoorsman small 23 year old Zhejiang city of Jinhua province also act up. But small not blackmail, but in mining”.

The so-called “mining” is the hacker to control some of their own computer or system, the remote control of the computer or system is called “chicken”, the use of loopholes after the server control server into a mining “chicken”, so as to obtain the bitcoin virtual currency such as currency or Monroe. Continuous use of loopholes in the system to the more than 100 computer into the “eternal blue” extortion virus, and the computer for remote control. In a week of illegal profits of more than 6000 yuan.

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