Zheng committed suicide after losing 20 million yuan in bitcoin speculation. He was saved, but his wife and daughter died!

Zheng committed suicide after losing 20 million yuan in bitcoin speculation. He was saved, but his wife and daughter died! People who are really ready to die just don’t want to control themselves. So they want to be free. I heard that “husband and wife commit suicide after losing 20 million RMB in bitcoin speculation”, my heart was broken. It’s a family tragedy, no! It’s not just one, it can even be said, that countless families have suffered losses due to financial investment, as well as all irreparable pain, mixed with grief and tears. Families with children will treat children as babies! But there are exceptions to everything. Before killing his daughter, Zheng claimed that he had “no heart, had hesitation” and cut the plush toy around the child with a knife. After losing tens of millions of shares, he can no longer afford it. His mind is full of inexplicable pressure. So he’s going to die! According to the latest news, the defendant Zheng Xiaowei was suspected of intentionally killing his three-year-old daughter and attempted to commit suicide by jumping into the sea. The Dalian municipal procuratorate prosecuted him for “illegally depriving others of their lives, causing death, and suspected of intentional homicide.”. According to the details of the media reports, the following are sorted out: Zheng Xiaowei, in this case, left a suicide note with his wife after killing his daughter; 2. He abandoned his daughter under the bridge and committed suicide by jumping into the sea; 3. After being rescued, Zheng found his wife’s suicide note. How sad, a family, in this way to end, and he is still suffering from the helplessness, loss, intense pain after being rescued. No one is willing to arrange such an “end” for their families. Once found that everything is in vain, and everything is smooth sailing, it can be said that life, there is no real winner. In fact, Zheng has made a lot of money by speculation in bitcoin before, but he didn’t expect that the sharp fluctuation of bitcoin made him face the disaster of extinction. It’s worth noting that bitcoin soared to as high as $23000 last week! The couple lost 20 million yuan in bitcoin speculation and then committed suicide, which may be just a microcosm of these tragic lives, as well as the lives of countless families trapped by huge investment. Just like this year’s epidemic, many people’s careers have been affected, but many people have braved hardships and continued to rekindle hope for life. As long as we have a reason to shrink back, we can certainly find ten or a hundred reasons to fight hard.

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