Zuckerberg New Year goal: to power through encryption technology to the public

nRunaway commentary: At the beginning of the new year, well-known social networking platform Facebook founder Zuckerberg recently published an article, in accordance with the usual practice of a series of reviews and prospects, pointed out that the center of the opposition between decentralization has become today’s technology companies are facing major challenges . Most notably, this celebrity, who mentioned less cryptocurrencies, said at the end of the article that cryptography and cryptocurrencies play an important role in decentralizing and helping people have more power.n
nTranslation: Inan
Mark Zuckerberg believes the biggest and perhaps the most important challenge facing technology companies is “centralizing VS”. He posted on Facebook on January 4, 2018 Pacific Time by 8 AM, stating “Every year I’ll be doing a personal challenge and learning something new.” In the article, he reviewed the obstacles facing his company.n
He said personal challenges started in 2009, when the economy was sluggish and Facebook had not started profitable, saying that year was crucial.n
Zuckerberg founded Facebook early in 2004 at Harvard’s dorm room. This site is extremely popular and rapidly growing, with millions of users in its second year. As of the last quarter of 2017, Facebook already has over 2 billion registered users. The site is the third largest site behind Google and YouTube, both in the United States and globally.n
He wrote:n
n”There’s a lot of Facebook going to do around the world with an atmosphere of anxiety and fragmentation.” Zuckerberg acknowledged the limitations of his company, “Right now, we’ve committed to enforcing our policies and preventing our tools from being abused A lot of mistakes. “n
nHe said in the article:n
n”One of the most interesting issues about technology today is decentralization.” Many of us are in the technology arena because we think it’s a decentralized force that gives people more power. The mission is always to ‘give power to the people’. “n
nEvery day there are reports that Facebook and other technology companies may be working with authorities to help them gather a lot of personal information, leaving ordinary people with less confidence in the site.n

Zuckerberg exclaimed:n
n”Many have lost confidence in our commitment, and with the rise of a handful of large technology companies and governments using technology to monitor the population, many now believe technology will only center power rather than decentralize it.”n
nAt the end of the article, he seems to have given an answer to the question of centralization, pointing out that cryptography and cryptocurrencies can regain their power from centralized systems and return them to the public. He is also personally interested in further researching the positive and negative aspects of these technologies and exploring how to best use these technologies in service.n
While it is unclear exactly what his remarks mean, if a platform like Facebook embraces cryptocurrency or issues its own currency, it will become a heavy newcomer to the market. Zuckerberg rarely mentioned before encryption currency. Although he has been rumored for years to participate in this and that tokens, none have been confirmed.n

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