【Case Sharing】 ZTE “rice chain” successful practice refers to Wang Jinke block chain flowered again!

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After more than two months of repeated research and testing, the carefully crafted “rice chain” system was put into operation formally by Shanghai Zhi Wang Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wang Jinke”) in cooperation with ZTE Energy Corporation.n
This is the first official project of traceability of agricultural products based on blockchain technology in China. Means that Wang Jinke as a blockchain technology solutions provider, provides the structure to build, interface design, functional module design, system testing and other complex work.n
The successful completion of the project not only marked a new breakthrough in China’s food traceability technology, but also marked a milestone in the development of logistics and supply chain industries as well as the solution to China’s food safety issues. It also marked the large-scale commercialization of blockchain technology Have taken a solid step.n

The “rice chain” products are deployed in the alliance chain with fabric as the system architecture. By means of referring to Wang Jinke, this platform provides the overall solution of block chain technology to ensure the smooth realization of all levels of business.n
Such as providing application service interface technology to ensure the realization of node account management, public ledger service and system management, guaranteeing the realization of indexing service, tooling service and business data by providing protocol service technology and arranging fabric-based underlying blockchain storage system.n
The application service interface also includes security verification interface, data link interface, data query interface, traceability query interface. Protocol services include certificate services, stateful services and capacity state machines.n

After the end user scans with the two-dimensional code, the traceability of the single-batch rice information can be accomplished by using the blockchain technology in the “rice chain” management platform.n
This includes information on the various stages of rice planting, processing, packaging, shipping, warehousing, distribution and distribution. These stages are connected end to end to form a complete and rigorous supply chain closure. Corresponding nodes in each phase place their own transaction data and product data on the chain through a unified interface provided by the “rice chain.”n
Through distributed algorithms and consensus mechanisms, each node can jointly ensure the information in the chain is safe and effective, and while sharing data resources, the nodes collectively maintain the openness and transparency of the data in the chain.n
Through the reintegration of these fragmented data in the traditional supply chain scenario, the “rice chain” has realized the “four-in-one” of business flow, logistics, information flow and capital flow.n

Among the information contained in the planting phase is the information on the seed soaking, germination, strong seedling, grouting, greenhouse management, harvesting and growers of the origin of the goods.n
In the processing stage, including raw grain processing, product packaging, storage and processing business and other information. In the warehousing phase, it contains information such as warehouse number, equipment, access control, process control and warehouse owner.n
In the shipping and distribution phase, it contains information such as the transport carrier number, delivery order number, shipper, carrier and consignee.n
In the distribution stage, including all levels of agents, distributors, retailers information. As we all know, in the past in the whole supply chain of agricultural products, there are strong physical isolation of the data between different links, the data of each link are fragmented, and the latitude of data used in each link is also very different. Data fragments Serious and poor inheritance, which has brought great trouble to the traceability management of agricultural products.n

The end user in the “rice chain” to buy each batch of goods, corresponds to the only blockchain transaction, the equivalent of ID number. The Blockchain platform digitally signs the transactions that occur at each stage of the “rice chain,” ensuring the authenticity, traceability, and tamper-proofability of transactional information. And the use of certified nodes in the form of alliance chain, forming a sharing of information and value chain, optimizing data structure and data granularity. Through these technologies, the “one product, one code” is truly realized, which greatly improves the technical reliability of food traceability.n

As a financial technology company, Wangjinke mainly provides enterprise-level one-stop financial service solutions and is one of the first companies to deploy blockchain technology in China. Currently in the domestic blockchain technology application development is in a leading position. The project of traceability of agricultural products program, completed the application of block chain program support, help agricultural innovation, integrity system for agricultural products to provide a solid technical force.n
In addition to the project of traceability of agricultural products based on blockchain, Wangjinke also successively completed a number of projects such as blockchain-based electronic invoicing platform, integral affiliate platform, document depository system and cultural exchange center, A number of top academic institutions in close relations. At present, the blockchain is being applied globally in the fields of digital medical treatment, e-government, electronic invoicing and file management.n
The smooth closing of ZTE’s cooperation with the “rice chain” on the traceability of agricultural products will surely reinforce the leading edge of Wangjinke’s R u0026 D on the application of blockchain in China and accelerate the building of the brand in this area.n
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