11.20 happy evening news: bitcoin today continue to fall this year, down more than 65%

Jingdong responded “Liu Qiangdong exit management”: false news

Jingdong group today released the 2018 third quarter results in GAAP (GAAP) attributable to common shareholders from continuing operations net profit of 3 billion yuan (about $400 million), last year was 1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 200% the highest single season highs.

In Jingdong earnings release conference call after the third quarter, Liu Qiangdong said: now the Jingdong’s management team has been stable and molding, the main focus of individuals on the new business, face thing, strategy, culture, and new business team. Liu Qiangdong did not mention the incident in Minnesota on the phone, the Jingdong executives said the incident did not affect the operation of Jingdong.

Today it is a network news “Liu Qiangdong today announced its withdrawal from the Jingdong management. This is the signal Liu Qiangdong rape case by the Minnesota authorities to prosecute or follow the example of Ma Yun “second line”?” In this regard, the Jingdong at noon today responded: “false news.”

Bitcoin fell 10% this year to break $4300, down 65%

According to the BitStamp encryption currency exchange price today, bitcoin prices continue to drop below $4300, the latest price of $4240, single day decline of 10.5%; CoinMarketCap exchange offer of $4394.6, down 17%. As of today, bitcoin has fallen for 8 days, a record low since the October 2017. 7 days ago, bitcoin fell more than 22%, since this year the cumulative decline of more than 65%.

Bitcoin is the first in November last year reached $10 thousand, nearly $20 thousand on Christmas Eve, mainly by small investors. This rapid rise last year on 12 months into the bitcoin futures market, the 12 month 17 Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) launched bitcoin futures trading. A week after the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) also opened bitcoin futures market. On Monday two bitcoin futures prices have reached the lowest level, bitcoin CME futures fell to $5015, CBOE bitcoin contract prices fell to $4990. The other major currencies encryption this week most of the decline, this year even than bitcoin fall suddenly. CoinMarketCap.com data show that the market value of the two big XRP week reboxetine currency fell 5%, the etheric Fang fell over 13%.

Over the past week the entire encryption monetary market value has shrunk to about $40 billion, the total market value of about $172 billion on Monday.

Tencent game and block chain game platform to launch the live channel

According to foreign media reports today, the Tencent announced the game will cooperate with the blockchain E-sports entertainment platform SLIVER.tv, launched an all-weather electronic sports broadcast channel, which will include the main broadcast from FaZe Clan, Method and NRG, and other interactive features, such as game prediction etc..

Theta incentives will support the new channel, the user can use the Theta token to buy and upgrade props in the game. Theta tokens generated in the Theta block chain. In a statement, the Tencent said the game is pleased to be able to “infinite” rules of game player into the Theta incentive mechanism, called SLIVER.tv platform in the live game player will have the opportunity to get an Theta token. According to the statement, Theta tokens can be used on the SLIVER.tv platform, buy exclusive game props and skin, or purchase real goods discount from the sponsors.

This marks the first time the game Tencent actively with encryption currency cooperation framework.

Samsung admitted Chinese market failure, not focus on cheap Smartphone

According to foreign media news today, Samsung mobile business leader Gao Dongzhen recently in an interview that Samsung mobile phone is a failure in Chinese market, because the smart mobile phone manufacturer China HUAWEI, millet and other mobile phone pricing strategy is flexible. The responsible person said sorry to Samsung’s mobile business Chinese than competitors.

Although Samsung mobile phone fell over in Chinese, but in the global mobile phone market, Samsung still maintained a leading position in the industry. The entry-level intelligent mobile phone is a Samsung mobile phone is one of the most important income. Although Samsung admit there is a problem in the pricing flexibility, less than China competitors, high Dongzhen has made it clear that focus on selling cheap equipment business strategy is not possible, Samsung could not concentrate on cheap smart mobile phone, because it takes a long time, Samsung has been too late.

Although Samsung is currently in the Chinese market performance is not very good, but the high Dongzhen still hope that with the launch of Galaxy S10 and Samsung folding mobile phone, Samsung mobile phone can make acceptable again in China market.

Chinese mobile phone market in the three quarter dropped 13%, fell for four consecutive quarters

Market research agency Counterpoint today released the China intelligent mobile phone sales in the third quarter 2018 report, the report pointed out that although the overall market in the new release of the stimulus rose 6%, but fell 13%, which is already China intelligent mobile phone market for the fourth consecutive quarter of year-on-year decline.

The report published in the sales of the top six intelligent mobile phone brand, vivo quarter shipments amounted to 21 million 600 thousand units, an increase of 2%, the market share reached 19.9%; ranked second is OPPO, when the quarter shipments amounted to 21 million 400 thousand units, the market share reached 19.7%. Third is HUAWEI, sales of 15 million 700 thousand units, the market share of 14.5%. The four is the glory of article five is millet, the six is apple. The top six manufacturers market share has reached 86%, “Others” manufacturers add up share is only 14%, the Matthew effect.

But the top six manufacturers have not sleep without any anxiety in addition to vivo and HUAWEI, and the glory of the market performance has risen, other manufacturers have different degrees of decline. Vivo grew 2%, HUAWEI and glory are the highest increase, an increase of 14%. In contrast, OPPO fell 11%, while millet and apple were down 15% and 17%.

Glory 10 youth version of the official renderings exposure: gradient + water screen

Official renderings of today’s network exposure on the upcoming release of the glory of tomorrow 10 youth version of the design is at a glance.

You can see from the renderings, the glory of 10 Youth Edition front with the design of the hidden receiver + water screen, visually even more than some of this year’s flagship glory. The back is the glory of the inherent horizontal layout this year, rear dual camera and flash camera are arranged vertically, and with a AI CAMERA logo. In addition, the machine also has a gradient color body, now known to have black, blue and red color gradient gradient three.

This machine has appeared before the Ministry, which has 6.21 inches FHD+ screen, equipped with 2.2GHz eight core processor (or 710, 4+64GB and kylin) with 6+128GB storage portfolio, front 24 million pixel camera, 13 million pixels rear +200 megapixel dual camera, built-in 3320mAh battery, running on Android 9 custom EMUI 9 system.

Google will invest $690 million to build a new data center in Denmark

Google Denmark branch this afternoon announced that the company will invest 45 billion DKK (6.9 billion) to build a new data center in Frederick Sia.

In addition to this plan, to buy a piece of land near the Danish Aabenraa Google last year Apple data center.

Musk announced BFR rocket was renamed “starship”

Space X CEO Elon Mask announced today at Twitter, the ship will be manned flight to Mars travel large rocket BFR has a new name: Starship, which can be translated into a starship.

After he tweets explained that, technically speaking, there are two parts, Starship specifically refers to the “s / a level, while the rocket booster is super heavy (Super Heavy), better able to get rid of the gravity of the earth (to other planets or the moon don’t need this). No matter what is the new name for SpaceX, but there is considerable ambition of this new aircraft rocket. In more than a year ago on BigFalcon Rocket (BFR) by the details, he has to want to establish military bases on the moon and on Mars, and the Rockets to help people on earth to travel.

Just a few days ago, Mask also said Twitter is accelerating the development of the BFR spacecraft, and give up two recovery plan 9 falcon. Users of BFR new name response is quite warm, but there are also netizens expressed more love the abbreviation “BFR”, because it can have two meanings.

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