“11 22” bitcoin market analysis market prices rose slightly, or usher in a rebound

A market point of view:

Following yesterday’s market value fell slightly after the market today, the overall market capitalization rose slightly. Yesterday evening at 17:37 rise, market capitalization topped $152 billion 700 million, then the market volatility decline, at 5:37 in the morning to the market value of the low of $145 billion 500 million. Then the market value rose slightly, up to now longer, market value of global digital assets reached 1495 billion, compared with $1479 billion yesterday rose slightly 1.08%.

In terms of trading volume, market prices turned higher today, 24 hours of trading volume fell sharply, after yesterday’s deadline received $23 billion 73 million after 24 hours of time, today’s trading volume was $16 billion 353 million, down to 29.14%.

The flow of funds, capital outflows fell sharply today, the outflow of funds, there are 4 assets outflow of over 100 million yuan, today ETH outflows decreased, the net outflow of 1 billion 424 million yuan of funds for 24 hours today, BTC outflows fell sharply, 24 hours a net outflow of 1 billion 66 million yuan, in section two, BCB ranked three. The net outflow of 415 million yuan of funds for 24 hours.

The inflow of funds, 100 million yuan of assets of 4, DASH continue to maintain strong capital injection, 24 hours a net inflow of funds 1 billion 441 million yuan, BTG capital inflows today is increasing, the 24 hours of net inflow of funds 1 billion 134 million yuan, but still second, QTUM this inflow of funds 258 million yuan, ranked third. XRP today to continue to maintain the stability of the capital inflows, the net inflow of funds 153 million yuan for 24 hours.

Message level, according to Techrepublic news, New York congressman Ron Kim said in the interview, the block chain and encryption of the local currency may help enterprises in New York, and the change of the local economy, today, the chain tower think-tank issued a document that, in terms of geographical distribution, Chinese block chain nearly half of outstanding enterprises in Beijing, followed by the Hangzhou and Shenzhen, respectively, 5 and 4, according to the official website of HUAWEI news, 11 15, HUAWEI cloud block chain service (Blockchain Service) officially launched HUAWEI cloud international site, released for the global users.

The mood of the market level, according to Alternative.me statistics, today the market panic index was 14 for the quarter, still panic, compared with little change in the level of fear yesterday.

Two, the list of assets:

Today’s top 100 most of the assets of assets still showed a rising trend, a decline of assets. Increases in asset in today’s Nexo rose highest, today rose 20.89%, the 24 hour trading volume of $2 million 19 thousand, trading volume rose slightly. Rose over 5% of the assets reached 40. In today’s ETP assets fell, the largest decline, down 24 hours 8.39%, but trading volume is only $254 thousand in assets fell in 3 to stabilize the currency, TUSD or 1.05%, USDC and PAX fell below 1%.

In the daily trading volume of more than $50 thousand in assets is more active, a total of 7 assets rose more than 50%, or higher today, but the trading volume is low. Today, the highest increase the assets of VRS, yesterday has nearly doubled, this increase is reached 973%, the trading volume of synchronous amplification, but trading volume is only $610 thousand. TMTG today also rose 204%, the larger trading volume, trading volume of $8 million 420 thousand. The higher trading volume of assets, CWV today rose to 33.42%, the 24 trading volume of 418 million hours.

Assets fell, the overall decline markedly today. Today APH is the largest decline, down to 73.87%, but the trading volume is only 22 million dollars. VIPS today’s decline was second, 24 hours fell only 23.88%, turnover of $1 million 370 thousand today. The remaining assets fell in trading volume is low, less than $1 million.

Today, the overall market within a narrow range, a strong market sentiment, a certain decline in trading volume. Most of the assets trading volume fell, only a few of the 6 assets trading volume rose. Decline in trading volume of assets, today BCHSV trading volume fell sharply, down at the top, 24 hours fell 61.86%, while the BCH trading volume fell 48.26%, the main force after the war and bifurcation is caused by a strong market sentiment. Trading volume rose assets, today a number of assets traded abnormally enlarged assets. GAT today’s trading volume growth of 693.55%, 24 hours of trading volume reached US $19 million 660 thousand, while its price today also increased by 26.64%. BIX today’s trading volume is also magnified 4.7 times.

The mainstream asset trading volume also fell sharply. One of today’s XRP trading volume fell the most obvious decline to 48.94%, the 24 hour trading volume of $717 million; today BTC trading volume has dropped significantly, 24 hour trading volume of $5 billion 722 million, down 27.97%.

Today the market within a narrow range, the mainstream currency following the first two day after the crash today appeared slight rebound adjustment. The BTC within a narrow range today than yesterday, 1.77% rose slightly, the current price of $4568, trading volume decreased significantly, 24 hour trading volume of $5 billion 688 million. XRP today rose 1.93%, the current price of $0.44, the overall decline in recent days is small. ETH today is relatively obvious callback, 24 hours to rise 3.14%, the current price is still in the vicinity of 135 shocks. XLM today rose 2.99%, 24 hour trading volume reached $101 million. Today BCH has little change, but the trading volume fell 48%.

Analysis of three mainstream currency:

BTC yesterday rose slightly 2.01%, prices around $4500 to form a new shock box. From the current trend of the formation of 1 hours from the end has been sideways a trading day, have a certain resistance above $4800, the market pulled twice the price to have failed to break through. But from the short-term trend oversold situation is more serious, short-term rebound in market demand repair index, probably rate will continue to shock rise, but bear everything can happen, once a long time below the previous low should immediately stop.

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