11 days plunged 44%, bitcoin after the flooding, these “blockchain + routines are more wary of fraud…

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This week, the encryption currency “making the rich myth shattered. In the face of plummeting encryption currency, A shares, Hong Kong stocks, stocks rose not worth mentioning. Only 11 days, bitcoin has plunged 44%, the market value of the evaporation of 486 billion dollars. In recent years, with the substantial change of the explosion and fire bitcoin and block chain “concept, many under the banner of” blockchain “under the banner of the MLM fraud occurs frequently, using others” rich “dream of getting rich for their crazy money.

Bitcoin prices from 17 years 12 months 20000 fell to $3500 dollars

Block chain concept marketing platform over 3000

With bitcoin prices based on block chain technology of virtual currency on the substantial change, block chain, digital currency investment interest of ordinary investors are also increasingly strong. The data show that the use of block chain concept in marketing platform has more than 3000.

Tencent security joint laboratory released 2017 annual “Tencent MLM situational awareness white paper” said that in recent times, all kinds of foreign capital disk, virtual currency, ICO project emerge in an endless stream, many are under the guise of innovation, promised to high report, which contains illegal issuance, project is not real, cross-border money laundering and fraud, pyramid etc. the risk caused by large capital flows abroad, serious harm to national financial security. Due to the domestic regulatory agencies, once the crash, run away or lost, investors tend to lodge complaints, the loss is difficult to recover. For example, SMI, MBI, all coins, coins, coins, Mark beta dark coins, fidelity compound financial etc..

Block chain + fraud “three” routine”

A “sleight of hand” speculation “currency again cut chives”

In March this year, the Shenzhen police cracked a huge fund-raising fraud, thousands of investors cheated 307 million yuan of funds. In this case, the Shenzhen Pu silver block chain group limited company is the issue of virtual currency to “blockchain + tea” model, taking the public deposit.

The police investigation found that in part under the banner of “blockchain” under the banner of the virtual currency case, investors use some criminals for investment operations to achieve price. In the “admission” to attract a large number of investors, criminals by malicious manipulation of virtual currency prices continue to cash, causing investors suffered huge losses in the virtual currency worthless.

2. “Cry up wine and sell vinegar” in the name of marketing technology

In April 15th this year, Xi’an police cracked under the banner of “block chain” of the concept of the serious case of network marketing. According to police briefing disclosed in the case, the case involving 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, involving funds of up to more than 8600 yuan.

It is understood that the MLM Gang name “blockchain” banner, with Xi’an as the “The Belt and Road” is an important node in the city, rising international influence and other city good, from March 28, 2018 to 3 yuan each price in the “consumer era” (DBTC) sales network platform “Datang virtual currency, and self manipulation of appreciation. At the same time, the group also organized the seminar, in many city at home and abroad to attract members, according to membership offline, set the 28 level in charge of agent, as 4 15 April, the gang a total of registered members of more than 13000 development.

Three. “Foreign” and “export to domestic sales”

In September 8, 2017, Zhuzhou County, Hunan province people’s court sentenced case amounted to 16 million yuan large “VEKA money” case of network marketing. The Zhuzhou county court found that the sales organization is a “VEKA money” marketing organization, Department of foreign China to promotion of virtual currency within the organization, its marketing website and marketing model established by the Bulgarian ruja organization, the server set up in the Danish territory of Copenhagen, claiming that the second-generation encryption of electronic money after “bitcoin after.

Identified, “VEKA money” business organization and its essence is to invest in the name of the virtual currency, participants are required to pay a fee to obtain eligibility, and the composition of the level in a certain order number in the direct or indirect development personnel as payment and rebates based on the payment and return to payment method for payment, with high rebates as bait to lure participants to continue to participate in the development of others and swindling. In the case of 35 defendants through the network platform and the introduction of “VEKA money” has joined the organization, through the development of offline profit return for a bonus or reselling the activation code both for illegal profits. Among them, some of the defendants actively develop downline members, respectively, from the illegal profits of $1 million to 2000 million yuan.

“The old routine” frequently make tens of thousands of people caught”

The industry believes that the “blockchain + fraud” often easily succeed, 3 mentality really many “to Chinese aunt”.

The first is anxious to get on the train “thirst for wealth

In recent years, “the blockchain speculation continues to heat up, even frequently with” rich “hanging sign, excessive speculation in the absence of real case scenarios. Most of the victims did not have enough ability to truly understand the blockchain. Criminal gangs tend to block chain blowing effect plus as if it were raining flowers, bitcoin “riches myth”, the ordinary people very confusing. At the same time, in recent years, with the sharp rise in house prices, ordinary people “wealth” of the growing sense of anxiety. “Every year, the annual Miss anxiety air outlet” brings, indeed strengthen the many people chasing the train “” currency a villa “irrational fantasy.

The second is “the more high-profile more credible” trap of thinking

The disclosure of the police case shows that fraud MLM Gang often “high-profile crime”, even frequently in the major domestic and foreign high-end hotel held a “seminar”, through various media platforms since the gang members packed into block chain experts, high-profile victims. Many investors see the company “strength”, “more easily fall into the trap of thinking more high-profile credible.”.

The third is “making a left” speculative mentality

Many experts believe that the “blockchain MLM” essence is still pulling the head. In the process of fraud, the “victim” recommended head after the Commission, in fact become a part of the chain of interests, as long as the “Ponzi scheme” no fault, no loss of interest related personnel, lack of power to report. Even in many illegal fund-raising and marketing case, some people still want to know is a fraud, fraud in the pre crash “gain profit in risk”.



Every time when bitcoin prices plummeted, it is time for the crooks out of a deception. The essence and the pyramid is the same, just that these crooks will apply in the digital marketing currency.

Have a stronger currency, community, development of the assembly line, but the money can only buy not sell, the organizer will run away money.

The police want to remind the financial investment by Internet users, please identify fraud, to avoid being cheated.

Source: joint laboratory data, Tencent security fraud

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