12 18 April, peripheral to stock treasure breakfast precarious, bitcoin started down as the demon; 5 nano chip can also self controlled? This theme is provided

Morning hao!

First, we tried to give added overseas news Market attention: this week the Fed interest rate decision, investors on the economic outlook is worrying, U.S. stocks fell again, the Dow was down over 600 points, the S & P fell over 2%, hit the lowest point since October 2017, small cap Russell 2000 confirmed the close into the bear market. The decline of the dollar. The excess supply worries warming, oil prices fell, the U.S. oil 14 months for the first time at below $50, cloth oil below $60.

But bitcoin demon’s futures contract rose 10%, exceeded $3500.

The buyer’s point of view:

Market shocks, offering customers generally wait the central economic working conference and the Fed meeting on interest rates, see more moving less. As expected, very focused on infrastructure / real estate and counter cyclical 5G/ military / new car is expected; less part of the liquor (infrastructure estate are highly relevant to kill the valuation + has lower performance expectations) and car (low inventory to underestimate the value of attention). Tianfeng Securities pointed out that the 2019 industry is the trend of the change of ROE core configuration, underestimate the value of good, high dividends, counter cyclical as the end position defense (banking, utilities, transportation, military, etc.) the layout of real estate, medicine (equipment and services) and good cash flow industry, generalized network security and industrial policy of continuous support fundamentals of positive change (5G, self controlled, military etc.). The end will continue to release good policy to stabilize market expectations, the role of policy is not to stimulate economic growth, but to prevent a hard landing China economy, get rid of the middle-income trap gain time for economic restructuring and. Chinese is rare in the middle and lower reaches of a complete industrial chain of countries worldwide, in high-end manufacturing and technology industry, the emergence of a number of high-quality companies, so investors long-term prospects for economic Chinese need not pessimistic.

Today’s opportunity:

1, the independent controllable semiconductor: a breakthrough in the field! The world’s first domestic etching machine selected 5 nanometer chip production line, the company was involved in the capture of “card neck” technology

2, the impact is still in the fermentation of vitamin: giant! The price of vitamin A Hurricane once again, these leading companies are expected to soar

3, PD-1 inhibitors: epoch! The State Food and Drug Administration announced the dispatch of the first home, the domestic anti – tumor “artifact” was officially approved, these guys at A shares is expected to reverse the attack

4, HUAWEI industrial chain: after a storm? After the storm the mobile phone manufacturers announced positive results for the real hammer, 5G industry chain together to enjoy the bonus

5, ultra high voltage: a late three companies issued a notice of UHV order to usher in a full-blown period, a new contract over ten billion

See more: today the opportunity to remind

The coming of heavy assets, profit instant upgrade 1 billion 300 million, is the industry inflection point is the most popular valuation at the bottom of the small dragon; sudden production overseas! 19 years + shortage degree far exceeds this year in the domain of dug up high-quality varieties, each rose 1000 yuan net profit in December 17th brought 140 million elastic dehydration Research Report

Recently, new energy vehicles super Unicorn announced “backdoor” the A shares repairer qualification, will become the next beauty star? The world’s first 5 nanometer chip as domestic etching machine manufacturers to dig behind the 1 market value of only 1 billion 100 million sexy small targets, but also with the expected gaosongzhuan, December 18th stock Bao knew


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