15 August 11: Jiang zall BCH battle front battlefield

Editor’s note: the author: Libet pool founder Yanchel, authorized reprint by the daily planet.

 Jiang: November 15th BCH battle front zall battlefield

A successful prediction

Although this is a very difficult prediction of whether there are others burn determination — but as a coin in the circle made many predictions of gold and silver, and all hit the prophet, and hit a key prediction:)

 Jiang: November 15th BCH battle front zall battlefield

Second, the “war is peace”

“[in the world] for a righteous cause, when mixed (lower) is” war, before resuming according to my experience, the various forms of development and do a detailed deduction is reached. And CSW is not determined to make special burn in front of the war, will only play not to burn the guerrilla war (Sao Raozhan).

 Jiang: November 15th BCH battle front zall battlefield

There are 2 pieces of conflict at a height of 556768, I was excited about that, CSW intend to open the battle, found that only a normal isolated block: Bitcoin.com and Waterhole also dug up 556768 blocks, then Bitcoin.com first dug up a block, Waterhole block was unfortunately isolated.

After that, I write this article has been up to 16 days at 11 in the morning, do not have any attack, did not detect any attack, both sides just in their own chain of bulkhead mining, there is no positive war, no harassment war, even a single attack without CSW, in the high-profile publicity for several months is war? White blind I write so long article analysis.

Before people who are not familiar with CSW, after this battle, CSW mouth big flicker probably can understand me. “”:

 Jiang: November 15th BCH battle front zall battlefield

Three, fighting than Bianwen

Of course, a whole night is no surprise, only resorting to violence (mutual attack each other isolated block) into the ratio (both in digging in his chain, who chain length, total high difficulty).

 15 August 11: Jiang zall BCH battle front battlefield

Until now, the cumulative use of 6162P (ABC chain) +3499P (SV chain) =9661P operator, equivalent to output 1300 yuan / day, every day can add up to tens of millions of pure burn.

 Jiang: 11 15 April drow BCH battle front battlefield The result is a large pile of work force, the ABC SV 42 a leading chain chain chain fast, ABC mining total difficulty is 2.3 times of SV.

 Jiang: November 15th BCH battle front zall battlefield

Note that this method is the ratio ratio, long chain and short chain can not cover each other, just show muscle, showing their work force, according to the white paper because the longest chain principle, the long chain (the chain has a high cumulative difficulty) the legitimacy of the natural, such as Bitstamp ABC has announced for BCH transactions for transactions.

We will only support Bitcoin ABC during the fork and the price of BCH at Bitstamp will reflect the price of Bitcoin ABC. Initially, we will not support any alternative chains, but will monitor the situation and decide about further courses of action at a later date.
We only support Bitcoin ABC Bitstamp BCH in the bifurcation period, the price will reflect the price of ABC Bitcoin. We will not support any alternative chain, but will monitor the situation and later decided to further action plan.

So don’t fantasy “don’t play because the exchange is not open to charge”, CSW to find excuses. I have the strength to get rid of ABC chain, while not directly on the ABC chain weak friction dead on the ground, not too quick to save war funds, to dig so long ABC chain exchange generally supports the call again? Do you think CSW is a game game player to leveling the mobs?

Fourth, CSW Corrigendum

CSW a few months has been declared “no division”

 15 August 11: Jiang zall BCH battle front battlefield

Even until a few hours before the CSW bifurcation, also claimed that there are not split”

 15 August 11: Jiang zall BCH battle front battlefield

Caused a lot of fallacies, the errata are as follows:

1, BCH BCH and BCH ABC have isolated two SV chains, two chain is completely independent, different rules, different, like BTC and LTC are incompatible rules. ABC cannot be longer than SV coverage of SV, SV in turn is longer than ABC does not cover ABC.

2, “SV ABC,” including the chain chain chain chain SV compatible with ABC “,” SV chain can be connected to the ABC chain behind the “SV” block can overwrite the ABC blocks are fallacies, to think of the different rules of LTC block can overwrite the BTC blocks it.

3, now ABC chain blocks quickly, only ABC chain is in force dug temporarily results in DDA, the difficulty of adjustment, ABC and SV are the number of blocks long-term stability in the 24*6=144 / day two. The length of the chain, no meaning, should compare the two strand cash.coin.dance were in difficulty (cumulative the cumulative on-line statistical difficulty chart) ABC chain is high than the SV chain, and ultimately reflected in the ABC chain block cumulative difficulty is SV 2.3 times.

4, mine pool in BTC and BCH can calculate force between seconds, there is no “ABC is gone forever in the attack”, is now a large number of examples, the ABC heap, not afraid to pile on the attack, but in order to get far more than the SV chain accumulated legitimacy & difficulty.

5, the maximum height limit block (max re-org) recombinant belongs to a kind of mining rules, is a neutral, the parties can use the rules. Independent and “chain alliance” (the white list is the “union mining chain”). Max re-org can not increase the computing power, is the longest chain does not violate the principle, only to calculate the power advantage in the face is the weak side of harassment, reduce the recombination block, block chain reduce unstable time. Of course, there is no attack on CSW at present, even the reorganization did not, not to mention the specific rules of reorganization.

6, checkpoint belongs to the technical practice hard after bifurcation, and war has nothing to do, “BCH was born” and “DDA” two hard bifurcation have checkpoint, including the BTC also has checkpoint in block 546:

 15 August 11: Jiang zall BCH battle front battlefield

BTC and BCH checkpoint code

Hard fork = open a new chain, so the need to determine the first block (similar to the block, otherwise it may cause subsequent) node synchronization is wrong. This is not unique to BCH, is hard currency for early copycat bifurcation stability, technical practice form.

7, other CSW flicker, I will not say, see for yourself

 Jiang: November 15th BCH battle front zall battlefield

Five, force war effect on Miners

Is war of the miners is certainly a good thing, to force the demand has increased.

First of all, the two sides is to mobilize a large number of BCH mining, BTC reduced the work force, the next time the difficulty of adjustment directly dropped 6.8% .

Secondly, the two sides are likely a lot of stress in the market rent, the rental price is up.

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