2018: Another Blockchain New Year

nRunaway Comment: Many experts started to summarize and forecast the trend of the blockchain industry this year at the end of last year. Among them, the technology is the main prediction direction, including the transition of mining mechanism and the increase of industry use cases. However, the increase in the market value of cryptocurrencies really exceeded expectations, it is staggering. Under the market promotion, predicting the accession of traditional asset management and other factors will promote the continued upward trend of the encrypted currency market in 2018.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Blockchain has made great progress in 2017, just in a way that is different than expected.n
From the beginning of this year, I and others predict that the blockchain in 2017 will move from proof of concept to production. There are indeed many successes in this area.n
The Ripple platform is fully operational with more than a hundred members and billions of payments, and the industry is beginning to build blockchain business networks such as Digital Trade Chain (DTC) in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtrade finance.n
But overall, it will be more “on-line” than we expected. On the other hand, I do not think anyone will predict the market value of cryptocurrencies will break the record or the ICO soar.n
What about next year? Although the forecast is obviously biased toward risk, I still believe we will at least see the following:n
n1, as long as “at your fingertips” is resolved, blockchain solutions will continue to enter production.n
2, the traditional asset management participants and technology to join, will make encrypted currency will continue to rise.n
3, with the blockchain to change the market structure, the company will change the business model.n
4, with the integration of platforms between different industries, there will be a new ecosystem of smart contracts.n
5, ICO will become “professional”, transformed into IPO 2.0.n
6, the expansion and performance of the blockchain will be the key issue, there will be interesting new ways.n
7, people are increasingly aware of the local blockchain ecosystem is an important success factor.n
nNow expand it.n
Out of the hand resultsn
Although this year’s dynamics are as dramatic as expected, I believe we will continue to see blockchain solutions moving into the production phase as businesses digitize use cases and services most affected by the blockchain and solve the “easy-to-reach outcomes.”n
The two most important use cases in financial technology are payments (potential savings of $ 50-60 billion) and trade financing (which could save up to $ 15 billion).n
Based on the payment situation in 2017, I predict that we will see 2018 trade finance start to enter the blockchain. As banks take action, the momentum in the payments area will continue and the volume of transactions will increase. These participants will be drawn to the benefits of the blockchain, including real-time processing, low risk, low cost and transparency.n
The pros and cons of the blockchain depends on whether it proves to be superior to the status quo in many industries. We can imagine an example where the blockchain is used in the EU’s Transparency EU Transparency Initiative of the European Banking Authority.n
I am somewhat surprised at the performance of cryptocurrencies in 2017 as an investment asset. In fact, the growth is impressive with market capitalization rising from $ 14 billion in December 2016 to $ 450 billion in December 2017.n
I think this trend will continue with traditional asset management methods, including Bitcoin futures, crypto-currency hedge funds, etc., which will increase the demand for encrypted currency and tokens.n
New business modeln
As the blockchain continues to change the market structure, companies will increasingly focus on changing business models.n
Brokers are increasingly being eliminated, companies must learn to think independently and become partners in the new ecology. This means determining the business model they want.n
These discussions will become multidimensional and include existing services and more and more new services that include blockchain support, especially as the blockchain brings together the Internet of Things and AIs to create new markets and transform the industry’s isolation To encourage greater horizontal structure.n
What is most satisfying in 2017 is that I am fortunate to start a company that works together.n
Deon Digital partnered with Mercedes-Benz to develop a new operating system that could break the car’s isolation. Skycell is a good example of the Internet of Things combined blockchain, which is open to payment, insurance and billing. TEND Reflects Investment Management, Creating a Shared Economy 2.0 of High Value Assets.n
I think the area that needs special attention in 2018 is the fund industry. Companies such as Melonport use blockchain to rethink asset management. I think we will see more such projects, the fund industry will change dramatically.n
First of all, it will be encrypted asset management, but traditional assets will be gradually tokenized, moved into the blockchain and managed on the chain.n
ICO deformationn
Startups raise $ 3.5bn through ICO, and 2017 is clearly a good year for tokens.n
To me, the prosperity of the ICO is significant, not necessarily because of the amount of financing, but because we will see the democratization of venture capital. Despite the smooth development of this concept in 2017, the participation of traditional participants will change the ICO in 2018.n
In the next 12-18 months, I predict that people with experience and expertise will be monetized as a technology platform that will specialize in the entire business, demand documentation, pricing, valuation of start-ups, and everything in the traditional arena.n
We have seen that it is impossible for a paper to be easily financed. Investors will demand business plans and high transparency, as well as other requirements.n
Capacity expansion and ecosystemsn
Important issues for existing blockchain technologies include capacity expansion and performance. I predict next year we will see the existing blockchain technology is replaced by a solution that is more scalable, faster and more energy efficient.n
I think the recent momentum IOTA is one of the items worth watching.n
I also believe people are going to find it increasingly important that the local blockchain ecosystem, where multiple important services are concentrated in one area, is a key success factor for blockchain projects.n
Like Switzerland’s “Encrypted Valley.” As chairman of the Crypto Valley Association, I hope readers will understand my prediction of the potential for ecological success in the blockchain in Switzerland.n
Enrichment Valley blockchain project financing and the establishment of businesses require a high degree of service-intensiveness, including legal, consulting, taxation, accounting, smart contract platforms, KYC / AML facilities and marketing specialists.n
I think, together with other Swiss advantages, including state-of-the-art infrastructure to high-skilled workforce, will attract blockchain companies for many years to come.n

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