2018 bitcoin trading volume of more than $2 trillion, an increase of 61%

In 2018, only a few weeks, the total trading volume this year, bitcoin has more than $2 trillion. Bitcoin transactions in many countries this year in different time record, more and more people seem to use every day in this popular encryption currency.

Bitcoin trading volume rose 61% since 2017

Although many people have long opposed bitcoin bitcoin slammed, but bitcoin trading volume is still very great. According to Satoshi Capital Research data show that as of now, bitcoin reached 2 trillion and 200 billion dollars in 2018 nominal transaction value.

So far, announced an increase of more than 61% 8700 billion in total trading volume last year. However, the 2017 annual 96% growth rate is still far more than 2018 years of record. Unless from now until the end of the year between bitcoin transactions soared, otherwise 2018 year growth rate is difficult to overtake 2017.

MasterCard (Mastercard) recently released financial data of 2018 in a third quarter of this year, according to the total transaction amount of $4.4 trillion. The world’s second largest payment card companies every day about $12 billion in trading settlement.

From these data, although this year’s bitcoin prices fell as much as 70%, but the transaction settlement capacity has reached half of the mastercard. Daily trading volume bitcoin 80 billion dollars, and MasterCard is not far away.

Encryption currency outlook

Some people may say that the above analysis is similar to compare apples and oranges. This is because the MasterCard data only covers online and offline platform to retail payments, and bitcoin data from businesses, futures trading, exchange, and even international payment.

However, the transaction number par with MasterCard trading volume to a market value of less than $100 billion in currency card encryption released, which indicates that bitcoin is more and more strongly recognized by the public. In view of UBS (UBS) Paul Donovan (Paul Donovan) and other critics of encryption currency has a grudge, these data are quite objective. Donovan recently said that the encryption of the world’s most popular currency bitcoin is on the verge of collapse.

For the encryption currency trading market, the situation is even more optimistic. Earlier this year, according to a research report Bitcoinist Satis group said that digital currency transactions may increase by 50% in 2019.

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