2018 end point: 8 of the most powerful encryption Currency Traders

 2018 end point: 8 of the most powerful encryption Currency Traders

2018 is over, the money market for encryption, this year is destined to be an extraordinary year.

Interestingly, although the encryption industry in bear market, but the price volatility will give some professional traders to provide enough operation space, they can obtain substantial profits through price trend forecast. It is undeniable that the current in a pessimistic market sentiment, encryption currency and daily trading volume is still very high, which means that some skilled in daytime and short-term traders can still benefit from.

The daily planet (WeChat: o-daily) recently learned that the social media giant Twitter and well-known investment trading site Tradingview dig out the 8 most powerful encryption currency traders, they still earn a lot of money in the 2018 bear market under the background of social media, but also have a lot of fans, by sharing their own encryption of short-term currency the prospect of technical analysis and investment philosophy attracted a lot of attention. Let the star Jun (WeChat: o-daily) with a grilled steak this year, most cattle 8 encrypted currency traders.

1, Philakone

Is ranked first in the Canadian currency traders Philakone encryption (@Philakonecrypto), he often publish some about currency movements, encryption and how to predict the fluctuation of tweets in social media, and has more than 107000 Twitter fans. Philakone will always be the regular analysis of bitcoin transactions, and combined with the “Eliot wave theory” the study of investor psychology, the market optimistic and pessimistic trend and price fluctuations on the impact of encryption currency market. At present, Philakone main technical analysis for bitcoin, Gerbaud coins and bitcoin cash encryption currency.

 2018 end point: 8 of the most powerful encryption Currency Traders

(editor’s note: commercial, financial investment guru Ralph Nelson Eliot (Ralph Nelson Elliott, 1871-1948) is the founder of the wave theory, he refined the 13 forms of market (Patte – RN) or wave (Waves), these types of repetition in the market, but is the time interval and the amplitude does not necessarily appear with reproducibility, these were structural types of graphics can be connected together to form larger graphic styles such as, put forward a series of authoritative interpretation of law to explain the behavior of the market, with particular emphasis on the predictive value of fluctuation principle, this is the famous Eliot wave theory).

2, Nick Core

Ranked second is a well-known encryption currency traders is Nick Core (@Crypto_core), he also often in Twitter, YouTube and Tradingview and other social media and investment platform: bitcoin market outlook. He is very good at short-term trading and the statistics and analysis of digital asset price behavior and other indicators, and are keen to follow some technical positions on the Discord platform.

 2018 end point: 8 of the most powerful encryption Currency Traders

At present, Nick Core has 330 million fans on Twitter, also often publish tweets about encryption currency market. In addition, he has more than 7000 fans on the platform of Tradingview, the money market analysis of video encryption in the above release is also popular. Nick Core is focused on the analysis of Bitfinex and Bitstamp these well-known encryption currency exchange transaction in the focus on bitcoin, Wright currency and reboxetine currency currency encryption.

3, Mr. Jozza

 2018 end point: 8 of the most powerful encryption Currency Traders

Mr. Jozza (@Mrjozza) is a very famous bitcoin traders, almost every day will release a lot of bitcoin market trend information, he ranked third in this list. On Friday (December 14th), Mr. Jozza also published a bitcoin / dollar market views, he believes that the current bitcoin mingyunduochuan, seeking to stop and suggest that investors can price at around $3000. At the same time, Mr. Jozza also share their love of bitcoin short-term market forecast chart in Twitter, he now has more than 16000 fans, analysis of market trends focus on bitcoin / dollar transactions.

4, Magic Poop Cannon

Magic Poop Cannon mainly by fans touted on the Tradingview website, he is an encryption currency strategy very interesting and popular, but also the platform on the most popular bitcoin / dollar trading analyst, currently has more than 44000 fans Twitter. So far, Magic Poop Cannon published in Twitter on analysis of bitcoin and other encryption currency price trend has exceeded 500, 100 million pageviews.

 2018 end point: 8 of the most powerful encryption Currency Traders

Unlike other traders, Magic Poop Cannon focuses on the analysis and description of encryption currency index, can let the people fully understand the value of bitcoins what will happen in the short term. Magic Poop Cannon is also being called the “chart master”, in addition to focus on bitcoin, Wright coins and BNC encryption currency, he will analyze closely related enterprises and industry chain block stock movements, such as NVIDIA and AMD.

5, Excavo

Currency traders Excavo encryption is a very experienced market analysts, if according to the historical data record access point of view, he is the most popular Tradingview website bitcoin / dollar trading strategist, because his analysis of traffic is the biggest. In the Tradingview platform, Excavo has nearly 70000 fans, and write the analysis report of 1227 technology, the views of more than 850000. Recently, Excavo has also published an article entitled “financial crisis” (The Unofficial Start unofficial start of the Financial Crisis) article, the Dow Jones industrial average according to the analysis of the current situation of encryption currency market, and pointed out that the current is in the edge of the market slump.

 2018 end point: 8 of the most powerful encryption Currency Traders

Excavo is focused on the analysis of Bitfinex encryption currency exchange on the “long” and “short” and other indicators, and to determine the price of bitcoin price trend based on other market trends. In addition, Excavo also has its own exclusive Telegram trading channel, he will also discuss some of the other encryption currency investment market analysis in the above.

6, Cryptobull

Cryptobull (@Cryptobull) is one of the bitcoin currency traders and copycat, he is very famous in the social media platform Twitter, will often publish some tweets about market sentiment, currently has 173000 fans. On Sunday (12 15), Cryptobull claimed bitcoin prices will be slightly less than 200 per week moving average (MA), but also stressed that from the historical data, the downward trend will not stay too long.

 2018 end point: 8 of the most powerful encryption Currency Traders

The biggest characteristic of Cryptobull is humorous, will also push given prediction of their own point of view to bitcoin price changes. In addition to some short-term trend bitcoin details in December 6th, Cryptobull also recently to fans launched an investigation, hope to know whether people think the current bitcoin prices have bottomed out “”. In a survey of 6472 people, more than 52% people voted that the current bitcoin price “has not yet bottomed out,” and that is likely to continue to decline. At present, Cryptobull does not concern other encryption currency, but to focus on the analysis of the bitcoin transactions.

7, Mr. Swing Trader

Eric Choe encryption Currency Traders (@Cryptochoe, also known as Mr. Swing Trader) with 142000 Twitter fans, his encryption money trading seems very high-profile claims every week to do some “big deal”, but as long as $1000, he has the ability to bring any desired return “”. Eric Choe also has a dedicated Telegram channel, and on regular transaction analysis.

 2018 end point: 8 of the most powerful encryption Currency Traders

On Friday (December 14th), Eric Choe fans to explain how to encrypt the currency transactions in the “very busy” condition. He cited an example, announced plans on Sunday (December 16th) of 250 encryption currency transactions, by identifying the market upward and downward trend and set the alarm level back, after entering the callback and select the key level exit. Interestingly, Eric Choe said he would use this technology every week for the 2-5 time encryption currency trading. According to the statistical data of web transactions and portfolio display, Eric Choe usually bitcoin trading, currency, and EOS Ethernet Gerbaud Fang four encryption currency.

8, Xuan Haimmoer

Encryption currency trader Xuan Haimmoer from Vietnam, he is on the platform of Tradingview “the bright younger generation”, currently has more than 6000 fans, 571 coins, coins, Gerbaud EOS and other encryption currency analysis published in the last few weeks time. In addition, Xuan Haimmoer also has its own exclusive channel on Telegram. He said he woke up every morning the first thing is to look at the screen to observe the market, but also love about the changes in the market after their last analysis. It is worth mentioning that, Xuan Haimmoer and Philakone using the “Eliot wave theory” on the market, and to estimate the bitcoin prices in the short term will fall $2800-3000.

 2018 end point: 8 of the most powerful encryption Currency Traders

Crypto currency short-term traders than Wall Street bigwigs have more practical trading strategy

Compared to the traditional Wall Street chiefs, encryption currency traders are usually more likely to understand the encryption in the economy, or things that won’t happen. However, Wall Street has some hidden deep senior traders, who is in fact secretly layout encryption currency portfolio, but they have little voice in the market, such as the action of the investment management company president and founder John Bullinger (John Bollinger, Whaleclub, BTCVIX @ bbands) administrator (@BTCVIX), Willy Woo (@woonomic and in retirement) state encryption Currency Traders’ TF%$D! ‘(@CryptoHustle).

Here the 8 encrypted currency traders, but this year more outstanding performance, also attracted a lot of attention of the traders, because they predict it will reach $25 thousand Wall Street old guns were more realistic than those who shouted bitcoin at the end of this year, more by spectrum. These traders more down-to-earth, and focus on short-term trading in encrypted currency fluctuations. However, if you follow the investment strategy of the 8 personal encryption currency is not wise, because even the best experts will often make mistakes.

You also know what powerful encryption currency traders? Tell the star Jun (WeChat: o-daily), a share of your investment strategy.

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