2018 last month, bitcoin bull market may be awakened

By Fundstrat Nobles Reimer (Rob Sluymer) technical personnel to complete the analysis shows that the current bitcoin price chart (Bitcoin) and the end of 2014 and 2015 at the beginning of the completely consistent, the latter is the last downturn in the bear market. Si Ramo followed by MarketWatch Aaron hankin (Aaron Hankin) forwarded this analysis. For the uninitiated, at the end of 2014 and 2015 at the beginning of the year, bitcoin reached 4 digits at the end of 2013 suffered a sharp sell-off, this is the first time in the industry. The history of the notorious repute bear market, only because the world famous $440 million Mt.Gox attacks and subsequent effects and further deterioration. In the bear market, bitcoin (copycat and currency) devaluation of more than 90%, and bitcoin (BTC) has maintained a relatively strong momentum. However, the fact is in this period lasted more than a year, BTC fell 84%. Interestingly, although the 2018 bear market did not last so long, but New York bitcoin market research company Fundstrat Global Advisors Sremer (Sluymer) recently between the current and historical price level to draw a line.

More specifically, as shown in the following table, 2018 and 2014/2015 BTC decreased not only reached ~85%, as BTC in 2015 2 weeks before falling 43%, assets decreased by 45% from 11 11 to 25. Therefore, taking into account the 2015 bitcoin fell sharply before experiencing a massive recovery, some people believe that the short-term prospects for the overall bitcoin market is bright. As many people love to say, “the market will not repeat.”

Commenting on the recent 2015 years and bitcoin surrender, J Roy Merl wrote:

And as of 2018 rebound in stark contrast, there is a relative strength index (RSI) in since the beginning of 2015 bitcoin a bear market low since the lowest level, bitcoin after three times as major downturn in 2018, it shows very early evidence that bitcoin responded to the long-term upward trend.

It is unclear whether the encryption of money market will rebound, but certainly many long waiting for this round of price trend.

Although the analysis of Fundstrat sharp does have value, but many people do not believe that can accurately define boundaries, because bitcoin industry in the past year alone has matured to incalculable degree, especially in the past four years. In addition, some people claim that the worst of the encryption of assets has not yet come, many analysts pointed out that bitcoin’s low.

To block chain as the center of the identity ecosystem Civic chief executive Lin (Vinny Lingham) at the time of CNBC Fast Monday Money group delivered a speech. CNBC anchor Melissa Lee (Mellisa Lee) proposed a million dollar question, she asked gaham (Lingham) BTC, the next step may go. Lyneham is also the South African shark tank (Shark Tank) Company investors. The municipal Secretary calmly answered this question, he pointed out that bitcoin is likely to remain at between $3000 to $5000 fluctuation in a period of time. “.

Ringham explained that the $2000 range of transactions may continue for at least three to six months, in the short-term bearish bitcoin who appears to be a common time line. Another insiders Murad Mahmoud Dov (Murad Mahamudov) recently said that the BTC is in a long-term downward triangle, in other words, this is a bearish trend. Mahmoud graduated from the Princeton University (Princeton), and later became a smart password analyst. Mahamudov pointed out that if the BTC is still in the state to put, near the end of 2018, the assets could fall to $3000.

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