2019: NASDAQ confirmed the introduction of bitcoin futures

Nasdaq decided to bet on the good future of encryption. After months of speculation, the company finally confirmed the rumours that they were trying to get the bitcoin futures market to go public.

According to an article published in the English newspaper the Express, Joseph Christine Nat (Joseph Christinat), vice president of the NASDAQ media team, confirmed the news and stressed that Nasdaq was ready to start operating without CTFC approval.

“Bitcoin futures will be listed, expected to be launched in the first half of next year – we are just waiting for the approval of CFTC, but there are enough work to be put into it to make it academic.”

Christinat commented on why NASDAQ did not provide any statement in the previous occasion. For Christine Nat, no one formally contacted Nasdaq for more information, so the team was free to focus on creating the best possible products, without having to consider public relations activities. He took this opportunity to speak to the public and reminded everyone that there was always a chance to communicate directly with the team to clarify doubts and avoid unnecessary guesswork.

Nasdaq’s interest is not just hype. Christinat points out that Nasdaq has been operating for many years and has invested a lot of resources to develop this cipher – related service. Obviously, NASDAQ as an investor is completely bullish.

Five years ago, we entered the block chain game. When the technology first appeared, we just peed out of the window and shouted ‘Hey, come over’. We have invested a lot of money and energy to achieve this goal, and we have been studying it for a long time – it won’t affect the time before the market is in turmoil. Anyway, we all have to do it.

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Source: ethereumworldnews

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