2019 “new financial summit”

“2019 new digital financial leaders summit will be held in Peking University in March 23rd. The summit will be “financial digital innovation, the service of the real economy” as the theme, “digital” new financial “new financial services in the real economy” and “digital security” and other issues are discussed, and jointly promote the healthy development of the global digital new financial industry.

General secretary Xi Jinping in February 22nd, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau on the improvement of financial services, financial risk prevention at the thirteenth collective study also stressed that “financial services for the real economy, to meet the economic and social development and people’s needs, this meeting will uphold the spirit of innovation, promote the mode of digital financial services in the real economy under the background of new era the.

This meeting is sponsored by Peking University, Guanghua School of Management and Peking University strategic research, Beijing cloud Technology Co., total property under the brand name “BitAudit” and “BitBook” host. Activities there are 3 keynote speeches and 3 round Roundtable dialogue, invited government leaders, experts and scholars, capital finance, securities and other industries head digital chiefs, “this will be from a series of keywords digital + technology + financial entity economy” to explore, will showcase the full range of the latest developments, block chain financial investment and development trend.

The world’s first “digital certificate through accounting standards” will be released worldwide. It is reported that this is the study jointly formulated jointly established by the world’s top finance professors, experts and scholars and experts of the international industrial chain block and block chain finance association IBATA standard. The purpose of IBATA is to promote international academic research, the establishment of Taxation block chain block chain of digital economy and tax standards, provided to all block chain fiscal policy recommendations to improve the digital economy, tax laws and regulations, and promote the healthy development of the global health industry chain of digital blocks.

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