20th Generation Young People Become Korea’s Most Active Encrypted Currency Investors ChainB.com

nIn the runaway commentary: The cryptocurrency not only attracted older investors in Korea, but was also sought after by many young people. A local survey shows that more than one-fifth of 20 generations of young people have purchased cryptocurrencies and become Korea’s most active cryptocurrency investment group. This is mainly because young people are more willing to understand and support new things. At the same time, the survey also showed that South Korea’s 50th generation investors have the most capital investment in cryptocurrency.n
nTranslation: Inan
In December 2017, a South Korean organization conducted a questionnaire survey of 2,530 Koreans aged between 25 and 64. 22.7% of the 20th generation of young people said that they purchased cryptocurrencies. The 30th generation was the second largest cryptocurrency investor: 19.3% said they had made such investments.n
This result is not surprising. Young people around the world are more likely to invest in new industries than invest in stocks and bonds.n
According to the survey results, the 35-year-old will plan to invest more funds for decentralized investment prospects – buying bitcoins, ether coins, or participating in ICO.n
Analysts even said that people are more willing to invest in bitcoin than gold. Last year, RJO Futures employee Phillip Streible said, “Bitcoin stole a substantial market share from gold.”n
Cryptographic currency expert Garrick Hileman also expressed his views on this issue:n
n“The Millennials entered the labor market in the shadow of the 2008 financial crisis, and many people do not fully trust traditional financial services or their operating systems.”n
nThe most powerful and trusted cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, became the favorite digital currency for Koreans seeking investment opportunities that quickly brought high returns.n
Interestingly, although the proportion of cryptocurrency investors in the younger generation is greater, South Korea’s senior citizens have the most investment in this area. The survey results showed that the average cryptocurrency investment of the 20th generation of investors was approximately 2.9 million won, compared with 6.29 million won for 50 generations of investors.n
Last month, the South Korean government announced that it would seek cooperation with cryptocurrency industry participants instead of implementing strict regulations. This decision is expected to return the market to normal, and it also makes the local cryptocurrency sector excited.n
According to reports, Kim Haw-joon of Korea Blockchain Association stated:n
n“While the government and the cryptocurrency industry have not yet reached a comprehensive agreement, the regulator’s remarks indicate that the government hopes to cooperate. This is a positive signal for the market.”n

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