22 banks join the Swift cross-border zone chain test project

nnnTrafficking: Global financial information provider Swift has issued a statement, said its concept verification (PoC) project added more than 20 financial institutions as a certifier. Which includes a number of previously had to take a variety of block chain initiatives such as JP Morgan Chase, the Netherlands Bank. According to the Swift statement, the newly added banks are able to significantly expand the scope of the multilateral test of their block chain applications, thereby greatly enhancing the impact of research results.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nSwift up to several months of cross-border block chain test recently added more than 20 financial institutions to join, the test scale gradually expanded.n
nSwift, a global financial information provider, said in a press release yesterday that the number of companies in the proof-of-concept (PoC) project as a certifier has increased.n
nThese new bank lists include a variety of organizations that previously had a block-chain initiative in a collective or separate project. These include ABN Amro, Absa Bank, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Standard Chartered and Westpac.n
nAs CoinDesk reported earlier, the project was designed to assess how block-chain technology could improve the reconciliation process for international bank current account costs. Bank accounts are usually used by banks to store funds internationally to settle cross-border transactions.n

nWim Raymaekersn
nSwift Bank market leader Wim Raymaekers said in a statement:n
nn”The new group of banks has allowed us to greatly expand the scope of the multilateral test for block chain applications, which greatly broadens the impact of the research results, and we welcome the new banks to join and look forward to their insights.”n
nnAccording to the April report, Swift is using the fabric layer chain developed by the Hyperionger project, supported by the Linux Foundation, as a technical basis for concept verification.n

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