25-year-old bitter million millionaire travel around the world, into a bit of currency supporters

nnnThe 25-year-old entrepreneur, Jeremy Gardner, has accumulated a certain amount of assets through early investment in Bitcoin, which has now become one of the millionaire of encrypted money. At that time the Silk Road market curiosity trend he took out his life to buy Bitcoin, which created his current position. But this is not entirely due to luck, while investing in the same currency, he also founded his own start-up business – Aurur, to support the encrypted money market. And now, he calls himself “the enthusiastic supporter of Bitcoin.”n
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nWhen a person became a millionaire at the age of his twenties, he often thought he had inherited a large fortune. However, it is not the case for Jeremy Gardner, a 25-year-old entrepreneur from San Francisco. Nowadays, he has accumulated an asset by investing in Bitcoin, making it one of the money-rich millionaires.n
nHow did he do it?n
nJeremy Gardner said in an interview with Business Insider that it all started in 2013, when one of his friends took his bit in exchange for cash. He was driven by the curiosity surrounding the controversy surrounding the Silk Road market, where he bought the bitcoin.n
nShortly afterwards, Gardner realized the real potential of Bitcoin, so he took his life and bought his bit. And now he called himself “Bitcoin advocates”, almost all of the net worth of savings are bit currency.n
nGardner further explained:n
nn”I realized that as long as I was able to connect to the Internet, I would be able to exchange value with anyone in the world who could connect to the Internet … I no longer need to rely on intermediaries like banks or governments that are central to them. Under the bridge of the monster.n
nGood luck to expandn
nGardner did not sit idly by just looking at his investment growing. He began to play an active role in setting up a start-up and providing support for the encrypted money community.n
nHe founded the forecast market based on the etherflies block chain Augur. Moreover, his company raised $ 53 billion in financing.n
nAt the same time, he also founded a chain-chain education network in 2014. This network provides a platform for students from all over the world to explore the blockbank chain with others.n
nToday, Gardner’s net worth continues to grow rapidly. Even so, the volatility of the money market sometimes makes him panic:n
nn”When the market fluctuates quickly, it makes people feel very excited, but every time the market price rises rapidly, I have a hunch that it will soon come down … I have been in this market for a long time.”n

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