30 suspected Wanjiu financial network user data is linked to dark network, only 1 bitcoin

(Figure 2: dark / unfriend network)

When it comes to the dark net

I have to see a movie

Lift the 2 friends: Darknet

About the movie is a group of hackers in the network in the dark

With bitcoin Trading

All kinds of illegal activities

Play with the protagonists

Art originates from life

The coin ring you worth a visit


30 suspected Wanjiu financial network user data is linked to dark network, only 1 bitcoin

In the dark network hackers steal auto finance platform nine said backstage access financial network, can invade all servers. Hacker said user data on the platform of 300 thousand has been obtained, and sold in 1 bitcoin prices.

The packet is extremely detailed, contains 65 dimensions of data. In addition to the ID card, bank card, address and telephone and other basic information, including the user’s work unit, salary, model and guarantor mobile phone number.

Xiongan group using block chain management platform, issuing new builders wage guarantee fund

According to Chinese xiongan official website news, xiongan group will use the platform to block chain management, issuing new builders of the protection of wages.

Jingdong Q3 earnings: R & D investment 3 billion 450 million yuan, including the research block chain platform “Zhi Zhen chain”

Jingdong 11 month 19 evening issued the 2018 fiscal year three quarter earnings.

Jingdong of the quarter revenue 104 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 25.1%; net profit of 1 billion 200 million yuan, down 46%, Jingdong to achieve 10 consecutive quarterly profit.

Earnings report mentioned that this quarter’s R & D Jingdong invested 3 billion 450 million yuan, an increase of 96%. It is reported that the Jingdong focused on artificial intelligence and big data core technology research and development, and in the intelligent logistics, supply chain and customer service service intelligence.

Encryption currency market total market value fell below $170 billion

On the encryption currency market total market capitalization fell to $168 billion 175 million, the lowest level since last October 24th.

Stable currency trading volume increased by more than 2 times

In the last 24 hours, the total trading volume of the mainstream currency increased 200% stability. Some analysts said last week, bitcoin fell below the $6000 psychological support, may lead to many investors to sell their digital currency into stable currency hedge.

The German mining companies use green energy to dig BTC, a low cost to $2700

Headquartered in Germany, Northern Bitcoin’s use of green energy, bitcoin mining costs fell to $2700 per bitcoin.

Cooperation between the company and a data center, created one of the most energy-efficient European mining facilities, using cold water cooling system and bay gorge hydroelectric power to provide power for the machine. The average value of the lowest miners in countries including Chinese and Saudi Arabia, each bitcoin rate reached 3000 dollars. In Australia, each coin can cost more than $10000.

Coinbase Chief Compliance Officer: the 3 stage encryption industry mature experience

Coinbase chief compliance officer believes that encryption mature industry experienced 3 stages: namely, investment or speculation, the industry is in this stage, institutionalized stage and practical stage.

They pointed out that the systematic and practical stage may occur at the same time, but from the investment or speculation to need to become more practical, encryption flow, credible and easy access.

Nigeria’s presidential candidate: if elected, block chain and cryptocurrencies will encourage

Nigeria announced that the former vice president, in 2019 the people’s Democratic Party presidential candidate Atiku released Sunday campaign document, if elected in 2019, he will encourage Nigeria’s economic opening to block technology and encryption currency industry chain.

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