315 party exposure shady, block chain can do what?

Editor’s note: This article from the author: Qiu Xiangyu, Babbitt, the daily planet unauthorized release.

Once a year the 315 party rujierzhi, exposed a number of industry inside. Thought MLM currency, virtual currency platform and the blockchain stuff will be named, the results again disappointed.

315 this year, the main problem is: exposure of medical waste, dangerous black industry of hot strip, “makeup” soil egg, wicked intelligent telephone harassment and qualification certificate can so anchored, unsanitary hygiene products, customer service service routine Duomingxiu dark deception escape, electronic cigarettes do you health, bank card flash pay function deposit fraudulent risks, net loan shady.

Behind these people’s livelihood, the illegal manufacture and sale of counterfeit goods are still not effectively curbed, personal privacy information can easily reveal other pain points. Block chain there is no way to solve?

Block chain + medical waste disposal

We see in the exposure of medical waste, black chain case, Henan, Shandong, Shanxi and other places have dilapidated workshop filled with the infusion bottle, infusion bag, medical waste, medical waste and disposable syringes etc.. The factory owner in the absence of relevant qualification case with medical waste processing of drug residues into broken material, crushing material will directly be made of plastic bags, vegetables and downstream enterprises, washbasin, plastic bags, foam flooring, disposable cups and so on, and even recycled content of children’s toys reached seven or eight.

Great harm of medical waste, according to the national health and Family Planning Commission of Health Supervision Information Center Director Wang Hui said in 2018 the medical industry chain block technology forum “, health supervision departments of medical waste treatment case is about twenty thousand per year, accounted for the infectious disease prevention and supervision of cases the number of more than 70%.

Treatment of medical waste has many links (including department classification, packaging, storage, transport, hospital centralized storage and transport, outside the hospital terminal disposal), multi-party collaboration (involved include: nurses, nursing, hospital staff, temporary transport personnel, destroying personnel) characteristics, application scenarios are very suitable for block the role of the main chain.

According to Wang Hui said, health supervision department has designed the medical waste management system for multiple links and multiple roles “”. The bottom of this system using the DPoS+PBFT chain public consensus mechanism, strong fault tolerance, consensus stability. Medical waste treatment process key nodes upload data to save the data block chain, chain process to take the local real-time upload, and additional successor, upload time, upload (GPS or mobile station data) data, to ensure that the chain operation itself is authentic.

Wang Hui believes that the regulatory information from information on the primary chain, can be maximized to ensure the objectivity and authenticity of the information. The characteristics of chain supervision and make full use of the blockchain distributed not tampered with books, solves the information asymmetry between participation and trust issues, make supervision more basis, more targeted treatment.

Block chain + food safety

“Delicious, cool, a little sweet, a little spicy, and chewy.” When the students asked why love spicy bar gives this answer.

However, hidden behind a fragrant spicy taste, taste the secret really spicy stimulate eyes:

The food production workshop without any disinfection measures can enter the production line after extrusion of the ball surface splash, workshop floor, floor dust and oil machine exudation intertwined. The mixing barrel is also full of oil, next to a few meters away is the tank mixer. The pool wall is full of black stain, pool white bucket, bucket, bailer were covered with dirt, a drop of water from the tap is rusty interface is continuously seeping fall below the bucket.

As the host said: food is food and snacks of food safety, but absolutely no difference. To ensure food safety, in addition to the relevant departments to continue to overweight supervision, it is also very important reference to new technologies.

Block chain traceability is an important technical means to solve food safety in recent years, the application of the scale is also expanding, from the early IBM, and later the Jingdong, ant gold clothing, Zhongan science and technology, there are cases.

For example, Babbitt had reported the fresh food traceability system of Tsinghua University and Yonghui supermarket cooperation, starting from fresh breeding, processing, storage, distribution, receipt of links, to enhance food safety by using block chain technology. Xiaoshan technology step by step to chicken project traceability chain based on network block + solution, to ensure that each chicken from chicks to chicken, from farm to table into the process, all the data generated are true records, realize the traceability of each chicken. Block chain traceability ant gold suit, help the authentic honey out of the mountains.

However, when the capital Yuxin stamp chapter said, block chain traceability technology cannot prevent the production of fake and shoddy goods, and the chain of the authenticity of the data can not be identified, unless there is additional line linkage measures. The tracing technology of the most reasonable scene or the need to source, the development of the upstream industry chain. Contact more upstream, the greater the difficulty of fraud.

In the food chain general manager Fan Jingang believes that technology alone can not solve the fraud, the first to use anti-counterfeiting technology to reduce human intervention fidelity. Then the fakery information chain, to ensure that the chain chain block chain information consistency, traceability can be accurately transmitted to each link of the industry chain.

Usually, the object is the value chain of block high commodity, 50 fen for a pack of hot strip, whether it is worthwhile to block the chain?

Zhang Yuxin think this place is worth, food and human health is directly related to, of course of demand. The place is not worth is not spicy rice, can substitute for many small brands of hot strip factory does not have the extra money to buy the blockchain BaaS system source.

Block chain + data privacy protection

In a sales office, business personnel with a probe box on the mobile phone through a simple operation can be near to the store did not know of the mobile phone users can directly dial the telephone harassment.

There are more magical place, with such a device, can further access to a variety of user privacy data, including Gender, age, occupation, income, mobile phone equipment, Internet search keywords used what, what App, have children, education, etc..

The secret is: when the mobile phone users to open WiFi function, will send a signal for wireless LAN to probe around the box found after this signal will further access to the user’s MAC address, and then convert the mobile phone number. The mobile phone number, big data and system background, so as to get the user’s private information. These privacy information mainly from various APP software installed on the user’s mobile phone. Users are required to install APP, open access, mobile phone users IMEI, MAC address, mobile phone number and other information will be sent to the APP server, if the APP service will sell these data to other institutions, the user information leaked naturally.

In the face of criminals using high-tech means to collect personal data, Chinese Consumer Association lawyers lawyer Qiu Baochang said, in the digital economy, businesses can collect personal information in the user imperceptibly circumstances, and some do not handle these information anonymous is used for commercial purposes. The protection of personal information is particularly important, by means of updating and strengthen the protection for personal information.

Founder Gong Xinbao Huang Minqiang that can help block chain to achieve the protection of personal information privacy.

“In the center, the user data storage, exchange and calculation are in the center of the platform to solve, the platform can get user data to sell, data may result in the black market. The way to the center, can be based on the user authorization data, the data stored in the chain, by the user to decide whether to use the data to the party. But when the application data to authorize, in a trusted environment (such as the use of cryptography, MPC, or TEE homomorphic encryption scheme) which to use, exchange and calculation.”

Bobby to the translator and academic hi that through privacy encryption technology, information isolated, only their own view and grasp the key to decrypt the information. But the most important is to popularize the relevant knowledge of the user.

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