360 Financial set up the bottom of the blockchain technology laboratory quantum chain, BTN Foundation as the first strategic partner

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On January 7, 2018, the 360 ​​Financial Blockchain Research Center, the Qtum Quantum Chain and the New Bitcoin (BTN) Foundation jointly announced that they will conduct deep cooperation in the underlying technical area of ​​the blockchain and set up the Technology Base Lab for the Blockchain , To promote China’s blockchain technology research and development and scene landing.n
It is understood that 360 financial blockchain Research Center, Qtum Quantum Chain, BTN Foundation tripartite complementary advantages, will be in the bottom of the blockchain technology in all areas of in-depth cooperation and coordination, including: distributed ledger technology research and development, the new smart contract Virtual machines, areas of smart contract security and formal verification, new consensus mechanisms, blockchain software security, blockchain and Internet security, and distributed storage and distributed computing.n
Through this alliance, the three parties will work together to promote technology research and development, promote the deployment of related scenarios in Internet-related fields, promote the development of blockchain technology in China, and enhance our global voice and technical capabilities in the basic and underlying technologies of blockchain.n
360 Group Vice President, 360 Chairman Liu Wei said the quantum chain and the BTN Foundation as the first cooperation agencies on the 360 ​​Financial Block Research Center has an important strategic significance, 360 in the block chain ecological multi-dimensional, multi-level, The first step in multi-area strategic layout. The future will also bring together more blockchain experts and scholars, outstanding developers and technology geeks together to create 360 ​​blockchain ecology, with the help of blockchain and smart contract technology, to build a lower-cost and more efficient collaboration platform.n
n”Now blockchain technology is considered speculation and speculation, which is a misunderstanding, and its true value has not been fully tapped.” Liu Wei said the three cooperation will be based on the breakthrough of the underlying technology, new technologies, new ideas Promote the reform and healthy development of the internet industry, truly realize the value of technology creation and lead the industry and technology for the benefit of society.n
nThe BTN Foundation team is committed to building a decentralized application platform by adhering to the concepts of fair game, shared spirit, platform concept, open source ecology and distributed business. Zhang Yunfan, chief consultant of BTN Foundation and CEO of Crosswise Literature, said that more and more companies are trying to use blockchain technology to improve efficiency in areas such as finance, smart devices, healthcare, the Internet of Things, and home entertainment. In addition, the development of blockchain technology will also profoundly affect the changes in Internet operation concepts in various industries.n
Zhang Yunfan believes that all this means that Internet thinking into the blockchain thinking stage, the era of information and Internet into the value of the Internet era.n
Zhang Yu, secretary general of the BTN Foundation, said the foundation has been committed to the research and development of the next generation of smart contracts. 360 As a world-renowned security and search company, technical experts gathered, tens of millions of concurrency processing experience. The wisdom collision between technicians from both sides will speed up our smart contracts.n
Like the BTN Foundation, the Qtum quantum chain comes first. Previously, the company has conducted in-depth cooperation with a number of domestic and overseas institutions and accumulated profound R u0026 D experience in blockchain technology. The development of the quantum chain itself has also been globally recognized. As the first smart contract platform based on the proof of equity, its safety and scalability and business friendliness have gained a lot of recognition. There are now more than 50 projects from different fields set up on the quantum chain platform, with nearly 3 million community users worldwide and nearly 250 developers worldwide.n

Qtum quantum chain founder, CEO: handsome earlyn
Qtum quantum chain founder and CEO Shuai early said:n
nWe are very happy to collaborate with the 360 ​​Financial Blockchain Research Center and the BTN Foundation. This cooperation is of strategic importance to the long-term development of the quantum chain. It is a very important step toward Qtum’s quantum chain technology. “We hope to work with partners to further our cooperation in all areas of the underlying technology in the blockchain in the future and to promote some meaningful blockchain scenarios so that blockchain technology can truly enhance the efficiency of all walks of life in society. We hope this cooperation will attract more entrepreneurs in China to engage in the research and development of the underlying technology in the blockchain and enhance the research and development of blockchain technology in China, “said Shuai early.n

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