50% twitter respondents in favor of long-term investment bitcoin

Former U.S. congressman Ron Paul has asked in November 15 to Twitter users, if they have to keep this form for ten years, they are more willing to get $10000, most of them choose bitcoin (BTC).

Among the respondents, 50% of respondents said they want to get bitcoin $10000, second a large selection of assets is gold (37%), third U.S. 10 year bonds (11%), the last one is $. Only 2%.

Bitcoin prices recently has remained stable until the investigation began the day before the loss of 24 hours more than 10%. An analyst at consulting firm Fundstrat predicts that bitcoin will need a few weeks or even months to recover, “Bloomberg intelligence analysts said the coin price could reach $1500.

Texas’s former representative Paul has conducted a similar survey in December 5, 2017, the dollar is relatively similar: the same score, bitcoin is only a recent poll of more than 4%.

2017 years 12 month investigation bit currency price is about $11500, and will be in 2017 years 12 months 17 reached a record high of $20000.

Ran NeuNer is the founder of password investment and advisory services Onchain and chief executive officer of Capital, in the Twitter were similar but more on encryption money center survey. In his opinion polls, the answer may be the same problem is bitcoin, Ripple (XRP), bitcoin cash Satoshi vision and American Airlines mileage.

As of press time, the NeuNer poll still have three hours of time, the majority of respondents (52%) said they have been more willing to hold XRP. The most popular answer is bitcoin (39%), a third American Airlines mileage (7%), the most popular is the Bitcoin Cash Satoshi vision (2%).

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