57 Ukrainian officials announced that they hold more than 21,000 bitcoin

nRunaway Comment: According to the law, Ukrainian officials must declare their personal assets. Opendatabot, a service that monitors the registration data of Ukrainian companies and officials, found that 57 Ukrainian officials holding more than 21,000 bitcoin are the intangible assets of the past two years . There are other types of cryptocurrencies held by officials and the holders are highly concentrated, including the Deputy Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament. At present, the country is still discussing laws and regulations on cryptocurrencies, but its legal status has not yet been formally recognized.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Investigation of Ukrainian officials Asset Statement found that 57 officials announced that they held more than 21,000 bitcoin, most of them from the Odessa regional parliament and the country’s parliament. Another survey found that the largest cryptocurrencies held by Ukrainian officials in 2017 was bitcoin cash.n
57 Ukrainian officials announced that they hold more than 21,000 bitcoinn
According to a recent study by Opendatabot, 57 Ukrainian officials announced that they hold more than 21,000 bitcoin and are the intangible assets they have held over the past two years.n
Ukrainian officials must disclose the assets and reduce corruption through the official electronic filing process. Opendatabot is a service that monitors the registration data of Ukrainian companies and officials and the company found:n
n”The people who hold the largest number of bitcoin jobs are located in the Odessa regional parliament, followed by the Ukrainian parliament.”n
nRBC reports that “the study found that all officials held a total of 21,128 bitcoins,” emphasizing that this is only an estimate and does not include other cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies.n
Opendatabot found that the government official who announced the largest holdings of bitcoin in two years was Dmytro Ivanovych Holubov, the Ukrainian parliamentarian’s representative. In 2015, the number of holdings was 4,376.n
Anatoliy Ihorovych Urbansky, the seventh parliamentary speaker of the Odessa region, came in second with 4,256.3278 bitcoin, worth 111.1 million hryvnia ($ 3.8 million) in December 2016.n

Ukrainian officials in 2017 announced the holding of bitcoin cashn
Independent research by Bihus.info shows that Ukrainian officials currently hold cryptocurrencies of approximately 195.5 million hryvnia ($ 6.75 million) for the sole consideration of 2017 filings. Most officials invest in cryptocurrencies compared to other types of investments.n
Almost a third of the cryptocurrencies come from Dmitry Palpatin Viktovovich, vice-president of the city council of Odessa, holding 7,711 Bitcoin bitcoin cash on August 1, worth a total of 57.8 million hryvnia (about $ 2 million). The declaration information provided by Opendatabot is also displayed.n
Another heavily held currency in 2017 was Alexander Igorevich Urbansky, the deputy speaker of the Ukrainian parliament, with 5,328 bitcoin cash totaling over 40 million hryvnia.n
Meanwhile, Dmitry Ivanovych Golubov, the deputy speaker of the Ukrainian parliament, holds 4,376 bitcoin cash, worth a total of about 33 million hryvnia.n
In August 2017, news.Bitcoin.com reported that three legislators from the Ukrainian parliament hold 11,644 bitcoin, including vice-presidents Urbansky and Golubov and Dmitry Belotserkovets.n
Encrypted currency laws are not yet in placen
Currently Bank Negara National Bank (NBU) has not recognized Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Several encrypted currency regulatory bill has been submitted, but have not yet passed.n
The first two bills were submitted in October 2017 and the third bill Bill No. 7246 added the second. It may amend the Ukrainian tax code, such as trading in cryptocurrencies and derivatives for tax exemption. However, NBU said the documents are immature and are still discussing the legal status of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.n

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