5G network block chain data synchronization is what speed?

5G network block chain data synchronization is what speed?

According to Professor Rahim Tafazolli of the University of Surrey in England said that the new 5G network will reach the speed of 800Gbps (100 GB/s), which is equivalent to less than half a second in the time you can download 33 HD movies, they call this network for the Superman network.

Many bitcoin enthusiasts may ask, “what is the relationship between the chain and the block? Digital currency in the world will be affected by what?”

The simple answer, “yes,” on the one hand, the latest version of the 5G network will be faster than the existing 4G network up to tens of thousands of times, which means that the download speed will be greatly improved.

For bitcoin users, this is probably a stunt, Duang, block chain data synchronization!

In addition, it is estimated that in 2020, about 50 billion devices will be connected to the 5G network, and the integration of things, many people think that this will be the data communication technology revolution, the movie “terminator” in the computer network will become a reality.

The “hook” to the 5G network equipment will have three different bandwidth selection, in order to avoid the frequency of overload occurs, which for bitcoin users means that will allow more better wallet or other types of bitcoin applications.

Of course, we can also call the 5G network will be too strong to break “, communication will not lose information, which for bitcoin and blockchain lovers will be excellent.

When this happen in the next five years, people may think, “by 2040, the 6G network appears, what could happen?”

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