60 minutes $ 200 million: Filecoin broke ICO records

nnnFighting: Filecoin ICO is the largest amount of ICO ever involved, exceeding the $ 232 million record in the Tezos project in mid-July, but temporarily suspended ICO due to technical problems one hour after the start. All along, everyone on the IPFS enthusiasm, IPFS known to replace the current http protocol, is currently deployed in the ether tower demo.n
nnTranslation: Nicolen
nDespite the technical problems, the data storage network Filecoinde’s first cryptographic tokens (ICO) has raised nearly $ 200 million from eligible investors.n
nThe figure is also the same as last week’s $ 52 million token sold to investors in pre-sale, including Sequoia Capital, Anderson Horowitz and Union Square Venture Capital. However, as of the press release, the ICO has been suspended through CoinList, CoinList is a joint venture between the company’s investment platform AngelList and Filecoin Developer Protocol Lab.n
nThe sale was discontinued one hour after the start of the afternoon at 1 pm Pacific time.n
nThis is because the sales began to appear on the site soon, the social media post shows some users in the visit to the site encountered problems. The Filecoin page on the CoinList also shows a problem with tracking the total amount of tiker.n
nHas been reset several times in the first hour after the start, although it shows the rising price, but still adjusts to the baseline. (Filecoin’s ICO is using a sales model where the buyer’s lowest price will rise as more investors join).n
nIn addition, the sales have broken the record of investor interest.n
nThe Filecoin team announced that it had received $ 252 million in total investment only 30 minutes after the start, which also included the number of pre-sales.n
nAccording to the Filecoin website, investment finance has been confirmed to be $ 186 million. Plus the unacknowledged amount, the ICO is by far the largest amount of ICO, exceeding the $ 232 million record in the Tezos project in mid-July.n
nAccording to CoinDesk ICO Tracker data, up to now, ICO model has been invested about 1.7 billion US dollars, indicating that Filecoin this sales can push this figure to more than 2 billion US dollars.n

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