620 stores in Goto Mall, Korea’s largest underground mall, will accept Bitcoin payments

nRunaway commentary: Although the South Korean government has announced a total ban on ICO before, but there seems to be cryptocurrencies in the local significant trend of development. Goto Mall, which is known as the largest underground mall in Korea, is well positioned to offer Bitcoin payment services in the hope of better serving foreign consumers and local young consumers who are passionate about cryptocurrencies. HTS Coin, South Korea’s cryptocurrency exchange, will provide a support system for its partners.n
nTranslation: Inan
Goto Mall became a bitcoin resort?n
Goto mall, South Korea’s largest underground mall, recently announced it will begin accepting bitcoin. According to local media, shoppers are now able to pay for bitcoin at 620 stores in the mall, beginning in mid-December.n
Travel Website Travel Vui wrote:n
n”Goto Mall is the largest underground mall in Seoul, where a huge variety of items are sold, ranging from clothes and flowers to home decor, at surprisingly low prices.”n
nGoto Mall is also called “Jiangnan Coach Terminal Underground Mall” and is located in the subway station connecting Line 3, Line 7 and Line 9. According to media reports, “there are about 500,000 passengers a day, the largest underground shopping mall.”n
Due to the refurbishment of apartment blocks in the surrounding area to attract more consumers, it is expected that the traffic volume at shopping malls will increase significantly when the construction is completed.n
In addition, according to South Korea’s “Bridge Economy Newspaper” report:n
n”About 30 bus routes, including regular buses and airport buses,” also provide access to the area. The media also explained: “Next year’s Duty Free World Duty Free is expected to increase further as Jiangnan opens, and Goto Mall will become a bitcoin destination.”n
Work with HTS Coinn
Goto Mall has partnered with HTS Coin, a local cryptocurrency exchange, to accept Bitcoin payments. Opened last month, the exchange developed an intelligent payment system that uses cryptocurrencies and recently introduced a mobile app.n

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