7 years ago young people invest in today’s headlines and his fund encryption

 7 years ago young people invest in today's headlines and his fund encryption

“He was 24 years old from Silicon Valley to Beijing tourism, met Zhang Yiming, now made headlines investment 2000 times”.

If not the public, “chaos book” of anecdotes, few people know the founder of Huang Gongyu Paradigm encryption Monetary Fund (Matt Huang) was an early investor in today’s headlines.

After graduating from MIT in Silicon Valley venture company, was acquired by Twitter; just started doing personal angel investment, hit the headlines today; from Twitter Sequoia Capital to dig; turnover encryption Paradigm Monetary Fund founded Sequoia investment of Cosmos, the parent company of Tendermint, StarkWare and other famous projects.

Huang Gongyu’s experience as hanging open.

To join the currency and block encryption chain, Huang Gongyu said: once you devote enough time, you will find that in this area there are substantial enough at the forefront, a strong legal team is committed to solve interesting problems, I think this is a very promising investment space.

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The disciples.

 7 years ago, investment in today's headlines of young people and his fund encryption

Encryption of today’s headlines investment fund founder Shunshou

Not long ago, in today’s headlines 7th anniversary years, Zhang Yiming tells 5 stories, moving back over the past.

Among them, today’s headlines early financing story catches the eye of people.

The company was founded about half a year, a travel to Beijing American entrepreneurs, after friends to visit the company, talked a lot of product technology. He is very surprised, said this apartment is Silicon Valley with a team of technical standards, he can make an investment? He later became our investors.” Zhang Yiming said.

Public data shows, in 2012 March, today’s headlines won the capital of Zhou Zijing, the etheric angel investor Liu Jun as well as the source of capital Angel round of investment, in July of the same year and got the SIG Heiner Asian venture capital funds for millions of dollars A round of investment.

About the American investor, did not disclose official information, which had not been mentioned in the media of Zhang Yiming.

If a public number is not “arbitrary book” push “as he was 24 years old from Silicon Valley to Beijing tourism, met Zhang Yiming, now made headlines investment 2000 times” article, many people may not know, Zhang Yiming in the “travel to Beijing American entrepreneurs is the founder of Huang Gongyu encryption Monetary Fund Paradigm (Matt Huang).

Before founding Paradigm, Huang Gongyu in 2018 June, Sequoia Capital, “the Wall Street journal” reported that Huang Gongyu was leaving from Sequoia Capital encryption Monetary Fund news.

 7 years ago young people invest in today's headlines and his fund encryption

The new fund called Paradigm, founded by Huang Gongyu and encryption currency exchange Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam, a former Pantera employee encryption Monetary Fund Charles Noyes three joint.

In fact, from traditional venture capital institutions engaged in the home thing encryption monetary fund is not surprising.

Before Union Square Ventures analyst Joel Monegro, 2017 turnover founded a company called Placeholder fund. The encryption of 1confirmation Monetary Fund founder Nick Tomaino is also from the traditional venture capital fund.

Huang Gongyu three people jointly set up the monetary fund actually reasonable and appropriate encryption. Fred Ehrsam was born in exchange, Charles Noyes encryption from monetary fund, both have rich resources and industry background.

Although Huang Gongyu is in Sequoia such traditional venture capital fund, but in fact, Sequoia for encryption currency and block chain project has been full of interest, and an exchange currency dispute last year can illustrate this point.

In addition, Huang Gongyu during Sequoia also led a number of encryption monetary fund, blockchain startup investment, including Capital, Metastable, Filecoin Polychain and Orchid Labs.

Perhaps it is because of the founding team of excellent and good resources, the establishment of Paradigm caused the attention of the outside world to a certain extent.

The first is the news that Huang Gongyu left Sequoia is friendly and helpful, the support of Sequoia Capital and other aspects of Paradigm, after the news broke the Yale University will invest $400 million to the fund.

Since its establishment, Paradigm has invested in the parent company of Cosmos Tendermint, Israel blockchain privacy solutions provider Starkware, point to point forecast market and derivatives trading platform Veil, encrypted electronic currency brokerage services provider Tagomi, artificial intelligence program of investment fund Numerai and other companies and projects.

Cosmos is very hot recently, is the focus of encryption currency of the world. Starkware and Celer Network was previously known as “two aircraft carriers”, can put into these projects, but also reflects the Huang Gongyu Paradigm and the new fund resources and strength, and other investors in these projects can also see Sequoia and Pantera figure.

In the direction of investment, co-founder of Paradigm Noyes has revealed that the main investment fund, monetary and exchange, Qu Kuailian encryption and other early projects, and yellow Gongyu years Paradigm internal staff, friends Dan also said in the blog, Paradigm is keen to open source projects.

Dan also revealed that as early as 6 years ago, Huang Gongyu introduced him to the bitcoin.

 7 years ago young people invest in today's headlines and his fund encryption

A Silicon Valley entrepreneur hanging open career life

Although the network on the Gongyu yellow eye “headline” young people do not have much information, but it is not difficult to review a well groomed workplace experience.

Huang Gongyu’s occupation career is from entrepreneurial start, after graduating from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2010, Huang Gongyu founded an advertising business related company Hotspots, in 2012 the company was acquired by Twitter, the Yellow Gongyu entered Twitter in advertising analysis work.

2014 joined Sequoia Capital, a yellow Gongyu job hopping, the media reported that Chinese larch Twitter dug foundation.

From 2018, Sequoia Capital after the departure of Huang Gongyu and friends established encryption Monetary Fund Paradigm.

In fact, before joining Sequoia before Huang Gongyu began early personal angel investment, and today’s headlines during this period is mine.

In Linkedin, you can clearly see the Toutiao/Bytedance is listed in the Yellow Gongyu investment project column.

 7 years ago young people invest in today's headlines and his fund encryption

Of course there is luck on today’s headlines in the composition of investment, but more importantly, Huang Gongyu entrepreneurial experience and analysis in advertising Twittter data, what can let him see at a glance towards today’s headlines and to do.

Zhang Yiming previously had said in an interview, the company was founded half a year before the entire industry is not so optimistic, when looking for investment, investors often question in that direction, like a few years ago have been explored, on personalized recommendation, recommendation engine, they are not successful, that is why now made it?”

In many domestic investors are not optimistic about the time of today’s headlines, young Huang Gongyu is keenly aware of the potential of today’s headlines and quickly shot investment.

According to the estimation of the public number in the rummage book, Huang Gongyu of the investment return of today’s headlines about 2000 times, and in that year, he was 24 years old.

 7 years ago young people invest in today's headlines and his fund encryption

His father was hit by the two financial crisis

Huang Gongyu investment in talent may to some extent inherited his father Huang Qi Fu gene, although Huang Qi change radically in the financial industry, two auxiliary, defeat.

Who is Huang Qifu? If the name in the online search, usually associated with a book and a company – “financial economics foundation”, long term capital management (LTCM), respectively on behalf of him in the financial academia and industry influence.

Huang Qifu was born in Fujian, was born in 1955 in Taiwan Chinese. After reading the National Taiwan University Department of economics, Virginia Tech to read MBA.

At University of Virginia the following year, Huang Qifu became interested in the study of financial market, so the application to enter one of the birthplace of modern finance Stanford University, where he is on the financial theory of obsession, and completed in a lot of scholars it seems difficult to make the results of the financial theory subject, established his position in the academic circles.

In fact, Huang Qi model to study the financial auxiliary subject, many economists have long been concerned, but no one has made a breakthrough. Huang Qifu nettle and take it as his thesis, and in less than a year to make achievements.

In 1983, Huang Qifu Standford has a doctorate degree in finance, then entered MIT Sloan. In 1989 Massachusetts tenure in 1990, became a professor at the Sloan school at the age of 36, won the title of Professor lectures.

At the period, Huang Qifu wrote “financial economic foundation” a book, the book 1988 years after the official publication, quickly became the classical financial economics textbooks, widely used by the United States and Europe many famous business school, and was out of print, resulting in a large number of copy version.

In 1993, the academic limelight Masamori Huang Chi Fu left academia, Goldman was invited to visit the company, this is actually the Goldman want to leave the strategies used by the expert.

Although in the academic circles is not a long time, but Huang Qifu has an important position in the field of modern finance, even once considered one of the most Chinese scholars may have won the Nobel prize in economics.

But Huang Qifu did not join Goldman, but was invited to join the long term capital management (LTCM), after becoming a partner.

LTCM was founded in 1994, is mainly engaged in a fixed rate debt instruments arbitrage hedge fund. In second years with Huang Qi Fu company, the total amount of the fund has risen to $6 billion, becoming one of the world’s largest hedge fund. By the end of 1997, the total size of company financial derivatives is nearly trillion, more than China gdp.

However, in the 1998 year of financial crisis in LTCM, the dazzling star is quickly fall to the verge of bankruptcy. Huang Qifu and other partners chose to leave. He later founded Platinum Grove Asset Management Co, unfortunately, lost again in the 2008 financial tsunami.

On the two episode, the media has made such a title of “father of the fall of the financial model: a group of Wall Street financial genius two story of defeat”, for Huang Qifu, but right.

 7 years ago young people invest in today's headlines and his fund encryption

Huang Qi Fu one family, left right Sanhuang Chi Fu, Huang Gongyu

About Huang Qifu and Huang Gongyu the father and son, the relevant media reports rarely. But Huang Qifu and Huang Gongyu learned the value of mathematics, mathematics is a professional, many may be also influenced by her father.

An article on the MIT campus newspaper will have their names together.

In the Yellow Gongyu at MIT study last year, the Department of mathematics, MIT Huang Qifu couple donated a sum of money. On the donation, reported that Huang Qifu is considering the mathematics department here son studying significance and mathematics, of his life.

From the Silicon Valley to the Internet giants and entrepreneurs, top fund practitioners, to encrypt the monetary fund founder, Huang Gongyu’s career is like hanging open.

For the current in the encryption currency and block chain industry, Huang Gongyu very optimistic.

In a media interview said: once you devote enough time, you will find that in this area there are substantial enough at the forefront, a strong legal team is committed to solve interesting problems, I think this is a very promising investment space.

The family background, 24 year old investment headlines today young people in encrypted currency and block chain will have what kind of work, perhaps it is worth looking forward to.

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