8 point, 1 krypton micro credit network landing the NYSE; 58 city net profit increased by 105.6% year-on-year; bitcoin prices fell below $6000 mark

Big companies

Micro credit network successfully landed on the NYSE market capitalization of over $700 million

Local time on November 15th morning, the domestic financial micro credit network technology companies in the United States listed on the New York stock exchange, stock symbol “WEI”, the opening price of $10.5 per share, compared with the issue price of $10 per share rose 5%. This calculation, micro credit network market capitalization of over $700 million. (Tencent Technology)

Ali anti dilution rights of additional investment, ensure that the baby tree before and after listing shareholding agreement

36 krypton, baby tree was a strategic shareholder Alibaba has completed additional investment. Alibaba has passed internal procedures for the implementation of anti dilution rights, issue size of orders about green shoes before 9.9%, the subscription amount of approximately 21 million 600 thousand to 28 million U.S. dollars, holding nearly 10% in the proportion of the global sale of baby tree.

Millet is with Mito company mobile phone related business negotiations

36 krypton was informed that the mobile phone industry and investment in small range spread that the millet in negotiation Mito mobile phone business assets. Learned from the important source, this is not involved in mergers and acquisitions, the two sides really are to communicate, is likely to be the strategic cooperation with the relevant. By the time the two sides are still in communication.

58 city Q3 net profit year-on-year growth of 105.6%, before rising more than 4%

36 krypton hearing, as Beijing 58 city before 20:13, at $63.5, up 4.87%. Previously, 58 city released third quarter report, net profit of $105 million 600 thousand, an increase of 105.6%.

NetEase Q3 revenue is higher than expected, before the plate rose 5.59%

36 krypton hearing, as Beijing 20, the NetEase before at $232, rose 5.59%. Previously, the NetEase released Q3 earnings, revenue of 24.5 billion dollars, an increase of 35.1%, slightly higher than the expected $24 analyst.

Vip.com three quarter revenue higher than the market forecast, pre rose 5.42%

36 krypton hearing, as the Beijing time 19:23, vip.com pre reported $5.64, up 5.42%. Previously, vip.com announced three quarter results, net revenues of $2 billion 600 million, slightly higher than the $2 billion 520 million market forecast.

This week fourth apple suppliers AMS revenue is expected to cut

IPhone light sensor supplier AMS expected fourth quarter revenue from $570 million -6.10 billion, -5.20 billion to $480 million. The company said, down performance expectations mainly because of “orders from a consumer field of large customers in the recent decline”. This week Apple mobile phone screen suppliers display, face recognition chip supplier Lumentum and infrared chip maker Qorvo lowered outlook. (the card network)

Tencent health system on-line “account time sharing” new features open face recognition two test

Internet health for better protection of minors, taking Beijing area as the starting point, the Tencent will be in the “king of glory” enabled “account time sharing” of the new function; at the same time, the “king of glory” as a pilot, two sampling test verification of face recognition in Beijing yesterday from the start. The so-called “long account sharing”, refers to a minor number of up to two in the “king of glory”, a WeChat, a QQ. At the same time, regardless of whether TA is WeChat or QQ landing “king of glory”, or two accounts are used, the total length of the game up to no more than 2 hours, under the age of 12 up to more than 1 hours. New features will be the first from the Beijing area came into force, then gradually extended to the whole territory of China.

Ford plans to launch in 2021 self driving car carpool service

Ford is working with the Miami City, the automatic driving vehicle road test. Ford hopes to deliver the advantage in business carpooling and using this new technology, Ford plans to launch a self driving car in 2021. Ford auto company CEO Sherif Marakby said: “although the car is very expensive, but a beginning we will put it into use, so the transportation cost per mile for individuals or businesses will be lower, is profitable for us.” (Reuters)

Verma Q3 for the fiscal year 2019 revenue of $124 billion 900 million

WAL-MART 2019 fiscal year third quarter revenue of $124 billion 900 million, $123 billion 179 million for the same period last year. The United States in the third quarter same store sales (excluding energy sales) growth of 3.4%, the market is expected to grow by 2.9%. The third quarter adjusted EPS of $1.08, the market is expected to $1.01. (Wall Street knowledge)

The U.S. group 2018 daily orders over 2000 million, the market share increased to 59.1%

The United States Mission China United Federation of logistics and purchasing, roggo Research Institute, jointly issued the “2018 Chinese instant distribution industry development report” in Beijing. The general manager of U.S. Distribution Division Wei Wei said at the meeting, the U.S. group market share increased from 31.7% in 2015 to 59.1% as of March 31, 2018, more than 500 thousand riders who run around in the high streets and back lanes every day, the average daily volume of orders exceeded 21 million. (NetEase Technology)

Tesla users report: Model 3 in cold weather to open the door

According to foreign media reports, in the next few months, most of the Tesla Model 3 will experience the first cold winter it. In the past few days, some users reflect, because the weather is cold, Model 3 door handles, window and charging port problems, door open problems. At present, Tesla claimed that it was investigating the problem. (Tencent Technology)

BGI and Wang Deming again to enter the court debate session tomorrow

We have learned from Wang Deming and BGI, BGI sued Wang Deming’s case will come again in Nanjing city Jianye District People’s Court on June 16 11. In the past year, Wang Deming has repeatedly real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing BGI involved in commercial real estate, for noninvasive prenatal DNA testing of killing tens of thousands of fetus etc.. (Beijing)

Investment and financing

FIT2CLOUD flying cloud B round of financing to complete the full stack cloud management platform 2 officially released

Cloud management platform and service provider FIT2CLOUD (flying cloud) has announced the completion of the B round of financing, this round of financing from the venture capital fund Chinese red (red dot Chinese) led, GF dry and with the vote. At the same time, FIT2CLOUD FIT2CLOUD CMP (Cloud Management core products Platform, cloud management platform) officially released version FIT2CLOUD full stack milepost 2 cloud management platform. This round of financing will be used to accelerate FIT2CLOUD CMP product development process, improve and expand sales and service delivery system, effectively enhance the industry and regional market penetration.

The beautiful realm of capital of 240 million euros acquisition of the German company Cordenka

The beautiful realm of European capital acquisitions Fund (1) today announced the completion of the first single transaction, with 240 million euros for the price of the acquisition of German Cordenka company 100% stake. In February 2018, the beautiful realm of capital European buyout Fund (a) during a visit to the British Prime Minister Teresa May Chinese, inaugurated the close cooperation between China and Britain as the financial sector is one of the projects is established, focusing on cross-border mergers and acquisitions in mature European markets private equity investment fund. (investment)

new product

Thunder X officially released, 4K display support

36 krypton today news, thunder X official version of the line, the thunder’s official website, X official version of the latest version of “”, the installation package size 85.11MB, the installation process without advertising, rarely check, 4K display support.

Samsung Galaxy S10 broke the news constantly or using its own 5G Modem

From Samsung’s annual flagship Galaxy S10 official release is less than three months, recently, broke the great God Roland Quandt, named SM-G970F, SM-G975F and SM-G973F three Samsung Galaxy S10 is being tested. Three Galaxy S10 respectively as the standard version of the S10, the big screen version of the S10 Plus and S10 cheap version of Lite, in addition, there is news that Samsung will be in March next year, one month after the release of Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 released a special version of separate 5G network support. It is reported that the 5G version of Galaxy S10 will be equipped with Samsung’s own Exyos 5100 Modem, instead of using Qualcomm snapdragon X50 Modem. (TechWeb)

Other important news

A listed company shall not through equity financing investment for-profit companies involved in kindergarten, kindergarten business

Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on deepening the reform of preschool education standard development released today, a listed company shall not require financing through stock market investment profit in kindergarten. According to incomplete statistics, semi annual report of listed companies, the shares of its Vtron brand management and services close to 5200 kindergartens; preschool and kindergarten xiuqiang direct management of nearly 100, 7 month Qunxing toys announcement, to participate in the establishment of Qunxing rainbow snail kindergarten fund mergers and acquisitions, for the acquisition of 40-50 directly Ying kindergarten. (Securities Times)

“Run away” net loan executives information into the central bank credit system

Learned from the people’s Bank of China, the second batch of network lending platform borrower malicious evasion has been incorporated into the system of bank credit debt information, overdue amount of nearly 70 million yuan. This included the credit system in addition to malicious taofeizhai borrower information, including risk net loan loss associated “run away” executives list information. (Xinhua News Agency)

Bitcoin prices fell below $6000 a 2018 record mark

The United States Wednesday, bitcoin prices plummeted, below the important mark of 6000 dollars, a record low in 2018. A bitcoin price is $5466.59, compared to 5 p.m. on Tuesday fell 13.6% days, the lowest reach $5405.97. According to coinMarketcapp data, bitcoin fell to bitcoin market value evaporated 150 billion dollars, while the massive sell-off reduces 300 billion dollars the total market value of all encrypted currency. In Wednesday’s trading, in addition to other encryption currency bitcoin outside also suffered serious losses.

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