8 steps, 3 points, block chain game card design words dry cargo

Editor’s note: This article from the dapdap block chain (ID:dapdapio), author: Chu Ming, the daily planet unauthorized release.

This article from Chu Ming, he was a serial entrepreneur and record. He founded Shanghai’s first chamber, chamber in a few years of business experience, he had personally designed several explosion chamber games, for example we can see now the “dead” and “red book”, are from his hand.

Zhu Ming is now working in the Department of physics PhD, senior to the center of the exchange Cybex. He is on the block chain and to the center of technology has its own understanding, the game also has a wide range of research and.

This paper involves a wide range of interpretation, from the most basic passes into a general concept, game design rules, and then to the “NeoWorld” games such as case analysis, integration of the he had as a game designer and game player double perspective.

This is the article of a dry cargo system, in the framework of similar style on prohibited, he summed up the 8 steps, the design of the Token passes the output and consumption of 3 points, nearly long, copious and fluent words, is also worth patience to read.

The following is the article directory:

01 what is the pass card

1-1 what is the evidence?

1-2 passes since ancient times, through the card is not equal to the blockchain tokens

1-3 block chain technology gives the value and use of new passes

1-4 block chain passes to change the existing world?

The difference between the 02 block chain game and traditional game?

Type 2-1 block chain game

2-2 block chain game and traditional games are different

7 step 03 passes the

The first step to determine the project’s objectives and value

The second step to determine the main role of the system

The third step incentive behavior and quantitative indicators

The fourth step vulnerability analysis and punishment

The fifth step according to the vulnerability analysis, modified quantitative index

The sixth step through the issuance and distribution of three card initialization

Passes the output and consumption of the seventh step in the project design

The eighth step currency price / market stability

04 game industry chain block passes design template

The selected G1 index as the pass card incentive

G2 vulnerability analysis and Prevention

G3 Token issue

To control the output and consumption of G4 in the game.

G5 currency price stability and appreciation

05 game card case

5-1 rights battle

5-2 Neoworld

5-3 bit Empire

01 what is the evidence?

1-1 what is the evidence?

“Pass card” is a valuable evidence of circulation. Passes the word, from the block chain, but are not limited to the block chain.

In the beginning, the blockchain token is translated into tokens. Yuan Road and Meng Yan think that this translation is not accurate, so the translation from token to pass card. Further thought and research found that passes just another translation tokens, but has more abundant connotation and value. In the continuous efforts and the promotion of Yuan Road and Meng Yan, passes a word widely accepted blockchain.

1-2 passes since ancient times, through the card is not equal to the blockchain tokens

In fact, passes since ancient times, in the earliest times, people are using the direct exchange of things and objects, then use rare shells as the value carrier, is the earliest human currency. This is a shell passes the earliest.

In human history, the emergence of a variety of passes, the most typical ancient the deed, the deed, drafts, silver, gold and so on. Which passes in today’s society even more, such as stocks, bonds, real estate license, the currency of the country, a variety of points, within the game gold etc..

So, just passes the blockchain tokens, is contains a variety of valuable credence.

1-3 block chain technology gives the value and use of new passes

Since passes since ancient times, so why economy passes only in this two years, in the industry chain to block greatly admired? That is because the blockchain technology gives a pass card value and use of new economy.

I first give an example. Xiao Ming has decided to start the day, although Xiao Ming is good at doing product, also have a certain understanding of the chain block. But no team ah, a team how to be successful. At this time the friend Xiao Ming gave a suggestion, let him read the MBA, not only can deepen the understanding of business, and can find the ability to partner. He thought it was a good idea, but the problem, the cost is too high, can not afford.

Silaixiangqu, Xiao Ming decided to issue a pass card, to their credit endorsement, through the issuance of certificates of 50 AAA, each 10 thousand yuan. The pass card has what value? No matter what the future is Xiaoming, each AAA will get money 1% xiaoming.

Because Bob does not set up a company, no team, not through the traditional way of angel round of financing. But the issue passes through the blockchain, smooth into 500 thousand start-up capital. So, Xiao Ming embarked on a venture to upgrade Daguai road. 6 years later, Xiao Ming’s success of the enterprise market value of shares held by the 1 billion author.

A case of the above, before the unthinkable. But through the block chain technology, the future may be very easy to implement, it is because the new technology can block chain fu.

  • 1) block chain to reduce the cost of credit

No block chain before, to achieve the sale of 50 AAA, is fraught with difficulties. Because people will have a series of problems of trust. Buyers will worry not reliable? Whether the future will be a smooth performance? If the contract is signed, the contract will have a legal loophole? If foreigners buy, the Chinese law does not understand?

However, if the contract for the sale of write block chain, then it will be tampered with, everyone can not deny xiaoming. The use of intelligent contract blockchain, can be achieved even when the company is listed in the Ming, account assets is automatically transferred to AAA with the. And because the agreement is written in block chain, once the Xiao Ming default, evil costs are particularly high.

So, using the block chain technology can greatly reduce the cost of trust certificate.

  • 2) block chain brings high liquidity

The certificate issued blockchain technology, with high liquidity. Not only can facilitate the exchange between individuals, can rapid circulation. In the case of the AAA holder does not need to wait 6 years after the listing of the company cash again, ready to cash. If a year after Ming company successfully A round of financing, AAA holders can sell to many times the price.

The traditional industry, this interest passes to sell, exchange rate is extremely slow and low in efficiency. But passes the blockchain, fast, convenient and secure trading.

  • 3) the fast low cost issue

Block chain pass certificate issued is very convenient, the cost is very low. Now there is little knowledge of the code can be quickly issued ERC-21 standard token. With the block chain technology, will become more convenient. I believe that in the near future, ordinary people do not have the code base can be filled with some parameters, which can issue a pass card.

1-4 block chain passes to change the existing world?

Then, through card block chain technology armed, what effect? I think that the block chain passes will be block chain technology to reform the existing society second artifact. With the block chain technology matures, it will change the world in many aspects.

  • 1) sharing economy everywhere

The traditional industries, have shared the bicycle, sharing charging treasure, sharing office and other projects. Shared economic significance is to maximize the value of the object, improve the use efficiency. The block chain passes, can make the shared economic omnipresent.

For example, property ownership can be issued through the card, can buy a house together, many people need to live, you only need a very small proportion of investment, investment threshold is greatly reduced, all they need. Ownership transfer, convenient transaction. Use of property rights can also be issued through the card, you can purchase the right to use 5 years, or a few days. Through use of the blockchain, than the existing housing more convenient, fast and safe.

Block chain passes will make the economy more efficient and convenient sharing. It will make the sharing economy everywhere.

  • 2) better tools of human cooperation

Professor Zeng Ming in the 2018 global smart logistics Summit on the new concept of “synergy”, this is the next twenty years, the most important benchmark of competitive intelligence business era. What is cooperative? Is interactive, is connected, is communication and cooperation.

Synergistic effect of how much? For example: I can understand the Ming Jiajing, the southeast coast was Japanese invasion, the army retreat. After Qi Jiguang took office in Yiwu, recruiting three thousand, set up the Qi army, created the Yuanyang array. With 11 units, each holding different weapons and equipment. The length of both offensive and defensive. From the Qi army victorious, repeatedly outnumbered and adversity comeback. This 11 people are together, cooperative combat force Yuanyang array, far more than 11 people and.

In order to achieve synergy, the most basic point, is also the most difficult to reach a consensus and build trust. For example, if you are invited to do business together, so that in both problems before joining is considered, business can not be made, no reliable partner. The block chain can easily solve the problem. The block chain passes, not only provides a trust and consensus, but also an effective economic incentive tools.

In fact, the operation of the company needs a large number of external cooperative enterprises, cooperative work also need a large number of people inside. Block chain passes, can effectively mobilize the necessary resources and manpower, toward the common goal.

  • 3) everyone’s certification

In the pass card era, potential future can issue passes, for example for me in the above case. Individual time can issue passes, such as runaway Prince Gong’s monthly dinner, issued passes, have the intention to buy. Personal data can be issued through the card, sold to data analysis firms.

Passes since ancient times, and the block chain technology gives a high pass certificate trust, high liquidity, low cost of issuing. Block chain passes will become a tool to subvert the existing world.

02 block chain games and the traditional game what is the difference?

Type 2-1 block chain game

Block chain game is not a new game, but the application of the technology of the game chain block. Block chain game now is mainly divided into two types.

  • 1) the whole chain game

The game runs in the chain chain block male above, most of the important operation of users, especially related to the operation of funds and data exchange are recorded in the block chain chain association. But the rules of the game written in block chain, open and transparent. However, due to the performance of current block chain public chain is not perfect, so the whole chain game is relatively simple, most of the gaming.

  • 2) pass card game

The card game uses a block chain passes as the game tokens. With the rest of the traditional game is basically the same, games are running in the center server. But when it comes to recharge and extraction of Token, will operate in the block chain.

2-2 different block chain game and traditional game

The block chain passes in the gaming industry, will bring the following points

  • 1) passes can facilitate free trade, bring the double attractive entertainment + money

Game player game tokens can be convenient to extract digital exchange transactions, cash into money. So the use of block chain game card has the function of money. So the blockchain game is entertainment + double money attraction, it will attract a large number of low-cost game player.

  • 2) token issue rules cannot be modified

Block chain with transparent characteristics can not be tampered with. Passes so block chain technology issued (coins) from the first day, all the rules are already in place, most of the project is the total amount of constant. And the issue of the future use of tokens will be incorporated into the white paper. Unlike traditional games, game currency can be issued. So in the chain block game, good design rules become more and more important tokens

  • 3) special props can cross game use

Will the game special props issue passes, block chain to ensure the uniqueness, uniqueness, but also to ensure that the game is no longer issuing. It can be used in different game between. Not only the use of the scene is greatly increased, will also encourage people to invest.

  • 4) open and transparent environment

For the blockchain project, usually requires a certain degree of transparency, and the need for supervision by the community. For example, passes reward rules, through some data card contract address, within the game and so on.

7 steps 03 card design

The first step to determine the project’s objectives and value

Determine project objectives, and value to users. Only the actual value creating meaningful project.

The main role of step 2 Determination System

Users, investors, developers and community members

Step 3 incentive behavior and quantitative indicators

The user is to get through the card rewards according to an index in the system. So the main incentive system behavior must be quantifiable, can use the program to automatically count. If the main incentive behavior project can not be quantified, then it will cause the center of the black box operation. If only artificial statistics, when user growth, human input will be exponential growth, which will seriously restrict the project development

The fourth step vulnerability analysis and punishment

Because of the economic incentive, wool party and cheating will become widespread. To pull out the wool and cheating with acceptable becomes particularly important. Quantitative indicators of whether the vulnerability is a very important problem.

Some common methods such as: 1) 2) mobile phone real name authentication login verification code 3) verification code login 4) system behavior decision 5) important props random rewards, 6) game player each game etc.. But the specific measures according to the specific circumstances.

Step 5 according to the vulnerability analysis, modified quantitative index

The sixth step through the issuance and distribution of three card initialization

Through the issuance of letter by intelligent Ethernet square contract issued by erc-20 universal tokens issued by erc-721, special items, non homogeneous tokens, inseparable and the one and only. Issued by the blockchain tokens can not be tampered with, the distribution proportion of project need to write to the white paper.

Three distribution theory refers to the income distribution under the condition of market economy, including the distribution of three: the first is to assign by the market in accordance with the principle of efficiency; second times by the government in accordance with the principle of equity and efficiency, focusing on the principle of fairness, through taxation, social security expenditure of the charge of a redistribution; the third is to promote the moral strength, distribution and through individual voluntary donation

Passes the output and consumption of the seventh step in the project design

For the Token production and consumption, is extremely important for a pass card system problem. There are 5 main purposes

1) enough money effect to encourage users to make money effect can be all users, can also be part of the user

2) ensure that each stage has the effect of making money, but also to ensure the early users of dividend

3) to prevent excessive output lead to a sustained decline in currency price

4) to prevent a vicious oligarchs (to avoid in the design of the project itself in)

5) to prevent the project life cycle is too short, such as Token (end soon mining can avoid in the design of the project itself in)

In the seventh step, we mainly consider the following three questions:

1. control output / consumption ratio

2. initial output tokens

3. user mining output part, set aside a portion of tokens for regulating the irregular

Among them, the project itself and reduce the consumption of Token circulation is a very important part of all passes in the design, the main measures for:

The reasonable distribution was user

The use and consumption. This is one of the most important consumption, users are willing to pay token to perform an action, means that the project itself creates value, this value has been recognized by the user. For example, game currency, content platform pay etc.

Use: the use of scene scene, as the role of Token as the currency of payment. So use the scene more, the demand for money is bigger.

External input value. For example, other projects, traffic advertising etc..

Lock: lock mechanism can reduce the circulation of Token, such as the currency lock point like, EOS super node suocang voting

Dividend mechanism: with dividends mechanism Token will let users enjoy suocang, long-term dividends

Destroy / recovery project by income, recovery of Token, were destroyed

Extension mechanism: extension mechanism, users receive Token will extend the time to push back the time is.

The honor system: in addition to the pursuit of economies, and the pursuit of honor. For the pursuit of honor for people willing to spend money to reach the target.

The eighth step currency price / market stability

Although digital currency fluctuations generally goes up and down. But for passes the economic system, if the currency price fell, enthusiasm would be a serious blow to the user, then passes the incentive effect will be greatly reduced, will lead to make money for the purpose of departure of the users, ecological variation. So keep the currency price stability, at least not crash, is a very important part of the economic card.

Overall, stable currency price, need to control Token in the external circulation, make the development of circulation and project synchronization.

  • 1) control the financing channels

Before the ICO project will generally have a certain proportion of tokens for financing, and the period after the end of the lock, there will be a large number of selling disc. But in the bear market tend to be very serious. And now the project can change the way of financing, for example) 1 equity financing, rather than 2) to the user token financing financing, such as the sale of game currency etc..

  • 2) Token in the control of ecological output rate, this part and the seventh step is the same content.

  • 3) control and promotion of ecological construction Token supply

  • 4) become the fund stability

  • 5) active community construction

Through the design of 04 card game industry

The gaming industry is a very mature industry, there is a complete system. But most of the game has game currency or integral, so the game industry chain passes and block is a natural adaptation. According to the third part passes the design process, the application in the gaming industry, to examine each step. In particular, we discuss here the content is not included with the game hat Ponzi scheme or fund disc.

Have the ultimate objective and explicit user first each game, so the first step in the design of the pass card and the second step in the design of the game through the card can not be considered. So the game industry passes design steps and focus on

G1: select index as the pass card incentive

Each game will have design data such as comprehensive strength, game player, game player contribution value

G2: vulnerability analysis and Prevention

Vulnerability analysis is a very important part of the game, also passes after the game with the traditional on different underlying logic. Due to financial incentives, so the wool party will be more than the traditional game, they will find any grasp of vulnerabilities. The wool party controlled in a safe range is very important.

G3:Token issue

Token is the largest proportion in the application of game in the game as a reward for the issue. Token issued according to the actual situation can be divided into several,

  • 1) single pass card design

The release of the game project AAA token 8 steps, 3 points, block chain game card design words dry cargo

  • 2) double pass card mode

Double pass card mode is the issuance of two Token, a stable currency, keep the conversion ratio of 1:1 and USD. The project is a token.

A stable currency BBB

Stable currency for payment and settlement within the game. With the traditional game in game currency the same function, but need to use intelligent contract block chain to be issued in exchange circulation.

B project CCC token

CCC is a project of the tokens, for users in the game recharge withdrawals entrance, project financing, marketing, team incentives. Design is the same as AAA, the free circulation of the market, can be traded on the exchange. It has the following functions

The 1. game player in the game BBB tokens can be converted into CCC, to exchange traded

The 2. game player in the game to recharge, buy CCC, and then converted into BBB used in the game

BBB income every month Party publicity project 3. (game player + game props mall prepaid fee), and come up with a certain proportion in the exchange repo CCC token

4.CCC token game player can lock, a certain proportion of the project monthly income for the BBB lock CCC bonus

5. lock CCC CCC value is used to generate tokens, the game in the vote value

  • 3) special passes

For the rare items, such as artifact, mounts, passes can issue special markings. Ensure the special items of rare and constant quantity.

To control the output and consumption of G4 in the game.

In the game, there have been a variety of consumption, consumption does not need to change. But the output passes a loop through the key control card. The output pool is divided into two parts: one is the fixed output pool two is not regular activity pool.

We define A as mining coefficient: A = a week Kuangchi yield / a week before consumption

The coefficient of A is set between 0.75~5. In the early stages of the game, with bonuses to attract new users, so mining coefficient can be higher, due to the number, so the total yield is not high. By the mid mining coefficient can be < 1, that is to say in the game than to spend money to play the game purely to make money, to redistribute the game within the game player.

In general, the design of fixed output ore pool, using regular activities to adjust the coefficient of mining ore pool.

G5 currency price stability and appreciation

To maintain a stable currency price, need to always pay attention to team game currency price, at the beginning of the design, need to pay enough attention to this link.

Set aside part of the funds to maintain currency price stability.

The reasonable distribution was user

Lock: lock mechanism and delay recovery can reduce the circulation of Token, users receive Token will extend the time to push back the time is.

Dividend mechanism: with dividends mechanism Token will let users enjoy suocang, long-term dividends

Destroy / recovery project by income, such as games in various fees, recovery of Token, were destroyed

The honor system: in addition to the pursuit of economies, and the pursuit of honor. For the pursuit of honor for people willing to spend money to reach the target. The honor system is a very important game in the ring, the same, the three distribution in the pass card system can be Token using the honor system.

Traffic: some association in order to popularity, will be invested. And they may have other liquidity channels, which does not concern itself with money in this game.

Community Construction: establishing community, to establish a broad consensus with the members of the community

05 through 3 examples of game card

5-1 rights battle

The rights of war is a war strategy Mobile Games, using RTS+TCG + defense mode. Game player take cities and seize territory over Atlantis, the game contains heroic growth, growth, and card equipment configuration and other aspects of the elements.

The original game currency in the game is the game player can play sapphire in the game, can also get direct recharge. Sapphire can buy resources, pack, gem and card.

  • G1: select index as the pass card incentive

On the right of the war, have a series of game player ratings.

“Score” can be used as the main index card through incentives, because it reflects the comprehensive strength of game player.

The “achievement” of “flowers” “hero monument” of the three indexes can be used as auxiliary indexes.

  • G2: vulnerability analysis

The conventional wool party means such as A account name authentication B mobile phone verification code login C:ip address

Cash charge a fee

Prevent feed is a trumpet tuba, a close game player resource channel, on the other hand is small to determine if a 7 day above the development, only collect resources, determine the abnormal account.

To prevent the high grade all high level game player “score” has been very high. So it is necessary to set the game player every day reached a certain activity, we can get Token reward

To prevent the operations of vulnerabilities, due to operational activities varied, no specific instructions. But the general principles, in addition to preventing the trumpet, but also to prevent the acquaintance between the United

  • G3:Token issue

The issuance of tokens with ERC-20 XXX, a total of 10 billion medals. XXX instead of the original game green brick, as the basic currency of settlement. This is the 10 billion gold distribution:

At the same time, the design of the 12 artifact can be in the game, using the erc-721 issue. To ensure the uniqueness of the artifact and no additional.

  • To control the output and consumption of G4 in the game.

We define A as mining coefficient, A = a week Kuangchi yield / a week before consumption. We according to the number of game player XXX a week before consumption, to determine the pool output this week XXX.

For A, according to the time of the game on the line, can be set to

For zeroth weeks, the total pre-sale package 2~3 times.

In the 1~2 weeks, A=5

In the 3~4 weeks, A=2~3

Second months, A=1.5

Third month, A=0.8~1.1, marketing A=1.5


Although the 1~4 week, A is relatively large, but the consumption of a XXX is relatively small, so the actual output is XXX.

The first third months, stable operation of the beginning of the game, to consume more than output, so the price is the key to stable currency. There are two kinds of people in the game at the same time, one is to make money, a person to play cool. In essence, A<1, is to let customers who spend more.

The first third months, with the company’s marketing activities, especially when there is a large number of new users to enter, should be appropriate to increase the A coefficient, allowing new users to stay.

  • G5 currency price stability

1. set aside part of the funds, real-time attention to currency price for stable currency price

2. lock mechanism

A: an important position in the game, requiring suocang XXX token.

For example, the union leader, special title

B: dividends

XXX token with bonus distribution function, so there will be a lot of game player suocang. The game took internal revenue (e.g. resource exchange fee, the official tokens recharge income) dividend of 50% per month.

1. extended redemption

Suocang tokens need 15 days after receipt of redemption. It can indirectly reduce circulation.

2. community construction

To strengthen the construction of game player community, frequent exchanges to maintain online, hold a party game player. Support association. In fact, the community is strong, the price will be higher tokens.

5-2 Neoworld

Neowold is a sandbox game. On the line for 6 months, is still in the beta stage neoworld has 20 thousand active degrees. Block chain is the highest one of Nikkatsu project. We design the neoworld card through the analysis.

  • G1 key index

At present, Neoworld directly use it as a key indicator of Nash tokens. For now, the main game player behavior of Neowold: construction, work, collection, sale etc.. So these behaviors can be directly used to Nash settlement.

Neoworld future will be entered into the UGC era, is the era of user generated content. Time passes the reward index not released yet.

  • G2 vulnerability analysis

Set a number of anti wool measures in neoworld, mainly for

Mobile phone login

The need for KYC, and charge a fee

But not too long time to use the prepaid account is judged to be abnormal, need to go through a series of actions will become normal

Work (mainly wool party behavior) set the threshold time interval, for example, workers have to work in high income need to lock a lot of Nash

Registered account to invite code, invitation code only identified community partnership with talent

  • G3 Token issue

Neoworld released three Token, respectively, with different rights tokens.

1) Nash

Nash is the basic tokens inside the neoworld, is a unit of settlement within the game. Nash issued 100 billion medals, and never more.

2) Ro

Neoworld game player in the mainland, there are a total of 7 continents. Each continent has an exclusive license. Is a ERC20, 10 million of the total fixed and never additional passes on, only pass card is bound, and the corresponding rights and interests.

RO obtained by purchasing and mining, etc., each ro has the continent of dividend income, as well as the mainland lords vote.


NEST is a Utility Token (functional type certificate). The specific performance of a virtual items in the game NeoWorld: NEST token, and can make a series of special functions and rights in the NeoWorld game of Bank of china.

The total NEST of 100 million. No additional mechanism.

Use NEST and interests?

1) hold the NEST user priority to participate in NeoWorld incubator game project beta and pre-sale activities.

2) by mortgage NEST, developers can apply for a professional license. And to participate in the game in the advanced content (the role of building model, small program creation and distribution etc.).

3) hold the NEST user, can get more third party project high-end welfare (such as drop etc.).

In addition, with the NeoWorld eco system of derivatives, will be given more rights holders NEST.

There are two ways to get NEST:

1) 5% of the total amount of NEST will be through the sale of the way, open to the NeoWorld game users. All NeoWorld games users can in their respective amount according to the fixed price to exchange NEST to Nash. While stock lasts.

2), will open on Bancor (short protocol) Nash/NEST exchange mechanism. The rest of the 95%NEST will be converted by the Bancor protocol. All users can exchange between Nash and NEST.

  • The production and consumption of G4 tokens

In three kinds of tokens, Nash is the foundation of tokens in the game, and the only one in the exchange flow of tokens, so we mainly analyze the Nash token circulation.

20 billion mine pool for fixed mine pool output, locked by intelligent contract, according to the time gradually released, the annual ore pool balance 10%, namely: the first release of 2 billion years; second years to release 1 billion 800 million, and so on, sustainable.

The content of 30 billion NASH for incentive incentive pool users to create and publish outstanding content in the virtual world. The content motivation is locked by intelligent contract, according to the time gradually released, silver age after the opening year release content of incentive pool balance 10%.

Because the year has not yet entered the silver age, so Neoworld are now fixed ore mine pool pool output, every day in the total 1500 million. Because the game is Neoworld data on your own server, we can see it daily consumption

The 1.Neoworld team has reserved 5% tokens in the design of Token, used to provide liquidity and currency price stability

2.Neoworld is actively building a community, the establishment of a community partner, and game player maintain positive interaction and communication, and regularly hold the line meeting. So gather a large number of loyal fans.

3. in the lock and bonus mechanism, neoworld design in RO and nest, and no Nash lock and bonus mechanism.

Neoworld is a pioneer in the block chain passes the game, has launched 6 months, stable around 20 thousand day, with a number of loyal fans community. From this perspective, neoworld has achieved great success. As a block chain passes with the introduction of the pioneer in the design of the above passes and there have been some problems, and is worthy of our study and reference.

The 1.Token output has been too large

Neoworld started, the daily ore pool yield significantly. After the game to run for a few months, the amount of output has been great. Because consumption growth is not synchronized, many game player have begun to part of the proceeds of liquidation, currency exchange to sell, the price has been falling in currency. Although officials later realized this problem, and began to reduce mine pool output, but has accumulated a lot of profit game player.

So, before the game on the line for a month, some high yield mine pool. Using the game bonus period, attracting a large number of users to enter the game. However, to a certain stage, need to gradually reduce the output.

2.Nash no lock and bonus mechanism

Neoworld lock mechanism is designed and dividends in the other two tokens, but there is no Nash. So there is no mechanism to reduce this part of the circulation Nash.

5-3 bit Empire

Bit empire is a SLG game, the game through the collection of resources and technology to improve the strength of the war, a war between the external through personal or League showdown.

  • G1 key index

In the bit Empire, the game player “daily prosperity” as the key indicator of pass card rewards. Daily prosperity = based prosperity + active prosperity.

According to the degree of prosperity based game player grade, grade, technical grade, Castle trial schedule, artifact collection schedule, according to the daily active degree of prosperity and active competition, not regular activities, the throne. Basically covers all aspects of the game player.

  • G2 vulnerability analysis

Bit Empire did some vulnerabilities prevention

1. mobile phone login, registration invitation code

2. daily new prosperity to income, so the wool party requires a lot of time every day will return

There may be a loophole

Feed the 1. trumpet tuba, now can be used in the game, small to large size resources, accelerate the rapid growth of large size

2. brush against Baotuan tasks, such as tasks, can be between two numbers of each brush.

3. black box operation, the project does not publish passes bonus details, every reward is not fixed. The long term, will lead to dissatisfaction with the game player.

  • G3 certificate issued

Through the design bit empire was the single pass card design, consistent with our template. It should be noted that the two angels and raise the public Token to pay attention to unlock time, so as not to unlock when selling, causing dramatic changes caused by currency price

  • The production and consumption of G4 tokens

Because of the game on the line is a short time, but the project has not announced details and. So the daily production and consumption can make nothing of it. But from the game player feedback, too early yield passes the reward, lead to early game consumption is greater than the yield.

  • G5 currency price stability

Because the game is no on-line exchange tokens. So the specific measures did not see, now can be seen from the white paper, the game set aside part of the funds for currency price stability.


Overall, the empire is a bit more traditional games, although it is used to block chain passes the token issued. But the yield is very low, and no use of general permits to enter the incentive game player. The game is not anti block chain industry thinking, also did not have to use the underlying logic of economy passes.

So, the blockchain game is not simply the game currency is replaced by the pass card, this intermediate is also related to many different underlying logic.

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