8 years of over 3 million times! Why do I still advise you not to buy bitcoin

From the price to the card currency price fluctuations, a series of bitcoin virtual currency as a representative in recent years has been not fade out people’s eyes, play or virtual currency mining investment people have a lot of money, also have a lot of money, in which there are many users touting virtual currency advantage you can not help the heart to buy some.

Bitcoin hot attracted a lot of users (pictures from YouTube)


Bitcoin three advantages of blessing

We take the earliest and most representative of the bitcoin as an example, we can find the propaganda value mainly in three aspects, and for most people do not understand the economics is very tempting.

Anti inflation: Bitcoin convergence in accordance with the geometric series Co. issued every 4 years by half, until 2140, the total is close to 21 million, due to the excessive release, so there won’t be inflation.

To the center is one of the highlights of the virtual currency (picture from Sina)

To the center: Bitcoin transactions are all included computer network maintenance, effectiveness of each transaction must be approved by the blockchain check, so it will not disappear, others can not steal your bitcoin.

Lower transaction costs: Bitcoin transactions run in the global network, a secret special, but without such as banks, clearing center and other three parties, it can be removed from the fee, at the same time to be regulated.

Bitcoin transactions through the bank and not to be regulated (photo from igeek)

Looks very beautiful is not it? But bitcoin just confirms the saying that the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, even with the three major advantages of blessing, virtual currency is still difficult to chengqihou, here I come to tell you one by one, why shouldn’t you buy virtual currency.


Anti inflation can be added?

The most important characteristic of a lot of game player bitcoin is anti inflation. The total amount of bitcoin basically fixed, this is a very good set, but the result is that a set of trading volume reduction.

Mining will become more and more difficult (pictures from altcoin)

Bitcoin issued every 4 years by half, that means mining more and more difficult. At the same time, the goods on the market is increasing, if bitcoin to correspond to all the goods (or part of all commodities), it is clear that the more you hold in your hands bitcoin, bitcoin is more likely to rise.

The price is the currency appreciation, you get the money and not the original value of trading back, this kind of environment we all tend to not bitcoin trading, will further reduce the circulation amount actually used, once out of the payment function will lead to vicious consequences.

Bitcoin will not increase the circulation (picture from fynestuff)

It will not increase the circulation? The answer is No. Increase the circulation means that the existing currency devaluation, is not cost-effective for people who own bitcoins, and the greater the amount of cash assets, will lead to more serious, and these people tend to be more influential on the price of money, so SEO is not going to happen.


Where to go in the center of speed?

Bitcoin transactions can make to the center in the network were recorded, but a consequence of this is the slow. Limited to the current network, a transaction may continue for a long time, if you use a wider range, then the transaction may also slow down.

Go to the center of the transaction speed is so slow (picture cut from YouTube)

An already in solution is the bitcoin trading market to complete, is also the center of the transaction. For most users, may be more than 10 minutes to the center of the trading center of the speed and 10 seconds to complete the transaction has no advantage, if the surge in trading volume, then the center of the trend will be enhanced.

The center is the development trend of bitcoin (photo from kyber)

In addition, in the current trading environment, a few users have a large number of bitcoin, at the same time is also concentrated in a few mines, will further accelerate the speed of the center, with bitcoin gradually center, so the advantage will cease to exist.

The lost key will lead to bitcoin lost (photo from dinero)

Although bitcoin will not be stolen, but once you lost the key, then you hold bitcoin irreparable, not like Alipay or bank card can be canceled or retrieve your password, it can also be said to be a shortage of bitcoin.


The use of fees to hinder the development of

Bitcoin does not cost seigniorage extra, but if you think that bitcoin transaction cost is low, then you broke the pattern tucson.

The fee will affect bitcoin transactions (photo from crypto)

Bitcoin transactions for banks and other institutions to pay fees, but also in the transaction is to pay the fee, and the currency price is higher, to pay more fees, in the micro payment is totally unacceptable.

You don’t know the fee is the miner’s source of income (photo from coinvedi)

There are a lot of people do not know is that the bitcoin output more slowly after the miner’s source of income in addition to less reward is the transaction costs of mining.

The fee that bitcoin is not suitable for use as currency (photo from bitcointalk)

Then the development trend is very obvious, for the transaction to pay fees, bitcoin may be not suitable for use as currency, bitcoin transactions may not care about user fees user, whether speculation or transfer of assets, are only a very small part of the user, which makes the bit the coin will not become the mainstream of the transaction.


Virtual currency is easy to manipulate

Why should not buy bitcoin? The vast majority of friends did not have a very high anti risk ability, bitcoin substantially in the future appreciation of this very small probability events and not as the main way of investment.

Bitcoin is only a commodity rather than monetary (picture from criptomoe)

First of all, the current situation is that bitcoin is not used for the sale of goods, most still in the market for currency trading, which means that it is not being traded as a commodity as money to buy, this is an objective fact.

A few people hold a large bitcoin currency makes the price can be manipulated easily. (photo from bitcoinest)

Secondly, there are a large number of bitcoin held by very few people, it is not only unfair currency price and is easy to manipulate, and mine concentration, bitcoin’s output is also very difficult to gather, the use of a wide range of.

In addition, many users to buy bitcoin is speculative buying, many holders is also waiting for new users to access disk, once the currency price rise will be a large number of out of money, the price will be affected, but not suitable for ordinary users to buy.

Virtual currencies are not suitable for the user to purchase the weak anti risk capability (photo from Fortune)

Finally, I remind you, bitcoin is not money, do not have the functions of money, at best, as a commodity, but at present there is not much value in use, if you want to buy bitcoin virtual currency or other investment in the way, I suggest you use the money elsewhere, a little don’t buy.

If you have spare time and hardware, meet a simple dug mine what your curiosity and interest is feasible, but it is not recommended to put too much.

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