90% the ICO project investors demand coin, rich end times?

 90% the ICO project investors demand coin, rich end times?

Into the second half of 2018, has triggered a huge controversy in the world of the ICO block chain, in a moribund state.

Bitcoin, from the beginning of the year fell to the etheric Fang high above 80%, the new currency exchange break rate close to 99%, the United States and Japan on ICO regulatory tightening of france…… All over the world to kill ICO.

The ICO project “cut no cut”, even the sickle, waving to the circle chiefs. Soon, the latter also began to like many retail currency speculation, running rights.

Investors, exchange, project, Token Fund, all the role of the whole industry chain, have experienced in the winter.

“ICO savage era has passed.” One investor said.

The 01 wave of rights

2018, with the price of the currency plunged, the blockchain rich mythology has been shattered.

“In this wave of ICO wave in the past, some people earn a lifetime of money, some people go bankrupt.” A project leader Zheng Zhuoning said, according to his knowledge, has earned several hundred million of funds over 10 thousand times, also have loss of 34 million.

I feel cheated, some ICO investors began to organize themselves, rights.

“Now the currency speculation group, have become the activist group.” The coin ring renowned investor Zhang Yunfan told a reporter blockchain.

 90% the ICO project investors demand coin, rich end times?

The rights of a variety of ways: pull the group, to the project, pulling banners, alarm…… Zhang Yunfan said, one of the most fierce activist, is two in the retail market.

“But most of the project early selling currency cash, no rights.” Zheng Zhuoning told a reporter to say, “the blockchain, now the etheric workshop quickly fell to below $100 for the project, did not sell party rights, it is also money back.”

Retail, many well-known in the coin circle “big brother” also started the road of human rights.

Two adults, much easier than small retail. The so-called “rights, which is private chat.” Zhang Yunfan told the blockchain, after all, a small circle, as we all know, the project did not dare to offend people. Most of the time can be resolved through consultation.”

In these circumstances, and then ask the project party scene with big private equity share, as a world of difference, contrast.

But the most let Zhang Yunfan angry, there was some ICO project, specially the harvest circle, and no refund. ICST is one of them.

According to the white paper, ICST mainly focus on personal content creation and sharing of trading skills. “This project with world wide Kunlun Zhou Yahui banner, the trader is easy Lihua disciple Bai shuo.” Zhang Yunfan said.

The ICST project had promised before the end of June will be on the five exchanges.

The project also said that a lot of money to pull the disc, and hired Navy calls.

“The only FCoin a break on a stock exchange.” Zhang Yunfan said, “Speechless is still on FCoin ICST for suspension.” Grade one and two of the ICST market investors, so all the quilt.

At the same time, ICST quietly on the line a little exchange “Australia,” play “single on the inside.””. Zhang Yunfan said anger not yet appeased.

The so-called “single”, which is not open ICST charge exchange currency function. “All ICST are filled with his team. They pulled the price very high, but others can only purchase, shipment can not be.”

“Cut through” circle chiefs, ICST in the circle of people cry.” Zhang Yunfan said. “We also do not have what way, only will not play with them.”

02 losses

Whether professional investors or ordinary retail investors, the second half of 2018, people’s mentality has changed.

Exchange currency, has been regarded as the best channel for them to cash out.

Now, they talk about currency exchange at.

In the case of ONO block chain social project. Its founder, Xu Ke, since the second half of this year, has been in frequent contact with the exchange, hope on currency.

But ONO’s investors do not buy it, or even directly in the community to speak against: “now that money is not on the break.”

According to the statistics block in the first half of 2018, the rhythm, the mainstream exchange on-line 264 new projects, including 261 break, break rate as high as 98.8%.

The nest eggs will be over. Even the chiefs, professional investors, even if the project return the money, to meet them, but also a serious loss of money down too hard.

In December 17, 2017, bitcoin $20000 from the highest point down, now less than $4000.

In January 14, 2018, the etheric Fang reached $1400 record high above $100, now managed to support.

But compared to the coin, or lucky.

Investors Zhou trees threw 10 Ethernet Fang on ICST, was equivalent to 30 thousand rmb.

As of press time ago, the price of 0.0000093ETH ICST, the basic zero, and from the 9 month has basically no trading volume. ICST’s official website, has stopped to visit.

Week tree in April this year also cast a ICO project, also failed to survive.

This project is initiated by his friend, the congregation raised in a similar way to EOS, lock period of one year, but up to now, the coin has not finished. According to the calculation of legal tender, week lost a lot of trees.

Because ICO cold, born in the super bull market in Token Fund, thanks to gray.

The node in the global capital which invested more than 160 blocks of chain project. Recently, joint capital founding partner of Du were in the circle of friends published 5 node capital earnings Fukui 65%.

 90% the ICO project investors demand coin, rich end times?

Du Jun circle of friends.

“Too horrible to look at.” He said.

03 the end of an era

“ICO savage era has passed.” Week tree sigh. In his opinion, this is an inevitable trend.

He said, the reason is a ICO project had cut too hard, people were scared, afraid to enter.

The two is a digital currency market into a bear market, more and more people cherish their cash, not easily shot.

In Zhang Yunfan’s view, currency prices generally fell, but “rescued” some rubbish project.

 90% the ICO project investors demand coin, rich end times?

This is because, before the bear market, the quality of the project, can be judged by the currency price trend. Now the project “no”, the whole project is “bad”.

At this time, the project will have an excuse to refuse. A “bad market”, will be able to cover all their problems.

“Early in the middle of the year, many traditional investors won’t see any block chain project.” Zhang Yunfan said.

In the currency market cooling trend amid the global financial regulatory policy tightening on ICO, also let a lot of ICO project shall be taken by surprise.

This month, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires two ICO enterprises as investors return investment fund investors, regardless of whether to sell after the tokens, and the refund amount shall be calculated according to the equivalent principal investment. This means that ICO will sponsor a “drain”.

Even the always on digital currency and ICO attitude towards Japan, also began to strengthen the supervision of ICO. The FSA has been identified in the seminar, the reference model of securities, to raise the public, supervision of ICO.

While the German financial regulators even publicly called for the president, the international community to pay more efforts in ICO regulation.

In Chinese China, the central bank released the seven ministries last year 9 month 4 day “on the issue of financing risk prevention token notice”, is still the most authoritative China regulation for ICO files.

“According to this document, ICO is essentially an unapproved illegal public financing behavior, suspected of illegal fund-raising, financial fraud, marketing etc..” Deputy director of the Beijing law firm of Zhao Zhanling Zhi Lin, a block chain said.

“In the criminal responsibility, because the ICO does not involve currency assets, should not belong to illegal deposits from the public. But ICO still can be identified as fraud, pyramid or illegal fund-raising.” Zhao Zhanling said.

In fact, the public security organs of ICO fraud investigation, is no longer news.

In March this year, the “rule of law over the weekend” reported that the ICO project side chain (HEC), hero due to generation of investment by Jiangxi Province Public Security Bureau investigation. The alleged offense and the hero chain is the police initially identified, it is the crime of fraud.

In November 4th, the “wfee Rights Foundation” micro-blog said the day before, Shenzhen police have filed for the WFEE project.

Seeing him rise from seeing his dinner guests, he saw the building collapsed. Belongs to the era of ICO, ending?

In this regard, different people have different answers.

Zhou Shu and Zheng Zhuoning believe that perhaps ICO will not die, will only change a form.

“No matter ICO, STO, or change the currency, chain, is an innovative way of financing. If the next to the bull market, certainly there will be a new financing mode, just changed the name.” Zheng Zhuoning said.

But the long bear market, the bull market in sight.

At present, the ICO set off a wave of wealth, will also be a result of the ICO tide end.

In November 26th, the data platform Diar released a new report.

The report pointed out that the currency, Okex, Bitfinex, Cointelegraph, fire currency, Poloniex, Bittrex and HitBTC of the world’s eight digital currency exchange, trading volume decreased significantly.

CoinMarketCap data show that the total market value of the global digital currency has fallen by 90% compared with the beginning.

A desire, greed and fear of the times, perhaps is slowly ending.

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