A 17 year veteran investment clearance: etc. bitcoin fell to three digits to buy

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Bitcoin prices plunged more than “flesh” “clearance” frequently staged drama.

Following the Hangzhou game player bitcoin diverted to sell fruit after a 17 years of experience in investment analysis of the veteran also put most of his own bitcoin clearance.

“Sell bitcoin is wise, determined not to regret”

Andy Hoffman (Andy Hoffman) is a nearly 20 years of experience as a financial analyst, traders and critics, often posting on Twitter and Steemit. Since 1998, specifically for the public service and mineral company oil and precious metals company and encryption currency marketing. In addition, he also operates a specialized financial website: CryptoGoldCentral.com.

As the blogosphere opinion leader, he has always been very popular. 4 days ago, he comments on Steemit was surprising.

When Hoffman Line filed for bankruptcy last week, I sold most of bitcoin. I don’t know if it will be a correct strategy, or a terrible mistake; but the financial security risk based on the consideration, I make such a choice. In order to determine whether a business will be rewarded, especially in my investment career late (the highest stakes), which is obviously wise. I do not regret it, this is the first time in years, I did not live in bitcoin, and other precious metals fear.

Hoffman also admitted that he is too old, has no intention to continue dealing with bad actors in the community. This war not only unprofitable, but also full of anxiety. He hoped that in the 48 years old can live with the family safe, because I can’t see any fight for gold, bitcoin and other desperate benefits.

Not only that, Hoffman also on twitter posting said “I have cheaply sold 75% bitcoin. If the price fell below $4000, will take the rest of the sell.” He wrote that he would be shocked to know readers such a disclosure, but he chose his exit and entry decision 100% transparent, as he pulled out from the stock market and gold market. Hoffman said, if the subsequent worse things happen, for example, bitcoin prices fell to three digits (the odds is very low), then he would consider re investment.

Say thanks to bitcoin?

This is reminiscent of his earlier treatment of bitcoin attitude.

Last month Hoffman 6, in an interview with USAwatchdog.com, he pointed out that bitcoin bullish, crypto currency is still very young, but also extremely unstable”. When people say that bitcoin is not “intrinsic value”, which is misleading.

Bitcoin will always exist, no matter whether bitcoin success or problems, bitcoin will continue to exist. From the overall perspective, we should be grateful for encryption currency, because it is in a different way and legal currency competition.

In addition, he also concluded the interview: “the only thing I believe is bitcoin, because it is the only thing that can change the world and bullion market rules of the game.”

Coin circle chiefs see bear

According to CNBC reports, the famous bitcoin bull, the founder of Fundstrat Thomas Lee a week before the year-end price of BTC forecast, said it will be down to $15000. At the beginning of this year, he predicted that this year the price of bitcoin could soar to $25000.

He said, the so-called price forecasting based on one of the key driving factors, namely bitcoin “balance” (the cost of mining and trading price to match the level of about $7000). Then his team used the figures out of the $15000 bitcoin “fair value” — about 2.2 times the price balance calculation.

Although Thomas Lee bitcoin optimistic outlook, but the fact is that the bitcoin market still stumble endlessly, did not want to stop the pace.

However, it also shows, digital money market is really unpredictable, full of uncertainty in front of the market, people can do is just according to the developments of the continuous adjustment.

Yanchel in the micro-blog issued a document that continue to not know the objective fact, always cut the leek.

Dfund founder Zhao Dong micro-blog also said: “the bull market belongs to the patient, after two years!”

In addition, Bloomberg analysts said the next few weeks, bitcoin may continue to fall. If bitcoin reached US $1500, which is since it reached the highest point since the 92.5% correction.

The coin ring is now visible, everyone jittery, trying to use their own analysis to relieve anxiety.

But anxiety really can alleviate it?

Yesterday, the Xinhua news agency released the “drop” bitcoin blockchain bubble? “The article reported that the bitcoin crash is the result of many factors together.

First of all, the large block chain project there is a serious bubble, in block chain infrastructure are not perfect, the market is expected to continue to push practitioners highly unrealistic, eventually encounter real combat, resulting in the continual loss of market confidence;

Second, bitcoin market is due to the capital market, and the volume is relatively small, the global digital currency market but also a listed Internet giant volume, with large cash users zapan, also easy to cause sharp fluctuations in currency price;

Third, is the industry the recent war, has shaken the confidence of the people in the objective, makes some people panic and vote with their feet, due to market volatility.

Fall below, each one according to his lights.

Some people say that this is the darkness before the dawn, there is one step forward is the abyss, but who can not guarantee 100% of their own conclusions, which is perhaps the most attractive currency point encryption.

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