A 95 bitcoin field internship experience

This article from the chain to the financial columnist: MILES

One day two weeks before the evening, my WeChat suddenly received a notice to add friends, is a bitcoin mining group of friends. Usually more active in the group, I didn’t think to point through.

His circle of friends, the most is all mine, mine, mine a picture, leasing, sales agents and other second-hand vehicle information.

The town is a native of Hangzhou, WeChat is his self portrait, big eyes, oblique bangs.

A few simple greetings, he took the initiative to the topic mining, this is obviously the most interested him. He graduated in 2016, through the school recruit into a mining machine chip design company, is the marketing department sales positions. In the beginning of the month, he with the help of colleagues and the Internet, learn a lot of knowledge mining and mine. Have a strong interest in them. Avalon mill, ant machine, core dynamic machine… Parameters, price and availability. The mainstream machine, he can master the updated daily, and the synchronization to the colleagues of the company… .

The work in this company after one month, the marketing department has a number of expatriate training field. The town did not hesitate to sign up, a week after he announced the list to win this opportunity.

2 hours of flight, plus 5 hours of mountain bus, tired and dizzy. He finally came to a small town in Yunnan on the edge of Shangri-La.

“The way I vomited two times… “Small town. Then made a crying smiley face.

“It was a very closed place, mine was built in a hydropower station, the electric field is directly from the power plant, the deafening roar of water, in a small flat has built three factories, factory outside is full of rust, spacing in almost 5 meters. Mine is almost a total of two thousand sets of machine, most of them are Avalon mill”

In this he saw 5 mine managers are dark, and their contrast is very strong. The dirty trousers rolled up to upper leg, mouth always smoking a cigarette.

Here, the town’s daily work, is its shelves and connection.

“Mine condition is not good, wire and cable coiling machine in the dense shelf, above the rows of a machine. In order to maximize the utilization of mine space, space between the machine is very small, only one arm to hold into the wire, wire, very troublesome.”

“However, Avalon machine, a raspberry pie can connect 10 Avalon machine, unlike other mills need to even 10 cable, save more”

Several days later, the town followed the school master machine initialization, machine testing, and wiring and shelves.

Before and only see some pictures and video compared to mine operation in the mine, the days are full “the town said,” every day in a farmhouse and two mines, the food is basically Fried rice with egg not bad, but, in this life I really don’t want to eat.”

Shangri-La scorching August, coupled with the machine in the mines on mining produce heat, the staff are hot sweating, the town is no exception.

“No way, can not stand on the outside looking for a tree to sit down for a while, slightly cool a little.” “a day in the town said, only the morning before the most comfortable temperature”

Just over a month, his training period at the end of the. After returning to Hangzhou, the small town feel the biggest change is that each friend greeting into “how so black”

I believe in the field work of some friends have similar experiences and feelings, although the field work hard and boring, but it is very difficult to be my valuable experience.

“Because, as sales, when miners understand when machine than you, you do not mix.”

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