A bit line, 6 years of development | star figure caption

In March 26th, a bit, to the HKEx submitted to the “failure” state appears in the hearing of no progress update list.

This also means that the half bit mainland listed in Hong Kong Road here will temporarily come to an end.

In this regard, bit, publish internal letter said, “the future will be at the right time, restart the listing”.

Look back at the home in the surf the global mining giant, born 6 years after two contracts, its fate is also a microcosm of the encrypted digital currency mining industry. The peak bit, standing in the currency price, peak selling machine, in 2017 the annual income of $2 billion 500 million, almost as NVIDIA semiconductor giant. But the digital currency market at the end of 2018, also a U-turn down, bit in the bear market has experienced its clearing inventory, layoffs, high-level changes, twists and turns, efforts to survive.

How will the future road, perhaps only time to answer.

Here, the “star said” made a brief drawings for you, take you to list the valuation of billions of mining is how to grow and develop the unicorn?

 A bit line, 6 years of development | star figure caption

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