A block of a footprint, Cappasity to push the AR / VR process


Pencil boxn

nThere is a rapidly growing project called cappasity, and its ARToken (ART) is creating a new world for 3D content creators and distributors.n
nIts goal is to provide creative creators with a way to share ideas and pay for them through their networks. This fast-moving initiative also reflects the interaction between enhanced reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and 3D content creation. With more and more cheaper, more powerful mobile devices into the global market, virtual implementation technology is no longer a new thing.n
nWith Google, Apple, Samsung and Facebook companies to accept these technologies, more subversive AR / VR technology also will receive more support, which also welcomed a lot of creative talent in this full of great potential and Opportunity for the market. Virtual real world is rapidly expanding, and 3D image needs are exponential growth trajectory.n
nCultivate new opportunitiesn
nCappasity is standing on the front of this fast-growing area. The company was established in 2013 and then moved the center to e-commerce. Today, it is a cloud-based platform. It supports seamless integration of 3D content into e-business solutions, including digital 3D / virtual reality visualization of shopping.n
nThe company comes from Kosta Popov’s creative, and now he is the company’s chief executive officer. In 2005, he founded his first start-up company, and has more than 10 years of 3D technology and IT business development advantages.n
nAfter getting $ 1.8 million, Cappasity has made significant progress, such as body 3D scanners, 3D printing, rapid 3D scanning and world leader in 3D. Users can easily scan and upload a three-digit image. A game rule solution provides consumers with the visual performance they want to buy goods.n
nAs part of its strong expansion, Cappasity has partnered with a number of large retailers and top luxury brands, and it has expanded its business through Plug and Retail Accelerator 7.n
nWhile it is focused on the creation and integration of online store content, Cappasity is still planning to conduct business in other areas, and its goal is to provide a comprehensive, global platform for all virtual reality-related content development. Fashion brand is just one example of a niche market. In this industry, Cappasity will launch its own tokens.n
nAll of this requires the expansion of Cappasity’s ecosystem development. In the current iterative product, the ecosystem consists of two layers.n
nThe first layer is an infrastructure layer, driven by block chains, software kits and distributed storage, and is the environment in which content creator administrators can manage content directly.n
nThe second layer is the content exchange market layer. At the same time, it also provides a test platform for AR / VR and 3D content, allowing businesses and consumers to access 3D images and data.n
nFor 3D content creation and optimization, there is a unified solution. This tool is called “3D view”. The user can easily create the 3D render of the real object on top and sell it.n
nIn addition, 3D modules for large objects, such as buildings and landscapes, are still being developed. This software will be suitable for UAV 3D shooting, because it is very small computing power requirements, you can easily compatible with the laptop and smart phones.n
nCappasity’s ecosystem is also a market that can serve as a way to buy and sell. Where the 3D and other virtual reality content exchange will be more convenient. There are two types of goods, one is AR / VR and 3D content, the other is AR / VR and 3D applications.n
nIn addition, the company will launch a powerful, systematic product to deal with the interaction between customers. The platform is compatible with AR / VR equipment, through SDk and various plug-in tools to enhance the ability of content creators, thus creating high-quality AR / VR and 3D content.n
nAt the same time, Cappasity will provide SDK and APIs for all developers working on the platform. The company is also developing a mobile application that will be site content compatible with the Cappasity platform and Apple ARKit.n

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