A broken dream! Bitcoin even after two crash, quickly shrank by 70% from $20 thousand!

The social development to this extent, has been very good, at least now, as long as it is a little willing to endure hardship, or mind, or is the capital, they can venture, not starve to death. But those who have brains, will the other way to earn money, but this way is likely to have lost the ruinous results.


A few days ago, bitcoin prices plummeted 7%, although this is not a big number, for our investors, it is bloody, this is the second crash. On Thursday, bitcoin has collapsed, fell by 14%, so that everyone is scared, it seems no one can escape this curse, finally came to this.

After a 2 drop, bitcoin price fell from $20000 to $5200, hit a year low. What does this mean? It was from the $20000 high, fell to now has fallen by more than 70%, those who dream of being rich people cool, with these empty wealth evaporate together.


However, this outcome is doomed. Familiar people know, bitcoin is not a real currency, once because of a virus, has the practical significance of the currency. Many people began to like speculation currency speculation. The money is due to the presence of a series of behavior behind the country, but bitcoin such impossible things will only accelerate the speed of your riches. Behind the real currency must have real value, but bitcoin without such support.

So this is a scam is not surprising, want to let oneself value, can only walk to the next person to offer, so it continues, in the illusory world or become the biggest winner, or lose money. In fact, the reason why so many people follow the trend, not only because of his personality, want to make money but it’s Internet psychology, coat, and let people think what is high-tech, is actually a hoax.


Moreover, in order to conceal their crimes, bitcoin is often used for illegal transactions, such as guns and so on, this virtual currency value is not a simple human entertainment, but is used for money laundering, illegal payment, this “money” to be banned. Not only is the bitcoin, there are a lot of virtual currency, but the official is bitcoin, even it has fallen into this, let alone other small money.

Not a justification for the existence of things, is doomed to be replaced, as to bring psychological comfort bitcoin, in fact or virtual world to bring the spirit of the product. Chinese also had banned the circulation of virtual currency, yet no good results, because efforts also need everyone to resist such behavior.

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