A Chinese expert “ICO” arrested on the road, Penta and Polymath have been cheated by him

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“Liar every year, particularly this year.

He, 31 years old, his head once wore a lot of light bad. He had served as the Chinese Yale University graduates have peers envy, also once in Beijing opened a hamburger meal, and self appointed chef. As a Chinese, he is still 2008 years to free the identity of reporters became the “Newsweek” special correspondent, and is “New York Times” and the “Wall Street journal” veteran international media contributor, become a bridge between East and West.

He is put in the blockchain regardless of personal danger of entrepreneurial boom, has become a “ICO experts”. Almost no one knows his Chinese Name only know how to write, he called “Jerry Guo”.

The “Jerry Guo” is quite active in the currency circle, because he claimed he excels at helping block chain startups through ICO financing, many well-known projects are his customers. For example, he pitched everywhere claimed that their own “to help Polymath through ICO successful financing of $100 million. Polymath is a security token distribution platform, currently being touted “securities issued the scrip STO concept, is one of the hottest companies.

Unfortunately, the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) agents eyeing him.

At the beginning of November, FBI agent in Puerto Rico arrested the former reporter called “blockchain series entrepreneur”, accusing him of stealing more than $3 million 500 thousand worth of money to hire him as a consultant from encryption start-ups.

The small amount of money, but a series of regulatory agencies in the United States does not regulate ICO activity crackdown enforcement action, the meaning is not small.

“ICO Jerry Guo” experts were sent to California in San Diego, is currently facing eight counts of criminal charges. According to a federal law ruling accountable, if convicted, his sentence was the highest possible up to 20 years, at least, to sit in five years and three months.

A chain of smell court documents obtained show that the “Jerry Guo” Chinese Name pinyin “Ji Guo”, the main charge he faces is suspected of fraud by ICO. Many of the ICO project was cheating on him, including a China also quite well-known in the ICO project Penta and Polymath.

The smell of the chain contact the chief executive of Penta David Ritter and Jerry Guo to understand the project of business, as of press time, has not received a formal reply.

A flashy “ICO experts”

In the bubble rupture of the Pi Pi Baba ICO boom, Jerry Guo is a big figure.

In the last year, a large number of start-ups hope that through ICO quanqian, how successful speculation and let the disk access man bought the tokens, these enterprises are most eager to service. So, proficient in Chinese and Western culture, Jerry Guo has a large international media talent shows itself in the background. The first is his boast, then many people really started to believe that he is the big money market encryption summon wind and call for rain, looking for him to provide ICO service speculation.

Jerry Guo for those who want new clients he provides ICO consulting services to him on BitGo set bitcoin or ETH wallet in encrypted currency, advance payment of Commission for services.

At the same time, he also in the promotion of a ICST block chain project, hoping to make the project through ICO financing. He said, this is a block chain content sharing platform, can help by mainstream artists ignore achieve fame and fortune in the platform.

The Internet can now see a video of Jerry Guo, wearing a bright shirt, wore a bleached hair, claimed that sitting in a parked in a Singapore yacht deck: “imagine the future, everyone can be able to cash in their content creators, content”.

According to Jerry Guo introduced the draft program “has been with the United States ICST The Voice project” and “American Idol” reached a cooperation agreement. He also said the ICO project before and after June, intends to build a file called “ICST” the idol show, the show will be the champion to provide one hundred thousand ICST coins as a bonus, “$5000”.

Jerry Guo in ICST ICO to sell on yacht deck

Finally, the draft also really was. About 25 players shortlisted this game. No one knows who won the final, but his project ICO ended, claiming to raise $2 million 500 thousand ETH in 17 days.

The Jerry Guo class hype gimmick. The example mentioned above, he appears in the video is called “the” American Idol “blockchain platform founder of the Asian”. But in fact, the media asked about the “American Idol” program production and broadcast of the program Fremantle, the U.S. television network ABC, and both sides cannot confirm his partnership..

While the ICST project itself now nobody can say exactly what to do in the.

This project after ICO died down into the money, no movement, the core character project brochure and white paper are very difficult to contact, then there is an American media linked to the project list “chief technology officer Vaibhav Namburi. The Vaibhav Namburi is beyond all expectations, he said: “this is very strange! I just to the technical advisor helped them, guided the technical direction of their projects. After only a few weeks. My relationship with this project so much. “He said, himself from the side of the project has been six months without contact.

Out and out of fraud

Jerry Guo FBI is eyeing and eventually arrested, not just because of suspected fraud ICST project.

The investigation documents a FBI chain to get smell out of court documents, prosecutors have evidence that, on August 19th, Jerry Guo will be stored in Bitgo ICST belongs to the value of the company accounts for about $300 thousand ETH to his personal ETH wallet.

The transfer of evidence prosecutors issued

This is not only a transfer of his day.

A total of $3 million 500 thousand by Jerry Guo to the transfer of encryption currency

FBI financial crime investigation team special detective Mark Matulich provides Jerry Guo day of testimony shows that in a few hours, the system also looted Bitgo wallet clients to pay his money encryption.

The Jerry Guo transfer behavior makes customers feel shocked and angry. Because these customers with Jerry according to a Guo service agreement, the transfer of money and he could not agree to encrypt the unsuspecting customers in the case.

Originally, Bitgo has multiple signature mechanism, originally intended to protect the safety of funds, but Jerry Guo have their own way.

According to court documents, FBI detective Mark Matulich survey results of the survey is that Jerry Guo through the use of Bitgo to provide the spare key, bypassing the double signature mechanism, open the wallet and transfer these encrypted currency.

The smell of the chain of court documents, the loss of customers include well-known chain project Chinese Penta block, and Rate3 block chain project. Detective FBI Guo accused Jerry of stealing a total of $3 million 500 thousand worth of bitcoin and ETH.

The prosecution evidence, Jerry Guo from Chinese famous block chain project Penta, and block chain project Rate3 turn away money encryption

“Guo in the agreement during the existence of almost did not provide any service to customers. “FBI detective Mark Matulich wrote in his testimony.

The survey also found that FBI Jerry Guo record, he invented a large number of false customer said he had never heard of this person, the occupation is also a large number of resume fraud.

For example, the most striking is the type of securities issued the scrip platform in Polymath he has always boasted of individual ICO achievements, he claimed to be leading the company $100 million financing ICO. But FBI officers said, this is a fake, “Guo partnered with Polymath for a month and a half, did not produce any results, the company to terminate the cooperation with him.”.

Polymath co-founder Chris Housser of the FBI staff said, the company also suspected Jerry Guo Polymath false praise in the Navy Facebook, took the company prepaid expenses 5 million.

Today, if you look at Jerry Guo LinkIn in the personal account, still greatly make a list of your “leading the Polymath $100 million ICO”.

But detective FBI has said that Polymath and Jerry Guo have been hoping to disassociate themselves. He wrote in his testimony, Polymath officials told him, “Polymath has been working with the Guo contact, let him all contact to remove its ICO website with Polymath, but Guo did not respond.

How to earn quick money?

Investigation of the FBI agent, also reveal more truth.

Although Jerry Guo has boasted that American “Newsweek” special correspondent “New York Times”, and “the Wall Street journal” veteran international media contributor, but in fact, he in these media work experience is not brilliant.

His glamorous career as a journalist before being halted, because he broke with reporters often trickster, in exchange for free goods and free travel, and the presence of fraud and other misdeeds, reported so, not in the media circle to continue working.

He began writing for “Newsweek” in 2008, to attract the international editor Fareed Zakaria noted, because the Jerry Guo is good at the ordinary interview journey depicted, full of sound and colour.

When his career record broke, told him to write the online website editor Grant Martin travel channel also recalled the person he is dealing with experience. Grant Martin said that in 2008 he found the young freelance cheat the content management system of the company, repeated receive remuneration for his old post, so he decided to dismiss him, “we found that the Guo website published in our blog, for $5, a price in the same week to the free market occupation site ELance. “

In 2011, the media has been questioned, why the notorious liar media can get investment

Forced to leave the media circle, Jerry Guo later resurfaces in New York “Silicon Valley”, launched a collective dating service application Grouper, won the famous American business incubator YCombinator seed round of funding support, but the service only survived for eight months.

Read here, everyone would say, this Jerry Guo fraud technology really bad, why can he succeed?

His career as a journalist for fraud has been fully exposed, but in the world of ICO, he did not seem to have any questions.

In fact, this is the most terrible of the ICO boom just ended.

Make quick money idea to let everyone dazzled. In a farce like ICO activity, the illegal behavior of the people know that eyeful is out and out. It is like the Internet bubble, the vast majority of projects are not competitive, investors out of greed, and ultimately a sieve.

Do not believe? You can look around and see the lively currency circle, as well as the number of similar Jerry Guo.

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