A club in Las Vegas is paid in Bitcoin

nnnSome clubs in Las Vegas began to use encrypted money to pay, the recent men’s club Legends Room also began to use a variety of encrypted currencies, including Bitcoin, Taitong and so on. You can pay for all club fees and tips by scanning your 2D code on your phone.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nWebcam dancers have been paying for Bitcoan for many years, but now the currency is finally entering the night from the digital world.n
nStrip near the men’s club Legends Room will use Bitcoin and Taitong coins as well as the club’s own LGD currency. The club to promote new ways of payment in a timely manner, looks like a huge public relations gimmick, there are Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor Saturday’s boxing match.n
nAugust 26 anyone who wants to watch the club can pay $ 150 for the dollar as a admission fee.n
nAll service charges can be paid in encrypted currency after admission, including drinks, tips, dance show. If you have been profitable from the Bitcoin market, you may be able to afford the position of the member area. The fee is 5,000 LGD tokens and can also be paid at the entrance with cash, credit cards, Bitcoin, Taitong and LGD. Mashable said that a LGD is priced at $ 2.15.n
nIf the above is not enough futurism, then the dancers will get on the body of the temporary QR code tattoo. Guests can wipe the phone to scan the dancers who pay the two-dimensional code tip. Welcome to the future.n

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