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Last week, the market of friends sent a “A block chain plate”, I asked the association of its performance and digital currency market. I do not know how to answer, I always thought that block chain stocks “as early as 1 years ago in the……

Curiously, I placed flush and Eastern wealth, found that there are 87 block chain plate and 80 stocks, the recent market also analysis articles about A shares block chain stocks for the former sample.

There are so many big companies have fallen in block chain technology resources and strength, I feel happy for the industry. Then, stocks are in the block chain to do what?

I have (flush, Eastern wealth two platform to coincide and after) 97 companies notice, interactive platform reply and related news finishing, found the company and association of 1/4 block chain is the biggest “research and exploration block chain technology”, 23% of the companies involved in the business incubator or through investment chain blocks the subsidiary company, and 4 companies (HNA investment, SKYWORTH digital, long tour games and Cashway) no direct association with the blockchain, another 2 companies have been evacuated or skimming block chain business (the storm group and the South Building).

Compared to last year’s Odaily daily planet “finishing a map to understand the domestic Internet giant block chain layout, the layout and the results of stocks were slightly guadan. 97 stocks only Chinese Unicom and 360 world patent block chain companies list (list of employers interested in science and technology, technology chain Bo Chen also stocks figure). Of course, this also with the company genes, enforcement, public relations strategy, listing place, digital currency market and other factors related to.

Another intuitive feeling is that the A shares have begun to study the blockchain really early, when the bull market reached peak in the digital currency voice: “to explore the layout, participate in the alliance, the establishment of the association, attended the event, comment…… But there is no product after 1-2 years or in case of landing. It has launched products (excluding the financial field, block chain +) compared with the Internet giant, most “not too can play”.

My friend replied, “really, if you want to throw the blockchain stocks”, it is recommended to see domestic and foreign Internet giants; if you want to study the different market indicators related degree, or in my “concept” after the sample retry it.

The following is the daily planet Odaily to help you understand the “A shares blockchain stocks in zuosha” chart. A sneak development company or business is not full, welcome Paizhuan ~ nooxika

I am Odaily senior editor of the daily planet Hao Fangzhou, block chain quality projects for reports, plus nooxika, please note Name + company + subject.

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