A eight – year history of bitcoin

Bitcoin price history

Bitcoin ten years of development, on-line exchange for eight years, the eight years of the development of bitcoin really is not a smooth road. Since 2010 officially launched Exchange began, bitcoin prices with the ups and downs of various factors. Unbelievable rose to the highest point, driven by a number of dreams of wealth. Free fall suddenly fell to hope.

Fortunately, bitcoin Nirvana reborn, every time a danger. The market has been hit by times, making bitcoin more than a year. Although sometimes it falls not like it, but let more people know its existence.

Star bitcoin a landmark of such global participation of people even are absolutely ignorant of the true identity of the founder, has made people mad preach. Where is the charm of it? Even through the virtual network is well known, and then accept. Is this really the third technological revolution in the legendary, and does this technological innovation really change the world’s financial system?

As far as the current development is concerned, it is not known what it will be like in the future. It is believed that the rise and fall of the price, to a certain extent, reflects its development trajectory.

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