A feather: bitcoin bubble burst! Mills by catty sale

The human history of the largest asset bubbles, bitcoin

By the end of 2017, bitcoin prices topped $20 thousand, at a dizzying peak in history.

To know that in 2010, a $25 pizza buyers spent 10 thousand bitcoins, the equivalent of a bitcoin worth 0.25 cents.

Seven years have skyrocketed 4 million times, making bitcoin over Holland “tulip mania” and “British South Sea Co hoax”, become one of the largest in the history of human asset bubble.

The recent global market turmoil and frequent bitcoin tragic bloodbath again. A few years ago, is the coin circle of fame of the year, currency circle in recent years “sun car, sun sun real coins,” constantly, a rich mythology staged. All kinds of virtual digital currency such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain this year emerge in an endless stream, however, has been witness to hearing a lot of similar platform outbreak and die, he saw the building, seeing his dinner guests, he saw the building collapsed.

While bitcoin from previous highs has dramatically “knee cut” (have been cut cannot be used to describe), remaining after the listing of the virtual currency will break even beyond count.

The latest news shows, the coin once made rich ring artifact – mining machine has suffered crazy sale!

For money, money is credit. While credit is anchored behind a country’s comprehensive strength, so as to complete the circulation of endorsement. Bitcoin as a borderless global virtual currency in circulation, behind no credit endorsement, but in reality is emotional and over the past few years, the global monetary easing environment fostered by speculation. Every time the lessons of history are telling people to either a lack of actual support assets no matter how popular, will eventually become a feather. The bitcoin bubble collapse again for the crazy speculation of a lesson!

Some time ago entered the car, a middle-aged aunt took the pen to bustling about telephone number, copy number of coins and integral. Sitting on the side to observe a period of time, see the XXX Foundation’s words, there are a large number of dubbed “blockchain group chat.

For digital currency transactions, generally is in the domestic mainstream digital currency website for bitcoin transactions. The general is to buy bitcoin and bitcoin virtual currency as a medium to buy the rest.

But what aunt procedure is very clearly is a digital currency have ever seen, but more like the name of “blockchain digital currency” name of illegal fund-raising scam.

Similar to many virtual financial trading platform, there are some requirements on the development of the line, there is money, integral, dividends and so on, need to constantly repeat some hit records submitted reprint pictures to “share” the growth of the platform. In recent years, with some “meters” capital scam is similar between the members to borrow money to lend to recover after a period of time, upload “m” voucher for the integration and sharing.

But the latter basically platform funds strand breaks on the “return”.

Need to tell everybody is, although part of the virtual currency can still trading, but for some there is no compliance listing platform and formal trading website called “virtual currency”, must pay attention to those with high-tech block chain under the guise of illegal fund-raising scam, the platform once the subsequent capital chain will face the risk of run away. The risk of causing permanent loss of investors’ assets.

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