A mountain can accommodate two tigers, the Macao after BCH bifurcation and Wu Jihan Cong battle has just begun……

 A mountain can accommodate two tigers, the Macao after BCH bifurcation and Wu Jihan Cong battle has just begun......

Finally, like a roller coaster bitcoin cash (BCH) hard bifurcation nights in the past, “Macao the Cong Craig White (CSW) and Wu Jihan between slobber war may be coming to an end.

Two of the major bitcoin cash ABC and Bitcoin protocol — Bitcoin SV has split into separate chain blocks. Because of the “team” of the mining pool to improve their camp support, the dispute between the parties continue to increase, resulting in the so-called “last night is war”.

However, when the dust dust, earth return to the earth, the two version of the bitcoin cash can coexist harmoniously in the future? The so-called difficult mountain god, appeared in two different bitcoin blockchain cash situation, the community must have a certain degree of concern, after all, now a block chain mining capacity can be against another block chain weapon.

As a leading Bitcoin SV NChain, chief scientist, Craig White said in a recent tweet:

“A Bitcoin SV miners can legally kill another block chain, this is the rights of miners, this is bitcoin.”

A force is to ensure encryption currency miners computing resource block chain operation, the basic design framework of bitcoin cash, brought together 51% Bitcoin SV can be launched to force other “minority chain” attacks, while Craig White had 51% attacks on the table.

However, according to the “Wu Jihan camp” Bitcoin Unlimited chief scientist Peter rizan (Peter Rizun) that is force attack can also test bitcoin based security, because in the Nakamoto white paper in detail only when 51% (or most) node is non malicious, can to ensure the safety of. Pete rizan added:

“The safety of the blockchain comes from economic incentives, rather than mathematics. If there were 51% attacks, we can only pray, hope that the attacker node can according to the rules of the game, don’t break the chain block.”

Then, after the bitcoin cash hard fork, “o the Cong Craig White will take what means of attack? Here let us wish to look at the analysis:

A means of attack: bifurcation

In fact, “Macao Satoshi” Craig White would have seen the bitcoin cash hard branch is actually a bitcoin the longest chain rule (longest chain rule) split consensus mechanism of this rule is the underlying bitcoin — found many blocks of situation at the same time, the default is the longest chain.

When the block chain branching, which means that if the two block chain began to “death struggle”, the talent will be alive only the last node is regarded as “true” bitcoin cash. That is to say, for “Macao the Cong Wu and Jihan, they can only have one person can” live “the last laugh.

In this case, the most likely to happen is Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV have refused to add replay protection “(replay protection), or encoding allowed in bifurcation security expenditure. Earlier this month, Bitcoin software company SV NChain said in a press release published in:

Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC have implemented transaction replay protection, the purpose of doing so is to make a final block chain only survived.”

We can see that, in fact, was doomed from the beginning of Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC in one of us will perish.

But for users, this means that if there is no special protection measures, the risk of possible loss of funds traded in the bifurcation chain. Similarly, hackers can use this vulnerability to steal money from currency exchange encryption. Chris and Patricia (Chris Pacia) is the core of the development of OpenBazaar, Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC that he made the fight a fight at outrance “decision, it may ultimately cause the user to lose money, because without the addition of replay protection is a very bad choice.

In fact, when the camp continued to dominate the bitcoin cash count force, after the bifurcation of war is inevitable, because a strong one party has the ability, through a variety of ways to prevent the other party operation.

Method: empty block attack

Bitcoin SV does not contain the empty blocks can dig the deal, but they are said to have started last night in the empty block attack.

Empty block attack need large-scale support, this attack could lead to real user transaction is the blockchain refused to block chain to a standstill. According to Bitcoin Unlimited chief scientist Peter rizan said, for Bitcoin SV, the attack cost is almost zero, because they have most bitcoin cash resources (as of this writing, the whole network is the proportion has reached 72-76%).

However, for those who only a few hashrate miners, empty block attack cost is very high. Pete rizan explained:

“The lack of miners need to spend more resources to find a block, if the block chain is likely to be empty blocks, they will lose 12.5BCH block mining reward, so some honest miners may choose to give up.”

Not only that, like Bitcoin SV, the miner can also simply be “junk” transactions included in the block chain, do in fact and empty block attacks have a similar effect. OpenBazaar core developers Chris said Patricia, this will force the miners verification, and store all garbage trading.

Methods: double spending attack

Have 51% Bitcoin force SV to perform the so-called “double spending attack”, the attacker can from the encrypted currency exchange “print money” does not exist. Bitcoin SV may be through the creation of a bifurcated BCH block, the original transaction and forged trading on the block and the bifurcation on Mining Based on.

In fact, the double spending attack is one of the most notorious repute attack crypto currency in the industry, although the Bitcoin SV has the most stress, but Bitcoin Unlimited chief scientist Peter rizan said they did not use this means of attack, because of the difference between the chain and competitive antagonism, double spending attack “is clearly a crime”.

Means four: “shotgun nakamoto”

Look, “o the Cong Craig White really hate Wu Jihan, so he may have other means of attack.

According to the OpenBazaar core developer Chris Patricia said, is in the use of large-scale force cover block before the “Macao Satoshi” Craig White may also use their advantage to Bitcoin stress ABC block chain growth. Chris said patricia:

“This will lead to the user, especially encryption currency exchange loss of millions of dollars, because they will see their trading was reversed, and Craig White has threatened to do Jihan wu.”

Not only that, Chris and Patricia also set out the “other means of attack Australia the Cong Craig White may be carried out, such as” poison block “attack, denial of service attacks, network partitioning attacks and zero day attacks (zero-day exploits).

For example, there had been rumors that a named “shotgun” Nakamoto attacks in the recent outbreak, the attacker will spam into the competition in the chain, the chain to block spam will be completely submerged, thus slowing the standard transaction confirmation time required. Chris and Patricia added:

“We are most early in November 10th has seen a shotgun Nakamoto, and produced more than 800 transactions per second.”

Finally, there may be a “fair fight”?

Rizan Pete Unlimited chief scientist Bitcoin said, Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC after the fight actually still another possibility: “a fair fight”. In this case, Bitcoin SV will only stop a series of chain block changes needed to make the activation of Bitcoin ABC.

Not only that, because of their strong support force is Bitcoin SV, but you can dig at two strands, and then simply reject those who attempt to activate the Bitcoin ABC update to block the miners. Pete rizan said:

In this way, Bitcoin SV can make those faithful Bitcoin ABC miners resources gradually dried up, until they give up change.”

In fact, this attack method relative to the “fair”, because it is just to prevent the activation of ABC Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV and make sure to become a leader in cash bitcoin blockchain, is the most sensible, the most cost-effective form of attack. However, this attack is also the most difficult to achieve in technology. Pete rizan continued:

“If the Macao Cong Craig White really cares about bitcoin cash, this is actually a good choice. But if Bitcoin SV wants to destroy bitcoin cash, they must not do so.”

Bitcoin cash has completed the hard noise in a bifurcation, but the Macao and Wu Jihan Cong battle has just begun……

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