A new model of scientific research through encrypted money

nnnAdventure Comments: Encrypted money has now become a hot word, with the ICO market hot, many people are investing in encrypted currency to profit. The study found that cryptographic tokens also provide a new model to help support scientific research. The developers of this model have been tested to prove that they have the ability to bring great benefits to people. But its prototype also need to go through a wider range of tests to begin to play a role, and will not become a comprehensive financing solutions.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nScientific research that finances various academic institutions is often more complex and involves conflicting interests. For example, private universities are currently paying more than well-known funding for public institutions. This inequality also extends to research projects funded by businesses, governments, or military institutions that favor specific research.n
nThere has recently been a paper proposing a new way of using financial money to finance scientific research. Although it does not represent a comprehensive financial solution, it can be compounded by investing in encrypted tokens. These coins use the master node technology to secure the encrypted currency block chain and speed up the transaction. In addition, these currencies will be used to pay dividends to motivate the master node holder. Therefore, the institutions that buy such a master node and even individuals have the opportunity to participate in the dividend reinvestment plan that can bring benefits.n
nResearch funding proposed model:n
nThe following figure presents the pattern presented in this paper. This model shows how Dash and PIVX can be used to fund scientific research. This pattern shows how the central hub (also known as the “master node”) is functioning to generate capital. This model emphasizes how the central hub generates dividends, that is, the situation in the shared pool. Whenever these dividends accumulate to a certain extent and new central hubs are available, the new central hub is created to generate more dividends.n

nThe model emphasizes the development of tokens for research financing. It provides a non-static means of using software engineering technology in scientific research, while producing compound interest. This model is not theoretically, and its developers have tested it over the last 10 months and have proven that it can generate huge monetary benefits.n
nThe model has great potential for funding scientific research, but its prototype must be extensively tested and should now serve as a tool for diversifying portfolio rather than a comprehensive financing solution.n

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