A new project in the Regulatory Authority of Louisiana may affect the chain chain industry

nnnIn the event of a breakout, the chairman of the Louisiana Regulatory Registration Board will lead the re-design of the national interstate licensing system to meet some of the goals of CSBS’s 2020 financial and non-banking regulatory programs. Its objectives also include facilitating the provision of non-banking services by banks, which may affect the regulation of sector chain transactions.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nJohn Ducrest, Commissioner of the Office of Financial Institutions in Louisiana, was appointed as the new chairman of the Board of Managers of the State Regulatory Registry. OFI is responsible for overseeing the various institutions that provide financial services to the state’s residents.n
nRedesign the national interstate licensing systemn
nAlbert Forkner, chairman of the Wyoming Division of Banking, chairman of the CSBS, Conference of State Bank Supervisors, announced the appointment that residents of Louisiana Ducrest will lead the national interstate licensing system (NMLS , Nationwide Multistate Licensing System, NMLS is an important part of CSBS’s 2020 Planning (CSBS Vision 2020).n
n”Commissioner Ducrest will lead us to redesign NMLS in order to change the licensing approval process and simplify interregional regulation. Redesign NMLS is an important part of CSBS’s 2020 financial and non-banking regulatory program.”n
nThe State Regulatory Registry is a subsidiary of the CSBS that manages the operation of NMLS services.n
nNMLS is a common platform for state regulators to regulate non-banking institutions, such as mortgage loans, remittances, collection, consumer finance and other institutions involved in financial technology companies.n
nDucrest has been in the OFI for more than 30 years and has enough experience to trust NMLS.n
nHow does this affect the national block chain trade?n
nThe appointment has led Louisiana regulators to finance CSBS’s 2020 financial and non-banking regulatory objectives:n
nn”Achieving these planning objectives will lead to new regulatory systems that will make regulation more efficient and achieve interstate standards processes that will better support start-up companies across the country while protecting consumers and the financial system.”n
nnThe goal of CSBS Vision 2020 also includes facilitating the provision of services by banks to non-banking institutions, which may affect the regulation of sector chain transactions.n
nnCSBS will also focus on resolving the risk of banking institutions, and the regulatory uncertainty will make banking institutions’ care for non-bank institutions. By making the industry understand the perfection of the anti-money laundering regulatory regime, Bank Secrecy Secrecy Act) and Internet security.n
nnCSBS Vision 2020 is a series of projects aimed at modernizing state-of-the-art regulation of non-banking institutions, including financial technology companies.n
nCS Cooper Chairman Charles Cooper commented:n
nn”Through Vision 2020, state regulators will change licensing approval processes, coordinate monitoring, incorporate financial technology companies, support state banking departments, facilitate banks to provide services to non-banking institutions, and make third-party regulation more efficient.”n

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