A “Nour” Mottaki, Nakamoto new friend Wagner Tamanaha who is?

After four years of silence, a bitcoin founder Nakamoto (Satoshi Nakamoto) P2P Foundation account updated status, the above said only one word: “Nour”.

It is not known whether this word represents what meaning, but some people think it may be in Arabic, meaning “light”, the word “Noor” is very similar to the pronunciation and.

If you open the Google search input “the word” Nour “will be found in the Urban dictionary describes it as such:

“Nour is used to describe, you will encounter the most caring, kind, most concerned about someone else, he / she is a very clever, interesting and sensitive person, there may be a little lost, you will be very eager to know his / her in life and how to get what you want what you want. But at the same time, he / she is stubborn, not willing to accept the advice of others. When he / she smile, will make you forget all the problems, he / she will give you a hug and never felt before.”

Interestingly, there had been rumors that Nakamoto holds 100 million coins, and even some people ridicule said Nakamoto this appearance is actually see down the current bear market. However, many people may ignore the other thing that Nakamoto prior to the issuance of this account update, also pay attention to a “mysterious” Wagner Tamanaha (Wagner Tamanaha), as shown below:

So the question is, the “Wagner Tamanaha” what is sacred?

Here, we found a Wagner Tamanaha article published in 2016, which wrote:

“In 2011, the first time I heard the blockchain and bitcoin, I don’t know what it was, I just feel very strange, but I still have to download the software, mining think, and participate in a global road to the center of the processing chain, hoping to make some contribution to SETI@Home the movement, I do, but also forget.”

(Note: SETI@Home is a global computer network to search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) experimental science program, University of California at Berkeley was founded by American famous universities, central platform established in the Berkeley Space Science Laboratory (Space Sciences Laboratory, SSL), volunteers can run through a free download and analysis to join this project from radio telescope data).

It is reported that Wagner Tamanaha has a bachelor’s degree in advertising and social communication, and graduated in 1986, so now he’s age may be around 50 years old. However, Wagner Tamanaha does not seem to have any programming skills, after all we have until 1996 to see the potential of the internet. He has two personal comments on his LinkedIn page, and the use of self written:

“I can’t work like Wagner Tamanaha and all the people, he is very quiet, very positive, considerate, can also give open ideas and suggestions, but if you and people like him to work together enough.”

“Wagner Tamanaha is a quiet, responsible and dedicated staff, 100%. He has rich work experience, but also a lack of understanding of the Internet and social networks at present. If Wagner Tamanaha had an idea, will use all the tools to achieve.”

In addition, Wagner Tamanaha seems to come from Brazil, but lives in the United States, he used the Portuguese speaking in the primary network media, is called a “I am a refugee” (I am a Refugee) members of the organization.

Think now, Nakamoto issued the word “Nour” is the attacks on the current immigration policy? Maybe。 After all, as long as he / she uttered a word, there will be all kinds of interpretation, like the eyes of one thousand people have the same one thousand Hamlett. If the word “Nour” is the Arabic “light” means, is not alluding to Wright currency (Litecoin)? Because English “Light (light)” of the word and the word pronunciation is similar to Wright currency; or, Nakamoto is implied in the “lightning network” (Lighting Network)? Even for a caring person and a look like immigrants?

Of course, it may not be what it is.

Allegedly, P2P Foundation account Nakamoto has been around in 2016, has been hacked, so some people think that this account is actually not on behalf of the Cong. However, why bother the Cong account hacker attacks, and then focus on one from Brazil encryption people, also made an unclear words? Even Wagner Tamanaha himself on twitter said:

“Again the Cong look, and I was in the flesh…… : -)”

All this has become a very interesting puzzle, but now the only difference is that people finally find some clues to find nakamoto.

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